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Faith & the Muse lyrics
Genre: Rock
Elyria (1996) 01. Elyria [add]
02. Sparks [add]
03. All Lovers Lost [add]
04. Interlude: Annabell [add]
05. Vervain [add]
06. The Unquiet Grave [add]
07. Iago's Demise [add]
08. Interlude: Maleficio [add]
09. When to Her Lute Corinna Sings [add]
10. Caesura [add]
11. The Trauma Coil [add]
12. Mercyground [add]
13. Heal [add]
14. Epilogue: Twilight [add]

Annwyn, Beneath the Waves (1996) 01. Annwyn, Beneath the Waves [add]
02. The Silver Circle [add]
03. Cantus [add]
04. The Dream of Macsen [add]
05. Fade and Remain [add]
06. Arianrhod [add]
07. Branwen Slayne [add]
08. Hob y Derri Dando [mix] [add]
09. Cernunnos [add]
10. The Hand of Man [add]
11. The Sea Angler [add]
12. The Birds of Rhiannon [add]
13. Rise and Forget [add]
14. Apparition [add]

Evidence of Heaven (1999) 01. Joy [add]
02. Scars Flown Proud [add]
03. Shattered in Aspect [add]
04. The Chorus of the Furies [add]
05. Patience Worth [add]
06. Dead Leaf Echo [add]
07. The Haunted Palace in 3 Acts: Porphyrogene [add]
08. The Haunted Palace in 3 Acts: Through the Pale Door [add]
09. The Haunted Palace in 3 Acts: And Laugh; But Smile No More [add]
10. The Haunted Palace in 3 Acts: Plague Dance [add]
11. The Haunted Palace in 3 Acts: Denn Die Todten Reiten Schnell [add]
12. The Haunted Palace in 3 Acts: Importune Me No More [add]
13. The Haunted Palace in 3 Acts: Reine la Belle [add]
14. The Haunted Palace in 3 Acts: Old Souls [add]

Vera Causa (2001) 01. Cantus [add]
02. Scars Flown Proud [add]
03. Sparks [add]
04. The Silver Circle [add]
05. All Lovers Lost / Arianrhod [add]
06. The Unquiet Grave [add]
07. Annwyn, Beneath the Waves [add]
08. Elyria [Toby Dammit Mix] [add]
09. Mercyground [add]
10. The Silver Circle [Gears and Teeth Mix] [add]
11. Shattered in Aspect [Bassx_Mix] [add]
12. The Sea Angler [Vast Ocean Mix] [add]
13. Scars Flown Proud [Hong Kong Hotel Mix] [add]
14. Porphyrogene [Laboratory X Version] [add]
15. Running Up That Hill [add]
16. Hollow Hills [add]
17. Soul in Isolation [add]
18. Romeo's Distress [add]
19. Drown [add]
20. Frater Ave Atque Vale [add]
21. Muted Land [add]
22. In Dreams of Mine [add]
23. A Winter Wassail [add]
24. Patience Worth [Piano Version] [add]
25. Annwyn, Beneath the Waves [add]
26. All Lovers Lost [add]
27. The Breath of a Kiss (Never Completed) [add]
28. Heal [Original Demo- Recorded on a 'Boombox'] [add]

The Burning Season (2003) 01. Bait & Switch [add]
02. Sredni Vashtar [add]
03. Boudiccea [add]
04. The Burning Season [add]
05. Whispered in Your Ear [add]
06. Gone to Ground [add]
07. Relic Song [add]
08. In the Amber Room [add]
09. Failure to Thrive [add]
10. Visions [add]
11. Prodigal [add]
12. Willow's Song [add]

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