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Praga Khan lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Conquers Your Love (1996) 01. Begin to Move [add]
02. Injected With a Poison [add]
03. Phantasia Forever [add]
04. Travel Trough Time [add]
05. Love Me Baby [add]
06. Gunbuck [add]
07. Rave Alert [add]
08. I Feel Good [add]
09. Be My Drug [add]
10. Double Function [add]
11. Make My Dreams Reality [add]
12. Moonday [add]
13. Jazz Trippin' [add]
14. God of Abraham [add]

Pragamatic (1998) 01. Luv U Still [add]
02. Remove the Armour [add]
03. I Want You [add]
04. Insanity [add]
05. Look at Me Now [add]
06. My Mind Is My Enemy [add]
07. Injected With a Poison [add]
08. Independence [add]
09. City of a Thousand Sins [add]
10. No Sense at All [add]
11. Stoned on Your Love [add]
12. Wasting My Time [add]

Praga Khan [Sampler] (1999) 01. Supersonic Lovetoy [add]
02. Lonely lyrics
03. Injected with a Poison [Original Version] [add]
04. My Mind Is My Enemy [add]
05. Jazz Trippin' [add]

Twentyfirstcenturyskin (1999) 01. Breakfast in Vegas [add]
02. Visions & Imaginations [add]
03. Isolation [add]
04. Adult Entertainment [add]
05. Far Beyond the Sun [add]
06. Lonely lyrics
07. What's Wrong With Me [add]
08. Supersonic Lovetoy [add]
09. Lady Alcohol [add]
10. Bored Out of My Mind [add]
11. Begin to Move [add]
12. One Foot in the Grave [add]

Mutant Funk (2000) 01. The Power of the Flower [add]
02. Love lyrics
03. Meditation [add]
04. Keep the Dream Alive [add]
05. Pittsburgh Angel [add]
06. Sayonara Greetings [add]
07. Dreamcatcher [add]
08. Turn Me On [add]
09. Northern Lights [add]
10. The Moon [add]
11. Immortal Sin [add]
12. Eyeless in El Paso [add]

Mixed Up (2001) 01. Luv U Still (Empirion Remix) [add]
02. Breakfast In Vegas (Insider Remix) [add]
03. The Jean Genie [add]
04. Supersonic Lovetoy (Sonic Dub) [add]
05. Lonely (Fuzz Mix) [add]
06. Phantasia Forever (Live Version) [add]
07. Love (Insider Remix) [add]
08. Far Beyond The Sun (Adrift on Oscillators Mix) [add]
09. The Moon (C.S. Johansen Remix) [add]
10. Lady Alcohol (Where The Fuck Am I? Mix) [add]
11. Lust For Life (Live Version) [add]
12. One Foot In The Grave (Artificial Life Mix) [add]
13. The Power of the Flower (Junkie XL Remix) [add]
14. Visions & Imaginations (Box Energy Mix) [add]

Freakazoidz (2002) 01. Glamour Girl lyrics
02. Visions of Heaven [add]
03. Kinky World [add]
04. Picture This [add]
05. Tausend Sterne lyrics
06. Because of You [add]
07. Look to the Future [add]
08. Freakazoidz [add]
09. No Earthly Connection [add]
10. Skin to Skin [add]
11. Fame [add]
12. Your Lyin' Eyes [add]

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