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Genre: Electronica
Soundworx Session, Vol. 2 (2001) 01. Back to the Music [Tough and Twisted Mix] [add]
02. People Don't Know [add]
03. Come With Me [Dark Mix] [add]
04. Get Ur Freak On [Superchumbo's Superfreakon Remix] [add]
05. Parada [add]
06. Jack Ya'self [2001 Jack] [add]
07. Hausjam [add]
08. Pray [add]
09. The Sea [add]
10. Remainings III [DK Remix] [add]
11. Loving You [Cf's 2001 Summer Mix] [add]
12. Intermede [the Beloved 'Girl Interrupted' Mix] [add]
13. Loose Leaves [Bryan Robson 4/4 Mix] [add]
14. Loose Leaves [Illitron Remix] [add]

These Beats Are... (2004) 01. I Need Somebody [add]
02. In Stereo [add]
03. La Zonca Blanca [add]
04. This Beat Is [Peace Division Mix] [add]
05. Demented (Or Just Crazy) [add]
06. Mochico 7.5 (Eddie's la Beatdown) [add]
07. Laugh [add]
08. Corruption [add]
09. What Is This Sound? [Superchumbo Wow Dub] [add]
10. Shakedown [Superchumbo Mix] [add]
11. Murder Was the Bass [add]
12. Take a Walk on the House Side [Ambassador Mix] [add]
13. Moroccan Chant [Eric Powell Mix] [add]
14. Space Ride [add]
15. Work These Speakers [add]
16. Peace [Justin Drake Mix] [add]

Let's Go Chumbo (2006) 01. Lose Control [add]
02. Affirmative [add]
03. Who Stole the Soul (Original Weed Mix) [add]
04. Into the Drum [add]
05. My Club [add]
06. Frenzy (Superchumbo Mix) [add]
07. Fever's Coming [add]
08. Work Me/Big Room Drama (Accapella) [add]
09. Control (Armand Pena Mix) [add]
10. Dog (Hector Fonseca Mix) [add]
11. Excerpts from a World Heartbeat [add]
12. High Voltage [add]
13. Dog (Orginal Obedience Mix) [add]
14. Body Jack (DJ Delicous Mix) [add]
15. Fickle Heart [add]
16. Earthquake [add]
17. Control I'm Here (Superchumbo Dub) [add]
18. German Bodymachine [add]
19. Next One [add]
20. Minimal (Superchumbo Dub) [add]
21. Body Resonance [add]
22. Little Doll Chaos Pounce Upon Assault Reverberation [add]
23. Can U Feel It (Angel Manuel Mix)/The Underground (Accapella) [add]
24. Sudoku [add]

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