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The Artful Dodger lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Rewind (2000) 01. Re-Rewind [Radio Edit] [add]
02. Little Bit of Luck [add]
03. Destiny [add]
04. Movin' Too Fast [Artful Dodger Remix] [add]
05. Jump N' Shout [Stanton Warriors Remix] [add]
06. All I Know [Da Grunge Mix] [add]
07. Special Request [add]
08. Straight from the Heart [Bump & Flex Mix] [add]
09. Funk on Ah Roll [Bump & Flex Remix] [add]
10. Enough Is Enough [add]
11. Something [A.D. Skippy Mix] [add]
12. Joyrider [Y Tribes Underground Mix] [add]
13. Got Myself Together [Meltdown Remix] [add]
14. Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It) [add]
15. Lessons in Love [S. Gurley Remix] [add]
16. Right Before My Eyes [Remix Featuring MC Neat] [add]
17. R U Ready [add]
18. Spirit of the Sun [Bump & Flex Remix] [add]
19. Girls Like Us [add]
20. Slice of da Pie [add]
21. Sincere [Vocal Mix] [add]
22. You Got Me Forever [Club Asylum Mix] [add]
23. To Be in Love [MJ Cole Vocal] [add]
24. R U Sleeping [Bump & Flex Vocal] [add]
25. Guess I Was a Fool [MJ Cole Vocal Mix] [add]
26. Never Gonna Let You Go [Kelly G. Bump-N-Go Vocal Mix] [add]
27. I Refuse (What You Want) [Industry Standard Mix] [add]
28. Anytime [Nu Vocal Mix] [add]
29. In My Life [Joe's Vocal Mix] [add]
30. Spend the Night [Danny J. Lewis Original Mix] [add]
31. Gabriel [Live Garage Version] [add]
32. Take Control [MJ Cole Vocal Mix] [add]
33. Love Shy [Tuff Jam Classic Vocal] [add]
34. Step into My Life [Tuff Jam Remix] [add]
35. Need Good Love [Tuff Jam Dub] [add]
36. Moment of My Life [Rip's Moment in Dub] [add]
37. Blues for You [Original Dub Mix] [add]
38. Dreams [Original Mix with Vocal] [add]
39. Can't Get Enough [London Connection Remix] [add]
40. Get Get Down [Illicit Remix] [add]

Re-Rewind (2000) 01. Woman Trouble [Full Length Version] [add]
02. Let Me Be Your Fantasy [add]
03. I Know Where It's At [Wideboys Remix] [add]
04. Heartache [2 Step Full Vocal Mix] [add]
05. Nitro Dust [add]
06. Love Will Find A Way [Artful Dodger Remix] [add]
07. Re-Rewind [Wideboys Remix] [add]
08. Do Me Baby [add]
09. Relax [add]
10. Glad You Came To Me [Wideboys Nasty Mix] [add]
11. It Ain't Enough lyrics
12. Who's The Better Man [Wideboys Platinum Beatz Vocal Mix] [add]
13. Spirit Of The Sun [Bump and Flex Hard Step Dub] [add]
14. Make It Right [Tru Faith Remix] [add]
15. We R Family [add]

It's All About the Stragglers (2001) 01. Think About Me lyrics
02. Re-Rewind [Radio Edit] [add]
03. Outrageous [add]
04. Please Don't Turn Me On [Radio Edit] [add]
05. Twentyfourseven [Radio Edit] [add]
06. Something lyrics
07. Movin' Too Fast lyrics
08. R U Ready [add]
09. I Can't Give It Up lyrics
10. Woman Trouble [Radio Edit] [add]
11. What You Gonna Do? [Feat. Craig David] [add]
12. It Ain't Enough [Radio Edit] [add]
13. We Should Get Together lyrics
14. Think About Me [Artful Dodger 3 Step Mix] [add]
15. Please Don't Turn Me On [Artful Dodger UK Garage Remix] [add]

Rewind 2001: Lessons from the Underground (2002) 01. The Eye of God [add]
02. Love Don't Love Me [Medieval Hooligans Remix] [add]
03. All I Want [Sunship Remix] [add]
04. Run to Me [Club Asylum Vocal Mix] [add]
05. Think About Me [Matt "Jam" Lamont and DJ Face Classic Vocal Edit] [add]
06. Sunshine [Wookie Main Mix] [add]
07. He Wasn't Man Enough [Forces of Nature Vocal Remix] [add]
08. Booo! [Medieval Hooligans Longshanks Remix] [add]
09. Just in Case [Dub-A-Holics Roller's Revival] [add]
10. Coming Home [add]
11. Can You Feel It [Original Mix] [add]
12. Gangster, Mobster [Dub-A-Holics Ska Mix] [add]
13. Gangster Beatz [add]
14. It Ain't Enough [Dodger's Dubby Dreem Mix] [add]
15. Favourite Part of Me [Original Vocal Mix] [add]
16. This Ain't the Time [Matt "Jam" Lamont and DJ Face Vocal Mix] [add]
17. You're Mine (I'm Yours) [Heavy Vocal] [add]
18. Forever [Artful Dodger Remix] [add]
19. Has It Come to This? [Jameson Remix] [add]
20. Mic Tribute [United Grooves Collective Remix] [add]
21. We Can Get Down [Groove Chronicles Mix] [add]
22. Where I Wanna Be [Dub-A-Holics Mix] [add]
23. Promises [Bump N Flex Hardstep Dub] [add]
24. Little Man [X-Men Works Mix] [add]
25. When I Look into Your Eyes [MJ Cole Vocal] [add]
26. As I Am [Todd Edwards Mix] [add]
27. Who's the Better Man [Artful Dodger Bullet Proof Vest Special] [add]
28. Talk About It [Steve Gurley Dub Mix] [add]
29. Sleep When U Talk [Ed Case Remix] [add]
30. Don't Stop [Fills & Thrills Mix] [add]
31. You Belong to Me [Dreemhouse Club Mix] [add]
32. Flow [Girls Mix] [add]
33. Game [MJ Cole Remix] [add]
34. Soul Sound [Medway City Heights Mix] [add]
35. Kinda Funky [add]
36. Flava [add]
37. Voodoo [BM Dubs Vocal Remix] [add]
38. K.O. [add]
39. Who [dub] [add]
40. Heard It All Before [Annoymous People Remix] [add]

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