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Scott Brown lyrics
Genre: Electronica
The World of Scott Brown (2000) 01. Basic Nature [add]
02. Hallelujah [Exclusive Hardcore 2000 Mix] [add]
03. Power of Love [Scott Brown 98 Rmx] [add]
04. Yeah Oh Yeah [add]
05. Falling to the Earth [add]
06. Vitality [add]
07. Elysium [add]
08. Do It Hard [add]
09. Every Time I Close My Eyes [add]
10. Lost Generation [Scott Brown Rmx] [add]
11. Pilgrim [add]
12. Turn It Out [add]
13. I Don't Need Nobody [add]
14. Check It out Now [add]
15. Brain Basher [add]
16. Fallig to the Earth [Exclusive Hardcore 2000 Mix] [add]
17. Crushed Testes [add]
18. You Are Hardcore [add]
19. Back Tracker [add]
20. Pilgrim [Exclusive Hardcore 2000 Mix] [add]
21. Liberation [add]
22. Rubbernut [add]

Hardwired (2004) 01. Let's All Get Down [add]
02. Blue Anthem [Remix] [add]
03. Fly with You [add]
04. Please Don't Cry [add]
05. Flow [add]
06. Push It (Music Please) [add]
07. All About You [add]
08. Out of My Brain [add]
09. I'm in Heaven [add]
10. Darkness [add]
11. Really Need You [add]
12. Do It Like We Do [Remix] [add]
13. Taking Drugs? [add]
14. Gang Bang Society [Remix] [add]
15. This Is How We Do It [add]
16. You Have to Let It All Go [add]
17. This One's for All of Us [add]
18. I Became Hardcore [add]
19. Elysium Plus [add]
20. Pilgrim [Kevin Energy Remix] [add]
21. Viroid [add]
22. The Judgement [add]
23. Blue Anthem [add]
24. Make the Beat Drop [add]
25. Prince of Darkness [add]
26. Commence [add]
27. Gods Child [add]
28. The Stranger [add]
29. Boomstick [add]

Hardcore: A New Beginning (2005) 01. Trapped in Darkness [add]
02. Oh God [add]
03. This Is the Ultimate [add]
04. Bulletproof [add]
05. Feel the Beats Bang [add]
06. Bastard/Asshole [add]
07. Fuzzy Muff [add]
08. Turn Around [The Viper Remix] [add]
09. May Your Mother Die... [add]
10. Violator [add]
11. Hey! [The Viper & Mad-E-Fact Remix] [add]
12. Rock, Rock On [add]
13. No Competition [add]
14. Check the Penis [add]
15. What's Wrong with My Brain [add]
16. Ice Cold [add]
17. Nothing Else Will Stand [add]
18. Buck 'Em Down [add]
19. End of Line [Endymion Remix] [add]
20. Hell No! [add]
21. Black Magic [add]
22. How Much Can You Take [Catscan Remix] [add]
23. Before Your Eyes [add]
24. Hellparty [add]
25. Bombing Eardrums [add]
26. Cause & Panic [add]
27. Nation of Domination [add]
28. Under Control [add]
29. Neighbourhood Crime [add]
30. Loud & Proud [add]
31. Skullfuck [add]
32. Always a Jellyhead [Jda's Gelei-Mix] [add]

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