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Harold Budd lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
The Pavilion of Dreams (1978) 01. Bismillahi 'Rrahmani 'Rrahim [add]
02. Two Songs: Let Us Go into the House of the Lord/Butterfly Sunday [add]
03. Madrigals of the Rose Angel: Rosetti Noise/The Crystal Garden and a Co [add]
04. Juno [add]

Ambient 2: The Plateaux of Mirror (1980) 01. First Light [add]
02. Steal Away [add]
03. The Plateaux of Mirror [add]
04. Above Chiangmai [add]
05. An Arc of Doves [add]
06. Not Yet Remembered [add]
07. The Chill Air [add]
08. Among Fields of Crystal [add]
09. Wind in Lonely Fences [add]
10. Failing Light [add]

The Pearl (1984) 01. Late October [add]
02. A Stream With Bright Fish [add]
03. The Silver Ball [add]
04. Against the Sky [add]
05. Lost in the Humming Air [add]
06. Dark-Eyed Sister [add]
07. Their Memories [add]
08. The Pearl [add]
09. Foreshadowed [add]
10. An Echo of Night [add]
11. Still Return [add]

Lovely Thunder (1986) 01. The Gunfighter [add]
02. Sandtreader [add]
03. Ice Floes in Eden [add]
04. Olancha Farewell [add]
05. Flowered Knife Shadows [add]
06. Valse Pour le Fin du Temps [add]
07. Gypsy Violin [add]

The White Arcades (1988) 01. The White Arcades [add]
02. Balthus Bemused by Color [add]
03. The Child with a Lion [add]
04. The Real Dream of Sails [add]
05. Algebra of Darkness [add]
06. Totems of the Red-Sleeved Warrior [add]
07. The Room [add]
08. Coyote [add]
09. The Kiss [add]

By the Dawn's Early Light (1991) 01. Aztec Hotel (Poem) [add]
02. Boy About 10 [add]
03. Arcadia [add]
04. Dead Horse Alive with Flies [add]
05. The Photo of Santiago McKinn [add]
06. The Corpse at the Shooting Gallery [add]
07. Albion Farewell [Homage to DeLius, For Gavin Bryars] [add]
08. Distant Lights of Olancha Recede (Poem) [add]
09. Down the Slopes to the Meadow [For Ruben Garcia] [add]
10. She Dances by the Light of the Silvery Moon [add]
11. Blind Bird [add]
12. Saint's Name Spoken [add]
13. The Place of Dead Roads [add]
14. A Child in a Sylvan Field [add]
15. Boy About 10 (Poem) [add]
16. Wings (Poem) [add]
17. No Name (Poem) [add]
18. Advent (Poem) [add]

Music for 3 Pianos (1993) 01. Pulse - Pause - Repeat [add]
02. La Muchacha de Los Suenos Dorados [add]
03. Iris [add]
04. Somos Tres [add]
05. The Messenger [add]
06. La Casa Bruja [add]

She Is a Phantom [live] (1994) 01. Breathless... [I] [add]
02. Pantomime... [add]
03. The False Attribution... [add]
04. Nearly Awakened [add]
05. Tiny Hands, Big Ideas. [add]
06. Emboldened/My Dreams Perish. [add]
07. A Lazy Smile... [add]
08. I Blink and She's Gone. [add]
09. We Step Across... [add]
10. Like Perfume... [add]
11. Handsome; the Spineless... [add]
12. Laurel [add]
13. She's by the Window. [add]
14. Angels Alight.... [add]
15. She Has the Glassy... [add]
16. Breathless... [II] [add]
17. And Then I Alone Am Alone. [add]
18. In Delius' Sleep [add]

Glyph (1995) 01. Pandas in Tandem [add]
02. You and Me Against the Sky [add]
03. And Then She Stepped Aside [add]
04. Around the Corner from Everywhere [add]
05. Gorgon's Anxious Pansy [add]
06. Johnny Cake [add]
07. Reflected in the Eye of a Dragon Fly [add]
08. As Fast as I Could Look Away She Was Still There [add]
09. Autre Django [add]
10. The Aperture [add]
11. The Light Gave Us Away [add]

Luxa (1996) 01. Butterflies with Tits: Niki D. [add]
02. Butterflies with Tits: A Sidelong Glance from My Round Nefertiti [add]
03. Butterflies with Tits: Agnes Martin [add]
04. Butterflies with Tits: Anish Kapoor [add]
05. Butterflies with Tits: Paul McCarthy [add]
06. Butterflies with Tits: Serge Poliakoff [add]
07. Inexact Shadows: Djinn [add]
08. Inexact Shadows: Poryphry [add]
09. Inexact Shadows: How Dark the Response to Our Slipping Away [add]
10. Smoke Trees: Nove Alberi [add]
11. Smoke Trees: Chet [add]
12. Smoke Trees: Mandan [add]
13. Smoke Trees: Feral [add]
14. Smoke Trees: Grace [add]
15. Laughing Innuendos: Marion Brown (Sweet Earth Flying) [add]
16. Laughing Innuendos: Steven Brown (Pleasure) [add]

Walk into My Voice: American Beat Poetry (1998) 01. Radiant Opal [add]
02. Becoming Visible [add]
03. Beyond This Veil of Crystal Rails [add]
04. To Begin Then Not Now [add]
05. Interlude 1 [add]
06. Harlow and the Kid [add]
07. Kiss [add]
08. Revelation [add]
09. Note [add]
10. Sparrow [add]
11. Interlude 2 [add]
12. Do I Not Deal With Angels [add]
13. Be Music, Night [add]
14. The Sea Is Awash With Roses [add]
15. This Room Has Mystery Like a Trance [add]
16. Fall of the Evening Star [add]
17. Beautiful You Are [add]
18. Interlude 3 [add]
19. Neon Thunder Dreams [add]
20. Interlude 4 [add]
21. Cancion [add]
22. Talk in the Dark [add]
23. Post Card [add]
24. Interlude 5 [add]
25. Dove Sta Amore [add]
26. Peacocks Walked [add]
27. The Wonded Wilderness of Morris Graves [add]
28. Interlude 6 [add]
29. Long Stemmed [add]
30. Amaryllis [add]
31. Interlude 7 [add]
32. To Begin Then Not Now [Alternate Mix] [add]
33. Postlude [add]

The Room (2000) 01. The Room of Ancillary Dreams [add]
02. The Room of Oracles [add]
03. The Room of Stairs [add]
04. The Room of Corners [add]
05. The Room Alight [add]
06. The Candied Room [add]
07. The Room of Mirrors [add]
08. The Room Obscured [add]
09. The Room of Forgotten Children [add]
10. The Room of Accidental Gometry [add]
11. The Room of Secondary Light [add]
12. The Flowered Room [add]
13. The Room [add]

La Bella Vista (2003) 01. Bell Tower [add]
02. Campanile [add]
03. The Rose [add]
04. Stones [add]
05. Her Face [add]
06. Children's Games Beyond Our Reach [add]
07. The Avenue [add]
08. Bird Charmer [add]
09. Other Flowers [add]
10. Il Leopardo Delle Nevi [add]

Avalon Sutra/As Long As I Can Hold My Breath (2005) 01. Arabesque 3 [add]
02. It's Steeper Near the Roses (For David Sylvian) [add]
03. L' Enfant Perdu [add]
04. Chrysalis Nu (To Barney's Memory) [add]
05. Three Faces West (Billy Al Bengston's) [add]
06. Arabesque 2 [add]
07. Little Heart [add]
08. How Vacantly You Stare at Me [add]
09. A Walk in the Park With Nancy (In Memory) [add]
10. Rue Casmir Delavigne (For Daniel Lentz) [add]
11. Arabesque 1 [add]
12. Porcelain Ginger [add]
13. Faraon [add]
14. As Long As I Can Hold My Breath [add]
15. As Long As I Can Hold My Breath (By Night) [add]

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