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Danny Tenaglia lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Gag Me with a Tune (1996) 01. Way We Used To [Acapella] [add]
02. Happy [Don't Stop the Love Mix] [add]
03. Hipnotizing [add]
04. Check This Out [add]
05. I Found It [DMC Mix] [add]
06. We Kan Never Be Satisfied [MDZ Be Phreakin Mix] [add]
07. Gonna Luv [add]
08. Way We Used To [Hard Mix] [add]
09. We Kan Never Be Satisfied [Ad Lib Mix] [add]
10. Dedication [Shorty's Mix] [add]
11. Werking [Tranced Euro Effect] [add]
12. Banji Dance [add]
13. Where We at (Together) [add]
14. Way We Used To [Acapella] [add]
15. It Doesn't Matter [The Rude String Mix] [add]
16. Way We Used To [Acapella] [add]

Tourism (1998) 01. Baby, Do You Feel Me? [add]
02. Elements [add]
03. Music Is the Answer [Dancin' & Prancin'] [add]
04. Turn Me On [add]
05. Read My Lips [add]
06. The Better Days [add]
07. Roots [The Sound of the Drum] [add]
08. Do You Remember [add]
09. Head Hunter [add]

Back to Mine (1999) 01. Emotion Heater [Vocal Mix] [add]
02. To the Sea [Original Mix] [add]
03. Loft in Paradise [add]
04. The Plan'/'Minty [add]
05. Going Round [add]
06. Beau Mot Plage [add]
07. Bang Bang You're Mine [Full Vocal Remix] [add]
08. Only You [add]
09. Keep on Walkin' [add]
10. Running Away [add]
11. Rhythm of Life [add]
12. Cairo [add]
13. One Note Samba/Spanish Flea [add]

Global Underground: London (2000) 01. Sands of Time [add]
02. Watch Them Come [add]
03. New Day [add]
04. Cascades of Colour [add]
05. Touched by God [add]
06. In and Out of My Life [add]
07. Definition of House [add]
08. Saudade [add]
09. Spark That [add]
10. Back to the Q [add]
11. Tribal Phunk [add]
12. 19 Bullets [add]
13. Signals [add]
14. Otradnojoe [add]
15. Magical Digital Drum [add]
16. Basic [add]
17. Phoenix [add]
18. Dominica [add]
19. Junk Funk [add]
20. Burning [add]
21. Ruhe [add]
22. Ways of Love [add]
23. Monsoon [add]
24. Live 1999 [add]

Global Underground: Athens (2000) 01. Absolute Reason [add]
02. Vol. 3 [add]
03. Moody [add]
04. Turn Me On [John Ciafone's Dub] [add]
05. System Error [add]
06. The Real Jazz [Dahlback Mix] [add]
07. Dom Dom Jump [add]
08. Debajo [add]
09. The Water Song [add]
10. 'Round Midnight [add]
11. Deimos [add]
12. Frank Sinatra [add]
13. Red Light District [add]
14. Seduction of Orpheus [add]
15. Deepest Jungle [add]
16. Feel This [add]
17. Stealin Music [add]
18. Cool Kids of Death [add]
19. Batido [add]
20. Music Is the Answer [add]
21. The After [add]
22. Phonic Call [add]
23. Feel Free [add]
24. Realease the Pressure [add]

Back to Basics (2002) 01. Midnight Lady [Deep Rose Mix] [add]
02. Do It Now [add]
03. Catch the Beat [Fthing Loft Interpretation] [add]
04. Mosaferat [add]
05. Safe from Harm [Andy Morris and Stuart Crichton Mix] [add]
06. (Always) A Permanent State [add]
07. Work It Out [C.F.'s Original NYC Mix] [add]
08. Live Your Life With Me [add]
09. Afro-Groove/Afro Moog [add]
10. Aux Talk Funkativity [add]
11. Contact [16B Remix] [add]
12. The Revolution [add]
13. Stop Foolin Around [add]
14. Carnival XIII [Agro Mix] [add]
15. Situation [add]
16. Freedom Is [DJ Vibe Mix] [add]
17. I'll Call You [Thin Red Man Remix] [add]
18. Free Your Mind [add]
19. Fever Rising [Ben Shaw Remix] [add]
20. Belgian Resistance [add]
21. Work That Body [Dat Body Remix] [add]
22. C.T.M. [Steve Rachmad Longcut] [add]
23. Just Play [Jamie Anderson Remix] [add]
24. Terror [add]

Global Underground: Athens [Limited Vinyl Re-release] (2002) 01. Seduction of Orpheus [add]
02. Deepest Jungle [add]
03. The After [add]
04. The Real Jazz [add]
05. The Water Song [add]
06. Frank Sinatra [add]

Choice: A Collection of Classics (2002) 01. Was Dog a Doughnut? [add]
02. Changes [Larry Levan Mix] [add]
03. Shine [add]
04. As One [add]
05. Love Me Forever or Love Me Not [Clivilles and C Ole D Ub of D Oom M IX] [add]
06. I Believe (Frequency and Abraxas) [Original Garage Mix] [add]
07. Not Gonna Do It (I Need a Man) [Bam Bam M IX] [add]
08. I Can't Forget [add]
09. (I Wanna Give You) Devotion [Instrumental/Vocal Dub Mix] [add]
10. Make It Right [add]
11. Elevation [add]
12. Just Us [add]
13. Outta Limits [add]
14. On the Floor (Rock It) [add]
15. Don't Go Lose It Baby [add]
16. Give Me Your Love [add]
17. Independent Woman [Smack 12 M IX] [add]
18. Rushin' [Louie Balos D Ub] [add]
19. The Whistle Song [Eric Kupper 12 M IX] [add]
20. I Want to Thank You [add]
21. Por Favor [add]
22. Make My Body Rock [add]

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