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Invisibl Skratch Piklz lyrics
Genre: Rap
The Shiggar Fraggar Show!, Vol. 1 [live] (1998) 01. Intro [add]
02. Whoever You Are [add]
03. Beware of the Frozen Toad [add]
04. DJ Polar Bear Vs. Shiggar Fraggar [add]
05. Planet Cow & The Soulsonic Rodeo [add]
06. Six Shots: That Means the Gun's Empty [K-Trash Mix] [add]
07. DJ Change Money [add]
08. Don't Mean to Boast [Ol' Skool Skratch] [add]
09. Raising Snails for a Living [add]
10. Kut up Musik Best [Doin' the Michael Jackson] [add]
11. Toad Man Vs. Corn Man in "Count Your Vegetables" [add]
12. Invasion of the Octopus People [Drunken Puss Mix] [add]
13. Rock Steady Graffiti Mini-Skirt [add]
14. Computer Pickles on Kkut [add]
15. DJ Sly T [add]
16. Boxer Shorts Signed by the Village People [add]
17. Hello Caller [add]
18. Amadi's Mediocre Freestyle (I Might Sound Shitty But They Are the Best) [add]
19. Shortkut to Disk [add]
20. Kkut 93.7, 104.1fm [add]
21. Ksmooth [add]
22. Break It Down Like Dis [add]
23. A Book of Acid.......F-F-F-Fres-S-SH [add]

Invisible Poet Kings (1998) 01. Clean White Shirt [add]
02. Personal War [add]
03. There's No Love [add]
04. Don't Bother [add]
05. Only the Echo [add]
06. Used to the Dark [add]
07. Lost in the Shuffle [add]
08. Dancing on a Wire [add]
09. No Time [add]
10. Over & Over Again/Johnny's Tree House [add]
11. You Can't Stop a Rumor [add]
12. Knocking on Another Person's Door [add]

The Shiggar Fraggar Show!, Vol. 4 [live] (1999) 01. Hip Hop Slam Intro [add]
02. Kan't Scratch [add]
03. King Tut Toad Kut [add]
04. Woo Hah! Come on Hit. Yeah [add]
05. Whatddyawant [add]
06. Fight Wars [add]
07. Wrist Wreckin' Skretch [add]
08. Flare Flesh Flare [add]
09. Very Good [add]
10. Tone Mind Zone [add]
11. Disk Disses [add]
12. Q-Bert Kut [add]
13. Hey Bro [Subliminal Message] [add]
14. Five Turntables, Four DJs [add]
15. Play It Funky [add]
16. Come in Doctor Benson [add]
17. Get Stoopid Y'all [add]
18. Hold It [add]
19. Shiggafraggertalllica [*] [add]
20. King of Rock [*] [add]

The Shiggar Fraggar Show!, Vol. 5 [live] (1999) 01. Hip Hip Slam Intro [add]
02. Shiggar Fraggar [add]
03. Word Cut Skratch [add]
04. Insect Mind Numb [add]
05. Ah One, Two, Three, Cut [add]
06. Ah Come On [add]
07. So Retarded [add]
08. Gimme My Goddamn Money [add]
09. Damn [add]
10. The Real Hip Hop Shit [add]
11. Damn You Skratchy [add]
12. All the Way from Frisco [add]
13. Make Me Itch [add]
14. Battle for the Mind [add]
15. Hardcore Man from the Underland [add]
16. West Coast Rock Steady Groove [add]
17. Makin' Me Bioootch [add]

The Shiggar Fraggar Show!, Vol. 3 [live] (1999) 01. Hip Hop Slam Intro [add]
02. Shiggar Fraggar Intro [add]
03. Wild Stlye Boogers [add]
04. Don't Give a Fuck Style [add]
05. Sitting Bull and the Bear [add]
06. Dj'ing in the Dark [add]
07. Dedicated to Scratching [add]
08. Frisco Bay Graffiti Love (Here We Go) [add]
09. Mic Beat Kut [add]
10. Emcee Ub [add]
11. A At the Circus With Mommie [add]
12. Saturday Nite Skratch [add]
13. Leeches All over My Body (Billy Jam) [add]
14. 8-Ball Kut [add]
15. UB40 [add]
16. Your Moms Cooking [add]
17. How a DJ Sound [add]
18. UB's Karaoke Skratching Lounge [add]
19. Good Times [add]
20. Richard Simmon's DJ Workout [add]
21. Hip Hop Hoe Down [add]
22. Hillbilly Jim's Pe Workout [add]
23. Invisibl Rockit Steady Krew [add]
24. Outro [add]

The Shiggar Fraggar Show!, Vol. 2 [live] (2000) 01. And We're Back [add]
02. KLSD-FM [add]
03. Plastic Man Skratch [add]
04. The Official Adventures of the Toad Man (The Bay Bridge Is Over) [add]
05. 1-800-Clown [add]
06. Hit Me With Your Kit [add]
07. Funky Phone [add]
08. Cocaine [add]
09. Kcat-FM [add]
10. Sponsored By [add]
11. Shiggeralert [add]
12. Kwars-FM [add]
13. Flash Is Bad, Flash Is Good [add]
14. It's Time...To Practice [add]
15. Listen to the Bass [add]
16. Jungle [add]
17. I Dream of Jacko [add]
18. MC Billie Jean [add]
19. The End [add]
20. Untitled [add]

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