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Genre: Electronica
The Voyage (2000) 01. The Voyage [add]
02. Take Some Time Out [add]
03. Alone [Paradise Mix] [add]
04. Useless [Moody Mix] [add]
05. Let the Music (Use You) [add]
06. Luv Dancin' [add]
07. What You Need [add]
08. Pleasure Control [add]
09. I'm Glad You Came to Me [add]
10. Holdin' On [add]
11. Love Will Find a Way [add]
12. Never No More Lonely [add]
13. The Voyage [add]
14. Take Some Time Out [add]
15. Alone [Paradise Mix] [add]
16. Useless [Moody Mix] [add]
17. Let the Music (Use You) [add]
18. Luv Dancin' [add]
19. What You Need [add]
20. Pleasure Control [add]
21. I'm Glad You Came to Me [add]
22. Holdin' On [add]
23. Love Will Find a Way [add]
24. Never No More Lonely [add]

Back to the Scene of the Crime (2001) 01. American Dream [Original Mix] [add]
02. Moody [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
03. We Gonna Make It [Joey Negro Z Mix] [add]
04. K-Gee [Joey Negro Re-Edit] [add]
05. Feel the Need [Joey Negro Revival Mix] [add]
06. Wonderful [Joey Negro Rodox Dub] [add]
07. I Know You, I Live You [Joey Negro Vocal Mix] [add]
08. Dancin [Extended Mix] [add]
09. Living from the Mind [Joey Negro Re-Edit] [add]
10. Skate Dancer [Z Mix] [add]
11. Teardrops [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
12. New York City Woman [Album Mix] [add]
13. Wishin You Were Here [Joey Negro Extended Mix] [add]

Nite:Life 08 (2001) 01. It's Yours [Original Distant Mix] [add]
02. Aquela Esquina [Grant Nelson Club Mix] [add]
03. Downtown Science [add]
04. Feel the Real [Jazz 'n' Groove Ultra Classic Mix] [add]
05. Garden of Love [Joey Negro Mix] [add]
06. The Storm [Joey Negro Medusa Mix] [add]
07. The Jam [add]
08. Inspired [The Vinyl] [add]
09. Jazz It [add]
10. Blow [Restless Soul Peaktime Mix] [add]
11. Eyes of Love [add]
12. Music and Wine [Original Version] [add]
13. Father [Frankie Feliciano Mix] [add]
14. Free as the Morning Sun [add]

In the House (2005) 01. Relief /Salsoul Rainbow [Acappella] [add]
02. Soul Music /What Happened to the Soul Power [mix] [add]
03. Come Back Home [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
04. Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh?/You Can Do It [add]
05. Put Our Heads Together [Joey Negro Re-Edit] [add]
06. Action 78 [add]
07. Most Precious Love [Dennis Ferrer Remix] [add]
08. Nite Moves [Steve 'Silk' Hurley Club Mix] [add]
09. Sandcastles /Give Us Hope [edit] [add]
10. Another Day [add]
11. Alone [Joey Negro Edit] [add]
12. Angel Eyes [Joey Negro Edit] [add]
13. The Mast (Love Will Be Strong) [Joey Negro Remix] [add]
14. Find a Way /Sweet Magic [mix] [add]
15. Strong Man (For Real) [Matthias 'Matty' Heilbronn Unreleased ...] [add]
16. Everyday [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
17. You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too [add]
18. Burning Up [add]
19. Are You Gonna Be There [Steve 'Silk' Hurley Club Mix] [add]
20. Still [Dfa Club Mix] [add]
21. Runnin [Original Mix] [add]
22. Quincey's Joint/Closer to You [add]
23. Hindsight /The Way [Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Mix/The Way] [add]
24. Trust Yourself [Underground Vocal Mix] [add]
25. Moody [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
26. I'm Paying Taxes What Am I Buying [add]
27. I'm a Good Man [Mousse T E Funk Mix] [add]
28. The Rain [RP Club Mix] [add]
29. I Realized [Joey Negro Remix] [add]
30. Get Over Here [Club Mix] [add]
31. Someone to Love [add]
32. Evil Vibrations [add]
33. He Is [add]
34. Put Our Heads Together [Joey Negro Re-Edit] [add]
35. Alone [Joey Negro Re-Edit] [add]
36. Angel Eyes [Joey Negro Re-Edit] [add]
37. It's Yours [Joey Negro Remix] [add]
38. Finally [Joey Negro Remix] [add]
39. The Mast (Love Will Be Strong) [Joey Negro Remix] [add]

The Trip (2006) 01. 007 and Counting [add]
02. Call Me [add]
03. Theme from the Avengers [add]
04. National Express [add]
05. Ride Like the Wind [add]
06. Lust [add]
07. You're Not Alone [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
08. Chase [add]
09. Prime Time [add]
10. Monkey Star [add]
11. Atmosphrique [add]
12. Adventures in Success [add]
13. Nothing Has Been Proved [add]
14. Entity [add]
15. Captain of Her Heart [add]
16. Don't You Know [add]
17. Magic Smile [add]
18. Duel [add]
19. Song for a Future Generation [add]
20. Inside Life [add]
21. Living in the Past [add]
22. Love Music [add]
23. It's All Up to You [add]
24. Strung Out [add]
25. Funky Luvah [add]
26. Do You Have Any (Ya Know Where I Can Get Some) [add]
27. Two Hearts Together [add]
28. Whisper Softly [add]
29. It Ain't Love [add]
30. Free [add]
31. Music [add]
32. Next Lifetime [add]
33. The Highways of My Life [add]
34. Rush Over [add]
35. I Can See the Future [add]
36. So Nobody Else Can Hear [add]
37. Moonlight Serenade [add]
38. Inside Life [add]

Soul of Disco, Vol. 3 (2006) 01. Disco Party [add]
02. It's Better Than Good Time [Walter Gibbons Mix] lyrics
03. How Can I Tell Her [add]
04. Maintain [add]
05. Let Yourself Go [add]
06. Can I Take You Home [add]
07. Summer, Groove [add]
08. Sho Nuff No Funny Stuff Love [add]
09. Over and Over [add]
10. Love to Live [add]
11. Giving My Love [add]
12. Come Down to Earth [David Todd Mix] [add]
13. Maybe This Time [add]
14. Keep Me Dancing [add]
15. I Can't Get Along Without You [add]
16. Feel the Reel [add]
17. Man for My Lady [add]
18. We Had Enough [add]
19. Get Up on Your Feel [Walter Gibbons Mix] [add]
20. When Your Jones Cme Down [add]
21. Slide into Your Heat [add]

Until the End of Time (2006) 01. We Will Turn You On [add]
02. Until the End of Time [add]
03. Twinkle [add]
04. SB Rock the Go Go [add]
05. Love Trouble [add]
06. Fly Away, Pt. 1 [add]
07. Fly Away, Pt. 2 [add]
08. Far Beyond [add]
09. Just Do It [add]
10. Thin Air [add]
11. He Is [add]
12. Everyday [add]
13. Strollin' [add]

Back in the Box (2007) 01. Intro [add]
02. O Ban One [add]
03. The Gathering [add]
04. Love Commandments [add]
05. Give It to Me [add]
06. Strobelight Honey (Morales Def Mix) [add]
07. (You're My One and Only) True Love (New York House Mix) [add]
08. Let's Go (Joe Smooth Mix) [add]
09. Get Up (Komix Mix) [add]
10. LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix) [add]
11. Jupiter Jazz [add]
12. All Night Long [add]
13. When U Love Someone (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix) [add]
14. No Time (For Crying) [add]
15. R Theme [add]
16. Let Us Pray [add]
17. Let's Go (Joe Smooth Mix) (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
18. No Time (For Crying) (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
19. Strobelight Honey (Morales Def Mix) (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
20. Love Commandments (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
21. The Gathering (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
22. When U Love Someone (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix) (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
23. Give It to Me (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
24. O Ban One (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
25. (You're My One and Only) True Love (New York House Mix) (Joey Negro Re- [add]
26. LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix) (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]
27. All Night Long [add]
28. Get Up (Komix Mix) (Joey Negro Re-Edit) [add]

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