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Christopher Franke lyrics
Genre: New Age
Pacific Coast Highway (1991) 01. Black Garden View [add]
02. Mountain Heights [add]
03. Lontano Mystery [add]
04. Big Sur Romance [add]
05. Driving into Blue [add]
06. Purple Waves [add]
07. Malibu Avenue [add]
08. Cinnamon City Cliff [add]
09. Wheels on Beach Park [add]
10. Sunset Destination [add]
11. Crystal Tree [add]
12. Electric Becomes Eclectic [add]

Universal Soldier (1992) 01. Vietnam Jungle [add]
02. The Explosion [add]
03. Unisols on Fire [add]
04. McGregor [add]
05. Grand Canyon [add]
06. I'm Already Dead [add]
07. The Truck [add]
08. Escape from Airfield [add]
09. Hoover Dam Takeover [add]
10. Security Deposit [add]
11. Going Home [add]
12. The Fight [add]
13. Back from Dead [add]
14. Finale [add]

New Music for Films, Vol. 1 (1993) 01. Main Title [add]
02. Big Country [add]
03. Dramatic Ride [add]
04. The Run [add]
05. Getting Ready to Attack [add]
06. Memories of Maria [add]
07. The Attack [add]
08. Will He Return? [add]
09. Quiet Ocean [add]
10. The Battle Begins [add]
11. The Victory [add]
12. Hidden Tears [add]
13. The Fight [add]
14. Romance Becomes Pain [add]
15. The Battle Continues [add]
16. Mysterious Discovery [add]
17. Lurking Shadow [add]
18. The Shock [add]
19. Dream Sequence [add]
20. Doomed [add]
21. Threatening [add]
22. Quiet Ocean Reprise [add]
23. Creepy [add]
24. Steven Stole It [add]

The London Concert [live] (1993) 01. Circular Signs Suite, Pt. I: Empire of Light [add]
02. Circular Signs Suite, Pt. II: Purple Waves [add]
03. Circular Signs Suite, Pt. III: Cloudburst Flight [add]
04. Circular Signs Suite, Pt. IV: Black Garden View [add]
05. Circular Signs Suite, Pt. V: Vermillion Sands [add]
06. Mountain Heights [add]
07. Dolphin Dance [*] [add]
08. Private Diaries [*] [add]

Babylon 5 (1995) 01. Chrysalis, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Chrysalis, Pt. 2 [add]
03. Chrysalis, Pt. 3 [add]
04. Chrysalis, Pt. 4 [add]
05. Mind War, Pt. 1 [add]
06. Mind War, Pt. 2 [add]
07. Parliament of Dreams, Pt. 1 [add]
08. Parliament of Dreams, Pt. 2 [add]
09. Parliament of Dreams, Pt. 3 [add]
10. Geometry of Shadows, Pt. 1 [add]
11. Geometry of Shadows, Pt. 2 [add]
12. Geometry of Shadows, Pt. 3 [add]

Klemania (1995) 01. Scattered Thoughts of a Canyon Flight [add]
02. Inside the Morphing Space [add]
03. Silent Waves [add]

Celestine Prophecy (1996) 01. The Celestine Theme [add]
02. Guided Dream to the Manuscript [add]
03. Viciente [add]
04. A Radiant Band of Light [add]
05. Jensen - The Energy Thief [add]
06. Mystical Experience on the Mountain [add]
07. The Mission of Father Sanchez [add]
08. Illumination [add]
09. Scene at the Crossroads [add]
10. The Quest for Unity [add]
11. Confrontation [add]
12. Mystery of the Ruins - Wil's Transfiguration [add]

Perry Rhodan Pax Terra (1996) 01. Bridge to Eternity lyrics
02. The Wonders of Estartu [add]
03. Atlan the Solitary Spirit of Time [add]
04. The Third Question [add]
05. Mountain of Creation [add]
06. Frost Ruby [add]
07. Bridge to Eternity [Single Cut] [add]

Raven (1996) 01. Raven Theme [add]
02. Wisdom of Love [add]
03. Island Spirit [add]
04. Don't Walk Away [add]
05. Change My Skin [add]
06. Palm Beach [add]
07. See the Light [add]
08. House of the Sun [add]
09. Haleakala [add]
10. Black Dragons [add]
11. Secret Memories [add]
12. Rain Forest Chase [add]
13. Mental Images [add]
14. The Yakuza [add]
15. Guardians of the Night [add]
16. Ski and the Big Kahuna [add]

Tenchi The Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love (1996) 01. Prologue [add]
02. The Opening [add]
03. The Rhythm of Couse and Effect [add]
04. First Encounter With Achika [add]
05. Operative a [add]
06. A Change in Tenchi [add]
07. The Future House [add]
08. Kain's Image Analyses [add]
09. Nobuyaki and Achika [add]
10. Ryoko's Chase [add]
11. Tenchi's Decision [add]
12. Achika and Tenchi [add]
13. Power Booster [add]
14. The Battle Against Kain [add]
15. Sadness [add]
16. Come to the Rescue [add]
17. The Power of Love [add]
18. Kain's Return [add]
19. Achika's Theme [add]
20. Epilogue [add]
21. Alchemy of Love [add]
22. Achika in Rage [*] [add]

Enchanting Nature (1996) 01. Gate of the Shimmering Cave [add]
02. Song of the Creek [add]
03. Dancing over Pools [add]
04. Celtic Mist [add]
05. When the Sun Loves Trees [add]
06. Silence of the Eclipse [add]
07. Stream Garden [add]
08. Purple Waves [add]
09. Malibu Trail [add]
10. Beach Park [add]
11. Big Sur Romance [add]
12. Silent Waves [add]
13. Woodland Watercolors [add]
14. Inside the Cave [add]

Babylon 5, Vol. 2: Messages from Earth (1997) 01. Main Title 1st Season [Extended] [add]
02. Messages from Earth [add]
03. Main Title 2nd Season [add]
04. Z'ha'dum [add]
05. Main Title 3rd Season [add]
06. Severed Dreams [add]
07. Main Title 4th Season [add]
08. Voices of Authority [add]

Pacific Blue (1997) 01. Main Theme: Just Another Day in L.A. lyrics
02. The Sky [add]
03. Anymore [add]
04. Mind's Eye [add]
05. In a Pot of Clay [add]
06. Turn to Stone [add]
07. Wicked Waves [add]
08. Runaway [add]
09. Dominique [add]
10. Over the Falls [add]
11. Black Sky [add]
12. T.C. and Chris Roll [add]
13. Palermo's Revenge [add]
14. Baby I'm Gone [add]
15. Blackbird [add]
16. We Do It Like This [add]
17. Victor Victorious [add]
18. Come Tuesday [add]
19. Venice Pier Strut [add]
20. Cory's Big Chase [add]
21. End Theme: Just Another Day in L.A. [add]

Transformation of Mind (1997) 01. Mind Space [add]
02. Lens of Perception [add]
03. Glory of Life [add]
04. Change the World [add]
05. Unconditional Love [add]
06. Object of Referral [add]
07. Magical Thinking [add]
08. All Pervasive [add]
09. The Natural Scheme of Things [add]

Babylon 5: Late Delivery from Avalon [Television Soundtrack] (1997) 01. Setting the Stage/Awakening/Main Title (With Narration) [add]
02. Franklin & Marcus/Transition/Arthur & Marcus, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Arthur & Marcus, Pt. 2/Arthur Gives In/Franklin & Arthur/Arthur ... [add]
04. G'kar Helps Arthur/"Sir" G'kar/Arthur's Story Told/G'kar Drunk/The ... [add]
05. Arthur Becomes David/The Lady of the Lake [add]
06. Arthur's Departure/Afterthoughts/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Shadow Dancing [Television Soundtrack] (1997) 01. Towards Fate/Delenn at the Gray Council/Advance Scut Mission/Main ... [add]
02. Marcus & Ivanova Depart/Garibaldi Worried/Franklin & Child/Ivanova ... [add]
03. Franklin Wounded/Shadow Scout Encounter/The Signal [add]
04. Countdown/The Grand Confrontation [add]
05. Emergency Treatment/What's Next/Recovery/Dream Interpretation [add]
06. I'm Anna Sheridan/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Walkabout [Television Soundtrack] (1997) 01. Where Is the Captain/Vorlon Ship Arrival/Main Title [With Narration] [add]
02. Swedish Meatballs/G'kar & Na'kal/The New Vorlon/Changing ... [add]
03. Sheridan & Lyta/Sheridan and the Vorlon Mystery/Good Bye/Caylin ... [add]
04. En Route/Caylin & Franklin/Lyta & Sheridan/Begin to Attack the Shadows [add]
05. Battle, Pt. 1/Battle, Pt. 2/Caylin Unconscious/Caylin Diagnosed [add]
06. Return/All of Me [add]

Babylon 5: Z'ha Dum [Television Soundtrack] (1997) 01. Destiny Awaits/Delenn at the Gray Council/Main Title [add]
02. G'kar & Ivanova/In Medlab/Sheridan Questions Delenn/Transitions in ... [add]
03. Anna Tells Her Story/Sheridan Gives in/Determined to Go [add]
04. Towards Z'ha'dum/Arrival on Z'ha'dum/Meeting the Enemy [add]
05. Into the Abyss [add]
06. Epilog/What the Future May Hold/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Face of the Enemy [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Medley: The War Continues/30 Pieces of Silver/Main Title [add]
02. Medley: Meet the Agamemnon/Telepath Cargo/Garibaldi's Message to ... [add]
03. Medley: Ivanova Warns Sheridan/Sheridan Departs for Earth/Lyta's ... [add]
04. Medley: Sheridan's Arrest/Edgar's Whole Truth/Bester Unlocks Garibaldi [add]
05. Medley: Garibaldi Downloaded/Bester's Whole Truth/Garibaldi Coming ... [add]
06. Medley: The Future Looming Ahead/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Into the Fire [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. A Human Strategy/Main Title [add]
02. No Two Cents for Chance/Bad News for Morden/An Undignified Position [add]
03. The Weapon of Patience/Blowing Up the Island [add]
04. A Wakeup Call/Calling in the First Ones/Vorions Spare Minbari [add]
05. The Cycle of History/Beyond the Rim [add]
06. The Dawning of the Third Age/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: No Surrender, No Retreat [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Enough Is Enough/Earth Stands Alone/Main Title [add]
02. Marcus en Route/Vir's Wakeup Call/Preparations for Battle [add]
03. Sheridan's Plan/Proxima III/Start Ground Attack/Londo and G'kar in ... [add]
04. Tensions Rising/The Battle Begins [add]
05. No Surrender, No Retreat [add]
06. Aftermath Moments/Winners and Losers/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Ragged Edge [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Medley: Get Ready for the Meeting/Transport Attacked/Main Title [add]
02. Medley: The Secret Around G'kar/Meeting in Sheridan's Office/Garib ... [add]
03. Medley: Garibaldi's Departure/Garibaldi Arrives at Drazi Homeworld [add]
04. Medley: Garibaldi in Trouble/G'kar Starts Teaching [add]
05. Medley: Londo Recognizes Button/G'kar About Londo/Franklin's Decision [add]
06. Medley: G'kar Teaches/Put Your Head in the Book/Garibaldi Is Drunk ... [add]

Babylon 5: The Fall of Night [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Good Shooting/Warning Signs/Main Title [add]
02. Big Space Introduction/Keffer on Bridge/Keffer and Mitch/Narn Ship Cont [add]
03. Silent Mysteries/G'Kar on His Way/The Nightwatch/Mission Explained [add]
04. On Location/History Unfolding/Space Battle [add]
05. Keefer Breaks Away/Kosh Unveiled [add]
06. Ivanova's Closing Statements/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: In the Beginning [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Opening/It Began 35 Earth Years Ago/Londo on Earth/Meet the Grey ... [add]
02. Londo Remembers/Grey Council in Session/Decision to Go/Dukhat & Kosk [add]
03. Minbari Attack/Troop Assembly/I'll See You Soon/Delenn in Her Quarters [add]
04. Franklin in Medlab/Franklin Arrested/Minbari Attack/Sheridan's Plan [add]
05. Destroy the Black Star/Londo About Interception/Centauri ... [add]
06. The War/President's Call/The Battle of the Line/Valen's ... [add]

Babylon 5: Chrysalis [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Into the Conference/Death of the Informant/Main Title [add]
02. Medlab/Jult Is Better/See You in an Hour/I Knew Him/Things to Come [add]
03. Believe Me/Send the Message/I Don't Like Where We Are Going/I ... [add]
04. He Wouldn't/I Do Not Have Much Time/There Is Someone Else/Cheers/Time [add]
05. Too Late/The Point of the Exercise/She Is Changing [add]
06. Transmission/Destiny/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Coming of Shadows [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Imperial Palace/Emperor's Exit/Request Denied/Main Title [add]
02. Doing Business/Preparing the Speech/G'kar Gets Ready [add]
03. Greeting the Emperor/Reflection on Life/G'kar's Will/Emperor Collapses [add]
04. Bad Timing/Apologies & Dreams/Shadow Attack/Toast to the ... [add]
05. Darkness Is Coming/Betrayal/G'kar's Defeat/Emperor's Last Wish/Emperor [add]
06. Take over Plan/Londo's Nightmare/Hello Old Friend/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Endgame [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Marcus on Death Watch/The Final Strike/Scouting Mars Together/Main ... [add]
02. Taking Mars Bunker/Captain's Final Breifing/Sheridan's Old Teacher [add]
03. Battle on Mars [add]
04. Awakening Telepath/Babylon 5 Medical Files [add]
05. Taking Back Earth [add]
06. Isn Jingle/Alien Healing Device/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Lines of Communication [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Isn Propaganda/Message from Mars/Bad Situation/Main Title [add]
02. Lines of Communication/An Independent Woman/How to Treat an Ex-Lover [add]
03. Concerns About Minbari/The Mars Conspiracy/Independence Promise/Mi ... [add]
04. Forell Takes over/Calls of Passion [add]
05. Skin Dancing/Drakhs Pay the Price [add]
06. War Room Turned Studio/All Hands Full/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Long Night [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Giants in the Playground/Conspiracy/Main Title [add]
02. Couch Conversation/A Soldier's Promise/The Throne Room/The ... [add]
03. Cartagian Justice/Cartagia Murdered [add]
04. Londo Prime Minister/Planet Killer at Work/Vir's Good Heart [add]
05. Anticipation of Natives/Explaining the Mission/Erikson's Special ... [add]
06. Narn Celebration/What G'kar Endured/Sheridan's Poem/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: War Without End, Vol. 1 [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Minbari Homeworld/Opening the Mystery Box/Main Title [add]
02. Sinclair Ship Ready/Return to the Beginning/Id Check/Epsilon 3 [add]
03. Delenn's Request/Vision of Destruction/Delenn's Explanation [add]
04. Sheridan's Reaction/Delenn Convinces/Sinclair's ... [add]
05. Time Travel/Shodow Bomb/Interception/Sheridan Captured [add]
06. Delenn Worried/No Doubts/Londo's Revenge/Tradtion/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: War Without End, Vol. 2 [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Looking Back/Sheridan's Arrest/Freeze/Main Title [add]
02. Sheridan Lost in Time/Delenn in Love/Delenn Leaves [add]
03. Londo's Reception/Londo's Fate Revealed/Unfinished Business/Sheridan's [add]
04. Time Travel Arrival/Time Flash/Old Crew Approach/Zathras Arrested [add]
05. Babylon 4 Transfer/Zathra's Revelation/Let's Go Home [add]
06. Sinclair's Transition/Valen Appears/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi [Television Soundtrack] (1998) 01. Fraklin's Log/Sheridan, the Living Dead/Main Title [add]
02. Between Moments/Tic Toc/Bar Source/G'kar Picks a Fight/Delenn's Grief [add]
03. Hiding Place/Friendship/Marcus Investigates/Tape Confessions/G'kar ... [add]
04. Delenn Addresses Rangers/G'kar, the Present [add]
05. G'kar & Londo Bargain/The First One [add]
06. Lorien's Explanation/Lorien's Advice/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Thirdspace [Television Soundtrack] (1999) 01. Battle to Survive/Back to the Station/Telepathic Mindflash/Vision of a [add]
02. The Monstrous Artifact Arrives/Truth Is Inconvenient/There Is ... [add]
03. Bots Destroyed/You Have to Stop It/Lyta's History/A Distant ... [add]
04. Activated Artifact/Under Outside Control/Launch the Fighters/The ... [add]
05. Mobilization/Start the Attack/Vir's Fight/Inside the Artifact/Sheridan [add]

Babylon 5: Darkness Ascending [Television Soundtrack] (1999) 01. Garibaldi's Nightmare/Main Title [add]
02. Lise Surprises Garibaldi/Lennier's Secret Report/Lyta's Offer ... [add]
03. I'm Tired of Being Controlled/I Just Wanted to Protect You [add]
04. Lennier Follows a Signal/Lyta Offers G'kar a Deal/Garibaldi and ... [add]
05. He's Not Dead/Londo and Vir Get Briefed/Recording Centauri Attack [add]
06. He Is Alive/We Will Be at War/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Falling Towards Apotheosis [Television Soundtrack] (1999) 01. Our Greatest Enemy Is Fear/Main Title [add]
02. Garibaldi Reviews Videos/Garibaldi Is Concerned/Cartagia's Madness [add]
03. Garibaldi's Physical Exam/Interplanetary Emergency/A Reason to ... [add]
04. The Team Enters Kosh's Quarters/The Vorton Fights Back/Team Retreat/Fi ... [add]
05. Light Against Darkness/G'kar's Execution Scheduled [add]
06. Gathering of the Fleet/The Engagement Ring/G'kar Loses His Eye/End ... [add]

Babylon 5: Objects at Rest [Television ... (1999) 01. Opening Objects at Rest/Sheridan and Lochley Say Good-Bye/Message from [add]
02. G'kar's Emotional Address/Franklin Is About to Leave/Lennier's ... [add]
03. Rumors/Word Good-Bye/One Last Look at the Place/Danger and Betrayal [add]
04. Desperation/Minbar-The New Home [add]
05. Delenn and Londo's Moment/Londo's Sealed Gift/Modesty/Dark Secrets ... [add]
06. Sheridan's Message/Talking to the Unborn/Delenn and Sheridan/End Title [add]

Babylon 5: Sleeping in Light [Television Soundtrack] (1999) 01. Sheridan's Dream [add]
02. Sunrise [add]
03. I Have a Message [add]
04. Come to Minbar [add]
05. How Long Do I Have? [add]
06. Old Friends [add]
07. I Am Going to Miss Him [add]
08. Sheridan's Last Wish [add]
09. It's Sunday on Earth [add]
10. Goodnight, My Love [add]
11. Only Memory [add]
12. Computer... Set Course [add]
13. The White Light [add]
14. Echoes from the Past [add]
15. Dying Station [add]
16. Delenn's Sunrise [add]
17. End Title [add]

Epic (1999) 01. A Radiant Band of Light [add]
02. Morphing Space [add]
03. Mental Images [add]
04. Malibu Avenue [add]
05. Love Scene [add]
06. Dance Lesson [add]
07. Woodland Watercolors [add]
08. Flower Hill Trail [add]
09. Viciente [add]
10. Morning Ride [add]
11. Sensual Persuasion [add]
12. Silent Waves [add]
13. Haleakala [add]
14. Illumination [add]
15. Sunset Destination [add]
16. Mind Space [add]
17. Stream Garden [add]
18. Finale [add]

Babylon 5: River of Souls [Television Soundtrack] (1999) 01. The River of Souls/Discovey/Under Attack/Wonderful Day/Eye ... [add]
02. Babylon 5 Sweep/Garibaldi's Ulimatum/Love Bat/First Contact/Meanwhile, [add]
03. Bryson and Garibaldi/Soul Hunters/The Lost Souls of Ralga/Grave ... [add]
04. A Long Night/Back to the Holobrothel/Scissorhands/Rage Unleashed/Lochley [add]
05. Defense Activated/"You Made a Mistake"/Outside Manifestation/Lochley f [add]
06. Take Action/Approach Bryson/"On the Other Hand"/Soul Hunter's ... [add]

New Music for Films, Vol. 2 (2000) 01. Opening [add]
02. Morning Ride [add]
03. Attack on the Village [add]
04. Damaged Goods [add]
05. Jane's Arrival [add]
06. The Dam Breaks [add]
07. Broken Dreams [add]
08. Escape [add]
09. A New Friendship [add]
10. The Chase [add]
11. Deadly Flight [add]
12. Near Death [add]
13. Dance Lesson [add]
14. The Race [add]
15. Fight for Opar [add]
16. Finale [add]

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