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The Dylan Group lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Ramda (0000) 01. Ramda Flies with Magic Eyes [add]
02. Distant [add]
03. Galileo [add]
04. The Good Red Road [add]
05. Warpshire [add]
06. Gulliver's Travels [add]
07. The Lonely Lounge Piano Player's Lost in His Little World [add]
08. The One to Look For [add]
09. (Attempt) [add]
10. More Music for Mallets, Voices & Organs [add]
11. Logic [add]
12. Headphoneland in the School of Old [add]
13. Imagine Winooski [add]
14. Ramda's Untriumphant Return [add]
15. Logic [add]

Dylan Group & H.I.M. (1997) 01. Stimulation (Alternate Reality) [add]
02. An Indolent Appreciation of What You Left Behind [add]
03. All That's Left [add]
04. Plastic Experience [add]
05. Perseverance Furthers [add]
06. The Wine [add]
07. The Aftermath [add]

It's All About (Rimshots and Faulty Wiring) (1998) 01. Bittersweet [add]
02. Dylan & Adam 2 [add]
03. Gazer = (Shoe)(STR)2 + Be [add]
04. We Are the Music Makers [add]
05. Scoober Meet Harry [add]
06. Sandcastles [add]
07. Time Displacement [add]
08. Decay [add]
09. 3' 09 [add]
10. Girl from Ijpanema [add]

Re-Interpreted (1998) 01. Scoober, Meet Harry [Latte Mix by Number One Dog] [add]
02. Sandcastles [Mix by D. Scharin] [add]
03. Bittersweet [Hot & Sour Mix by We] [add]
04. Time Displacement (Black Hole Version) [mix] [add]
05. Decay [Mix by Nobukazu Takemura] [add]
06. Sandcastles...and to Her Legs She Smiled [add]
07. Decay...Choir of D [add]
08. If I Had Been Able [Little Engine Mix by Bob Brass] [add]
09. The Gazer's Open-Minded Remix [Open Minded Remix] [add]

More Adventures in Lying Down (1999) 01. Stay (And We'll Make Such Sweet Music) [add]
02. Some Kind of Lullaby [add]
03. Connection Is the Key [add]
04. The Pipes [add]
05. Spaghetti [add]
06. The Legend of Kid Bullseye [add]
07. Borderline, Baby... [add]
08. Kulit & Ketoprak [add]
09. Sandcastles [Live at the Knitting Factory, NYC] [add]
10. And You Thought the Cowboy Always Won [add]

Ur-Klang Search (2000) 01. Avila [add]
02. Running in Paris [add]
03. Division Long [add]
04. Let It Sit [add]
05. The Road I Dreamt [add]
06. The Crunch [add]
07. The Road I Know [add]
08. D/A3 [add]
09. Towers of Dub [add]
10. Knowing Insider [add]
11. Julito's Way [add]

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