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Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine lyrics
Genre: Rock
101 Damnations (1990) 01. The Road to Domestos [add]
02. Everytime a Churchbell Rings [add]
03. 24 Minutes from Tulse Hill [add]
04. An All American National Sport lyrics
05. Sheriff Fatman lyrics
06. The Taking of Peckham 123 [add]
07. Crimestoppers A Go Go [add]
08. Good Grief Charlie Brown lyrics
09. Midnight on the Murder Mile [add]
10. A Perfect Day to Drop the Bomb [add]
11. G.I. Blues [add]

30 Something (1991) 01. Surfin' Usm lyrics
02. Second to Last Will and Testament [add]
03. Anytime Anyplace Anywhere lyrics
04. A Prince in a Pauper's Grave [add]
05. Shoppers' Paradise lyrics
06. Billy's Smart Circus lyrics
07. Bloodsport for All [add]
08. Sealed With a Glasgow Kiss [add]
09. Say It With Flowers lyrics
10. Falling on a Bruise [add]
11. The Final Comedown lyrics

1992: The Love Album (1992) 01. 1993 [add]
02. Is Wrestling Fixed? [add]
03. The Only Living Boy in New Cross [add]
04. Suppose You Gave a Funeral and Nobody Came [add]
05. England lyrics
06. Do Re Me, So Far So Good [add]
07. Look Mum, No Hands! [add]
08. While You Were Out lyrics
09. Skywest and Crooked [add]
10. The Impossible Dream lyrics

Post Historic Monsters (1994) 01. 2 Million Years B.C. [add]
02. The Music That Nobody Likes lyrics
03. Mid Day Crisis lyrics
04. Cheer Up, It Might Never Happen [add]
05. Stuff the Jubilee! [add]
06. A Bachelor for Baden Powell [add]
07. Spoilsports Personality of the Year [add]
08. Suicide Isn't Painless lyrics
09. Being Here lyrics
10. Evil lyrics
11. Commercial Fucking Suicide, Pt. 1 [add]
12. Sing Fat Lady Sing lyrics
13. Travis lyrics
14. Lean on Me I Won't Fall Over [add]
15. Lenny and Terence [Sexy Daytime Radio Mix] [add]
16. Under the Thumb and Over the Moon [add]

Worry Bomb (1995) 01. Cheap 'N' Cheesy [add]
02. Airplane Food/Airplane Fast Food [add]
03. The Young Offender's Mum lyrics
04. Gas (Man) [add]
05. The Life and Soul of the Party Dies [add]
06. My Defeatist Attitude [add]
07. Worry Bomb [add]
08. Senile Delinquent [add]
09. Me and Mr. Jones [add]
10. Let's Get Tattoos [add]
11. Going Straight [add]
12. God, Saint Peter and the Guardian Angel [add]
13. The Only Looney Left in Town [add]
14. Cease Fire [add]

World Without Dave (1997) 01. Broken Down in Broken Town [add]
02. A World Without Dave [add]
03. Before the War [add]
04. Nowhere Fast [add]
05. Johnny Cash [add]
06. And God Created Brixton [add]
07. Stand Up and Be Counted [add]
08. Negative Equitey [add]
09. Road Rage [add]

I Blame the Government (1998) 01. The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time [add]
02. 23:59 End of the World [add]
03. Sunshine [add]
04. The Undertaker and the Hippy Protest Singer [add]
05. Sweetheart Sugar Baby [add]
06. Growing Old Disgracefully [add]
07. The Man Who Bought the World [add]
08. Winning the War [add]
09. I Blame the Government [add]
10. Citizen's Band Radio [add]
11. Psycho Bill [add]
12. Closedown [add]
13. Girls Can Keep a Secret [add]

Live (2000) 01. 24 Minutes from Tulse Hill [Norwich Waterfront 26/4/92] [add]
02. Rubbish [Norwich Waterfront 26/4/92] [add]
03. Do Re Me (So Far So Good) [add]
04. Anytime Anyplace Anywhere [Norwich Waterfront 26/4/92] [add]
05. A Prince in a Pauper's Grave [Norwich Waterfront 26/4/92] [add]
06. A Perfect Day to Drop the Bomb [Glastonbury Festival 26/6/92] [add]
07. Say It with Flowers [XFM 13/6/93] [add]
08. Rent [XFM 13/6/93] [add]
09. Cheer Up, It Might Never Happen [Portsmouth Guildhall 19/10/93] [add]
10. The Taking of Peckham 123 [Portsmouth Guildhall 19/10/93] [add]
11. Lenny and Terence [add]
12. Suicide Isn't Painless [Portsmouth Guildhall 19/10/93] [add]
13. Growing Old Disgracefully [add]
14. Elvis Lives and Carterbreakamerica [add]
15. Airplane Food [add]
16. Let's Get Tattos [add]
17. The Model [add]

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