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"Little" Louie Vega lyrics
Genre: Electronica
When the Night Is Over (1991) 01. Ride on the Rhythm [add]
02. When the Night Is Over [add]
03. Walk Away [add]
04. If I Had the Opportunity [add]
05. Let Me Love You [add]
06. It's Alright [add]
07. The Name of the Game [add]
08. Living in a Strange World [add]
09. Time [add]
10. The Masters at Work [add]
11. Ride [*] [add]

Little Louie Vega at the Underground Network NYC [live] (1993) 01. Alright [add]
02. Just an Organ [Just an Organ Mix] [add]
03. Wanna Be Your Girl [A "G" Thang Mix] [add]
04. Higher [add]
05. Hey! [The Rhythm Hype Mix] [add]
06. My People [My Original People Mix] [add]
07. The Boy [Ralph's Hard House Mix] [add]
08. Master Blaster [The Wild Pitch Mix] [add]
09. Carnival Side [The Mardi Gras Mix] [add]
10. Just Us [Bop 'Til You Drop Mix] [add]
11. Unbe [The Erick "More" Mix] [add]
12. Paradise [Paradise Dub] [add]
13. Jump & Sing [Hard Metro Mix] [add]
14. I'm Happy [In the Life Mix] [add]
15. Stompin' Grounds [Stompin' Grounds Mix] [add]

Strictly Rhythm Mix, Vol. 2 (1994) 01. Love and Happiness [12 Club Mix] [add]
02. I Go Around [Extended Mix] [add]
03. Zulu [Change Mix] [add]
04. Deep Inside [add]
05. Beautiful People [add]
06. The Theme [Legend Mix] [add]
07. Who Dares to Believe in Me? [Original Mix] [add]
08. Curious [Vocal Mix] [add]
09. I Could Be This... [Psycho Queen Mix] [add]
10. I Like to Move It [Erick Club Mix] [add]
11. Sound [Studio 54 Mix] [add]
12. You Bring Me Joy [Bop Til U Drop Mix] [add]
13. Fantasy [Tribal Mix] [add]
14. Congo [D-Max Mix] [add]
15. No Love Lost [Morel's Hallelujah Ha-Ha Mix] [add]
16. Flavor of Love [Ultra Love Mix] [add]
17. It's an Ill Groove [add]

United DJs of America, Vol. 2 (1995) 01. My Organ [add]
02. Soul Roots [add]
03. Whew! [add]
04. Let Me Show You [add]
05. Closer [add]
06. Change [add]
07. Voices in My Mind [add]
08. Is It All over My Face? [add]
09. Caught in Luv [add]
10. Getting Hot [add]
11. Don't Shut Me Out [add]
12. My Love [add]
13. Good and Plenty [add]
14. I Wanna Know [add]
15. Inspiration [add]
16. In the Dark We Live (Thee Lite) [add]
17. New Jersey Deep [add]

New York Underground: The Nu Groove Years (1999) 01. How Do You Love a Black Woman [add]
02. My Love Is Magic [add]
03. I'm Glad You Came to Me [add]
04. Apt. 3a [add]
05. Dum Dum [add]
06. I Desire U [add]
07. Song of the Siren [add]
08. Stringz [add]
09. Somebody Skat'n [add]
10. Just Before the Dawn [add]

House Nation America (2000) 01. Elements of Life [Dance Ritual Mix] [add]
02. Spiritual Insurrection [The Party Mix] [add]
03. Beau Mot Plage [Freeform Reform Mix] [add]
04. Block Party [add]
05. Tournament d' Amour [add]
06. Timba [Full Intention Club Mix] [add]
07. Music [add]
08. Finally [add]
09. Misery [Li'l Louis Extended Club Mix] [add]
10. Father [add]
11. Across the Universe [Late Nite Rendevous Groove] [add]
12. Circle Dance [add]
13. Aldela de Ogu [add]
14. Knights of the Jaguar [Original Version] [add]
15. Bring Back That Feeling [add]
16. Scream and Shout [Main Vocal Mix] [add]
17. Sunday Shoutin' [Eric Morillo Mix] [add]
18. Invaders [add]
19. Welcome to the Jungle [add]
20. Life Goes On [Richard F'S "Le Spank" Mix] [add]
21. Burning Up [Luca Cassini Club Mix] [add]
22. How's Your Evening So Far [add]
23. Believe [Acapella] [add]
24. Pasilda [Knee Deep Mix] [add]
25. Bad Habit [Jose Nunez Subliminal Mix] [add]
26. AC/DC [add]
27. I Can't Stop [M.A.S. Ipno Dub Mix] [add]
28. Rise [Original Soul Providers Mix] [add]
29. Brazil Over Zurich [add]
30. I Feel for You [Spiller Vocal Mix] [add]
31. Free at Last [Instrumental/ Acapella Mix] [add]

Sessions, Vol. 12 (2001) 01. Babarabatiri [Tee's Inhouse Mix] [add]
02. The Jungle [Harry Choo Choo and Erik Morillo Mix] [add]
03. Bisou Sucre [add]
04. Work [MAW Mix] [add]
05. Voo Dance [add]
06. Finally /Don't Stop [version] [add]
07. Dream [add]
08. Give It Up [add]
09. Lean on Me [MAW Mix] [add]
10. Earth Is the Place [Album Version FK Edit] [add]
11. Don't Change [add]
12. Joy to the World [Dennis F's Mix] [add]
13. Could It Be [add]
14. Fly Away [Jason Jinx Live Disco Jam] [add]
15. Let the Past Rest [add]
16. Sunshine [Df's Early Morning Mix] [add]
17. Live Your Life [add]
18. Mine to Give [David Morales Happy Mix] [add]
19. Runaway [add]
20. Music Is Everything [Rooster's Bangin' Vox Mix] [add]
21. Thru the Time /Supernatural [mix] [add]
22. Roots Remixed [Black Beat Niks Tribal Rhythms Mix] [add]
23. Magnifique [add]
24. Takin' Me Higher [Bini and Martini Mix] [add]
25. Keep on Movin' [dub] [add]
26. Over You [Spen's Unreleased Mix] [add]
27. Spread Love [Vocal Mix] [add]

Soul Heaven: London & Ibiza (2003) 01. Brand New Day [add]
02. Days Like These [Spinna & Ticklah Mix] [add]
03. I Can't Get No Sleep [Copyright Mix] [add]
04. Diamond Life [add]
05. Can't Stop [add]
06. Back Together [Main Classic Mix] [add]
07. I Got Somebody New [Ritual Mix] [add]
08. The Vow [Full Vocal Mix] [add]
09. Divided/United [add]
10. Change for Me [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
11. I Go Back [Tee's Master Mix] [add]
12. Dance [add]
13. Freedom Medley: The Anthem /What a Sensation [Filter 14 Silent Mix/What a Sensation/Voic] [add]
14. Cloud 9 [add]
15. Cloud 9 [Quentin Harris Shelter Mix] [add]
16. Do You Know House [add]
17. Only You [add]
18. I Got Somebody New [Ritual Mix] [add]
19. Madan [Exotic Disco Mix] [add]
20. Cerca de Mi (Beats) [add]
21. Black Action [add]
22. Cerca de Mi [Nico's Mix] [add]
23. Africa/Brasil [add]
24. Awade [Joes Jungle Sounds Dub] [add]
25. Elle [Criola Mix & Skin Beats] [add]
26. Le lo Lai [Maw Beats] [add]
27. Koloke [West African Guitar Groove] [add]
28. Dem People Go [add]
29. Tropical Soundclash [add]
30. Phunk Carnival [add]
31. Thank You [Acapella] [add]
32. Don't You Go Away [add]
33. Work [add]
34. E-Samba [add]
35. I Feel Love [add]
36. Don't Know Malendro [add]
37. Street Player [add]

Elements of Life (2004) 01. Jungle Fever [add]
02. Brand New Day [add]
03. Cerca de Mi [add]
04. Africa/Brazil [add]
05. Nos Vida [add]
06. A Better Day [add]
07. Ma Mi Mama [add]
08. Tu y Yo [add]
09. Summer Night in Spanish Harlem [add]
10. Quimbombo [add]
11. Canto Para Chango [add]
12. Sunshine [add]
13. Elements of Life [add]
14. Mon Amor [add]
15. Mozalounge [add]

Elements of Life: Extensions (2004) 01. Jungle Fever [Atoj Remix] [add]
02. Cerca de Mi [Kenny Dope Remix] [add]
03. Sunshine [Sacred Rhythm Mix] [add]
04. Ma Mi Mama [Freeform U Heirs Vox Mix] [add]
05. Let the Children Play [add]
06. Love Is on the Way [add]
07. Journey's Prelude [Nulife Remix] [add]
08. Thousand Fingered Man [add]
09. Mon Amour [DJ Gregory Remix] [add]
10. Mozalounge [Jazz-N-Groove Remix] [add]
11. Nos Vida [MAW Remix] [add]
12. A Better Day [DJ Spinna Remix] [add]
13. Steel Congo [add]

Dance Ritual (2005) 01. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter [Louie Vega Remix] [add]
02. Just Dance [add]
03. Traveling [Vocal Mix] [add]
04. Free [Louie Vega Mix] [add]
05. Olinga [add]
06. Love Will [add]
07. Thousand Fingered Man [add]
08. Spread Love [Spirit Dub] [add]
09. Back to the Raw [Ruff Mix] [add]
10. In the Real World [K-Dope Roots Mix] [add]
11. Somethin' [Wit Jazz] [add]
12. Still a Dancer [Alix Alvarez Remix] [add]
13. Special [Louie Vega Remix] [add]
14. Like a Sunshine, My Memory [Jask's Thaisoul Edit] [add]
15. Sayaji [Joe Claussell's Sacred Rhythm mix] [add]
16. Portuguese Love [Phil Asher's Restless Soul Mix] [add]
17. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter [*] [add]
18. Traveling [*] [add]
19. Love Will [*] [add]
20. Somethin' [*] [add]
21. Like a Sunshine, My Memory [*] [add]
22. Back to the Raw [*] [add]

Mix the Vibe: For the Love of King Street (2007) 01. Intro /So Let the Wind Come [mix] [add]
02. Bar a Thym [add]
03. Most Precious Love [Df's Future 3000 Mix] [add]
04. I Can't Believe I Loved Her [Calypso Mix] [add]
05. Beat That Bitch [Mr. V Vibal Dub] [add]
06. Underground Is My Home [Main Mix] [add]
07. Coro (The Colonial Mentality) [The Coloniak Mentality] [add]
08. Flight [Nulife Vocal Mix] [add]
09. What It Feels Like [Quentin Harris Club Mix] [add]
10. Misery [Spen's Muthafunkin Remix] [add]
11. Casio's Theme [add]
12. Stretch My Arms [Mr. V Sole Channel Mix] [add]
13. Give It Up /Rain [Ricanstruction Vocal Mix] [add]
14. Stormy Black /K.O.F [Do Be Do Mix] [add]
15. City Streets [Kerri's Club Mix] [add]
16. Closer [King Street Moody Club] [add]
17. Souffles H [King Street Club Mix] [add]
18. Show Me [Def Club Mix] [add]
19. The Way I Feel [4 Daye Club] [add]
20. It's the Music [King Street Club Mix] [add]
21. Brighter Days [Original Mix] [add]
22. How Do I Let Go [Main Mix] [add]
23. Find a Way [Danny Krivit Edit] [add]
24. Here with My Best Friend [Dance Ritual Mix] [add]
25. Destination [add]
26. Hold On [Louie's Maw Club] [add]
27. We Are Lonely [Quentin Harris Fresh Fruit Dub] [add]
28. Show Me [Def Club Mix] [add]

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