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Genre: Rock
The Penthouse Suite [live] (2000) 01. Blow Up [add]
02. Starting Too Slow [add]
03. Love the Life [add]
04. It's Your World [add]
05. Green Onions [add]
06. Black Gun [add]
07. Fourth Dimension [add]
08. Mrs. Robinson [add]
09. Hope and Pray [add]
10. Summer Fantasy [add]
11. Selectivity [add]
12. In the Hand of the Inevitable [add]
13. Haitian Breakdown/Starsky and Hutch [add]

(A Few Useful Tips About) Living Underground (2000) 01. Selectivity [add]
02. Creation (Fanfare for a 3rd Millennium) [add]
03. Staying Active [add]
04. It's Your World [add]
05. Theme From Dirty Harry [add]
06. Summer Fantasy [add]
07. Don't Let Money Be Your God [add]
08. Nutrition [add]
09. Serenity [add]
10. Check It Out [add]
11. Grass Is Not Greener [add]

Check It Out (2001) 01. Mrs. Robinson [add]
02. Redneck [add]
03. Black Gun [live] [add]
04. Whole Lotta Love [add]
05. Summer Fantasy [add]
06. Good Thing [add]
07. It's Your World [add]
08. Selectivity [add]
09. Love the Life [live] [add]
10. Untitled No. 1 [add]
11. Check It Out [add]
12. Journey [add]
13. In the Hand of the Inevitable [add]
14. The Stooge [add]
15. Starting Too Slow [live] [add]
16. Europa [add]
17. Mile Island [add]
18. One Way Street [add]
19. Let's Get Together [add]
20. Green Onions [live] [add]
21. Staying Active [add]
22. Don't Let Money Be Your God [add]
23. Creation [add]
24. Keep the Dream Alive [add]
25. Hope and Pray [live] [add]
26. Untitled No. 2 [add]
27. Fourth Dimension [add]
28. Martian Earthwatch [add]
29. Free Your Mind [add]
30. Haitian Breakdown/Starsky and Hutch [add]

James Taylor Quartet: Live (2001) 01. Blow Up [add]
02. Starting Too Slow [add]
03. Fourth Dimension [add]
04. I Hope I Pray [add]
05. Selectivity [add]
06. Green Onions [add]
07. Summer Fantasy [add]
08. Black Gun [add]
09. Love the Life [add]
10. Whole Lotta Love [add]
11. In the Hand of the Inevitable [add]
12. Haitian Breakdown/Starsky and Hutch [add]

Message from the Godfather (2001) 01. Side Stepping [add]
02. Chalkpit [add]
03. Message from the Godfather [add]
04. Who Put a Hole in My Head [add]
05. Splat [add]
06. Willma Will [add]
07. Tough Chicken [add]
08. Isabella Boogaloo [add]
09. Me Che Cosa? [add]
10. When in Rome [add]

Hammond-Ology (2001) 01. Blow Up [add]
02. Mission Impossible [add]
03. Car Chase [add]
04. The Spyder [add]
05. Theme from Starsky and Hutch [add]
06. Jungle Strut [add]
07. Indian Summer [add]
08. It Doesn't Matter [add]
09. Breakout [add]
10. Down by the River [add]
11. Grooving Home [add]
12. Love the Life [add]
13. Killing Time [add]
14. Shelter [add]
15. Hope and Pray [add]
16. Theme from the Tomorrow People [add]
17. Higher World [add]
18. See a Brighter Day [add]
19. Love the Life [Revisited Edit] [add]
20. Stepping into My Life [add]
21. The Vanishing Point [add]
22. Europa [add]
23. Love Will Keep Us Together [Ian Green Radio Mix] [add]
24. Whole Lotta Love [add]
25. In the Hand of the Inevitable [add]
26. Creation (Fanfare For a 3rd Millenium) [add]
27. Theme from Dirty Harry [add]
28. Austin's Theme [From Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery] [add]
29. Valhalla [add]
30. Leads Me Back to You [add]
31. Decoding the Pyramids [add]
32. Mr C. [add]
33. Senouci [add]
34. Faster Pussycat [add]
35. Message from Sicily [add]

Room at the Top (2002) 01. Mr. Bridger Said So [add]
02. Message from Sicily [add]
03. Stop! [add]
04. Daydream No. 9 [add]
05. Show Me All Your Colours [add]
06. Black Tuesday [add]
07. Lausanne Revisited [add]
08. Still Got Your Sense of Humour Jack [add]
09. South to Perpignon [add]
10. Free [add]
11. Batten Down the Hatches [add]
12. Farewell Canale Grande [add]
13. Dark Forest [add]
14. Full Moon [add]
15. Sweet Lover [add]

The Oscillator (2005) 01. Jesus Christ Superstar [add]
02. Evil Thoughts [add]
03. Man from the Moon [add]
04. Bossaoscillator [add]
05. The Obsession [add]
06. The Exorcism [add]
07. Jim's Semolina [add]
08. Big Foot [add]
09. Elle [add]

Picking Up Where We Left Off (2007) 01. Picking Up Where We Left Off [add]
02. Boot Up [add]
03. Easy Time [add]
04. Mr Z [add]
05. Never in My Wildest Dreams [add]
06. Acorn [add]
07. Showdown [add]
08. Dead Leg [add]
09. French Quarter Strut [add]
10. Like a Fool [add]
11. Mincemeat [add]
12. Specialplusextra [add]

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