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Genre: Electronica
Underground Assault (1998) 01. Open Your Mind [DJ Quicksilver Mix] [add]
02. Tha Wildstyle [Klubbheads Hardstyle] [add]
03. Who Wants to Be Your Lover [DJ's Rule Fire Island Dub] [add]
04. You're Mine [Tribal Trip] [add]
05. Don't Go Breaking My Heart [No Time for Cox Dub] [add]
06. One of Us [Hard-house Dub] [add]
07. Sinful Wishes [Stickmen Phunky Groove Mix] [add]
08. Voo-Doo Believe? [Ralphi's Main Dub] [add]
09. Be My Baby [mix] [add]
10. Funk Like Dat [Club Mix] [add]
11. Into the Night [The Barry Harris Mix] [add]
12. I Never Needed [Hysteria Severe Dub] [add]
13. Be My Baby [version] [add]
14. E-Dreams [Bootleg Mix] [add]
15. Why'd Ya Let Her [Tribal Queen Mix] [add]

Club Series (1998) 01. Intro [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
02. Laughing Irena [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
03. Tetris '98 [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
04. Stomp [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
05. Buda [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
06. Acid Beating [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
07. A Unique Form of Music [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
08. Bite Me [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
09. Jack Endlessly [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
10. Another One [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
11. Hocus Pocus '98 [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
12. Shake [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
13. Let Your Mind Be Free [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
14. Let Me Hit It [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
15. Hands in the Air [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
16. Hardcore [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
17. The Love I Lost [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
18. Jack Goes On [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
19. Headbangers [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
20. Take Me Up [DJ Irene's Mix] [add]
21. Intro [Laura B's Mix] [add]
22. Butta [Laura B's Mix] [add]
23. Body Groove [Laura B's Mix] [add]
24. Shake It [Laura B's Mix] [add]
25. Anotha One [Laura B's Mix] [add]
26. Take Me Up [Laura B's Mix] [add]
27. Let Your Mind Be Free [Laura B's Mix] [add]
28. Get Down [Laura B's Mix] [add]
29. Hands in the Air [Laura B's Mix] [add]
30. Stomp [Laura B's Mix] [add]
31. Hardcore [Laura B's Mix] [add]
32. Factory [Laura B's Mix] [add]
33. Shake [Laura B's Mix] [add]
34. I Want You Girl [Laura B's Mix] [add]
35. The Love I Lost [Laura B's Mix] [add]
36. Headbangers [Laura B's Mix] [add]
37. My Baby Wants to Ride [Laura B's Mix] [add]
38. The Grind [Laura B's Mix] [add]
39. Pick of the Club [Laura B's Mix] [add]

UC98 (1998) 01. TKC Mega Mix Intro [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
02. I Dominate Break Loops [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
03. Stomp [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
04. Groove 2 da Beat [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
05. Hands in the Air [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
06. On the Floor [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
07. Da Hard Beats [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
08. Jump up and Down [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
09. Take Me Up [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
10. Switch [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
11. Sample Junky [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
12. Let Your Mind Be Free [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
13. Put Your Hands Up [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
14. Musica del Futuro [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
15. Basement Party [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
16. Headbangers [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
17. Buda [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
18. Makin' U Bounce [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
19. F#@Kin up Your Audio [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
20. Caramelo [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
21. Minimal Madness [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
22. Snap [To Kool Chris Mix] [add]
23. DJ Irene (Intro) [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
24. Weatha Beatin Hoochie Bitch [add]
25. Scratch [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
26. Gangsta Boogie [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
27. Can't Forget the Hard Mix [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
28. Hardcore [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
29. Bang Those Drums [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
30. Makin' U Bounce [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
31. Funk Sol Brotha [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
32. Funk Box Vol. 1 [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
33. You Better Walk [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
34. Put Your Hands Up [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
35. Laughing Irena [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
36. Minimal Madness [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
37. Da Hard Beats [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
38. Tonight [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
39. This Freaky Thing [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
40. Sample Junky [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
41. Inside My Mind [DJ Irene Mix] [add]
42. Groove to This [DJ Irene Mix] [add]

Club Series, Vol. 2 (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. How Many Party [add]
03. He Is My DJ [add]
04. Diss U '98 [add]
05. Funky Ass Beat [add]
06. Bass Killer [add]
07. Activate [add]
08. Noisy Bass [add]
09. In My House [add]
10. I Can't Go for It [add]
11. Give It 2 U Raw [add]
12. Pump up the Bass [add]
13. Open Your Mind Intro [add]
14. Cro-Magnon (What About Our Love) [add]
15. Fun [add]
16. I Can't Get No Sleep [add]
17. Sunday Morning [add]
18. Intro [add]
19. Vol. 1 [add]
20. Psycho [add]
21. The Hard Clown [add]
22. Hood Rats to Supermodels [add]
23. War "RX" [add]
24. More [add]
25. Another Dimension [add]
26. Turn It Up [add]
27. Delirium [add]
28. Fright Train [add]
29. Nightmare [add]
30. No Other Way [add]
31. Pick Me Up [add]
32. Are You Ready [add]
33. Go Speed [add]

Audio Underground (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Da Bass [add]
03. Keep the Party Pumpin [add]
04. Hard Style [add]
05. Da Underground [add]
06. R U Ready [add]
07. Rocket Launcher 2001 [add]
08. To My People [add]
09. Kick It Loud [add]
10. Blood Is Pumpin' [add]
11. Kernkraft 400 [Dave Clarke Mix] [add]
12. Sandstorm [add]
13. I Feel for You [Czr's Peak Hour Remix] [add]
14. I Want You [add]
15. Aha [add]
16. Trachade [add]
17. My Feeling [add]
18. Grand Rapids [add]
19. We Play Music [Bassbin Twins Tall Towers Re-Dub] [add]
20. Dooms Night [Timo Maas Remix] [add]
21. Taatuu [add]
22. Do What You Want [add]
23. Blue Skyes [add]
24. 1999 [add]
25. Infinity [add]
26. Silence [DJ Tiesto Remix] [add]

Global House Diva, Vol. 2: Live in Ibiza (2001) 01. "For My Peeps Who Like It Hard" Intro [add]
02. Freestyle Flow [add]
03. Turn It Up [add]
04. Real Freaks [add]
05. Phatt Move [add]
06. Bam [Original Mix] [add]
07. I Wanna [add]
08. Action [add]
09. Track 3 [add]
10. It's Yours [add]
11. This Is a Test [add]
12. Star 69 [add]
13. Into Space [add]
14. Heaven Scent [Original Mix] [add]
15. Exhale [add]
16. Sunrise (Here I Am) [add]
17. Tenshi [add]
18. Here With Me [add]
19. Melancholy Rose [add]
20. Innocente [DJ Tiesto Remix] [add]
21. You're the Worst Thing for Me [DJ Irene & P.H.D. Evolution Remix] [add]
22. Ibiza (Intro) [add]
23. Night Out [add]
24. Bring in the Funk [add]
25. Feel tha Phunk [add]
26. Higher [Tony B Remix] [add]
27. Space Invaders, Pt. 2 [add]
28. Happy People [add]
29. Another Chance [add]
30. Finally [add]
31. Real Close [add]

Phonosynthesis (2002) 01. You Wanna Suck Intro [add]
02. Acid Eaterz [add]
03. Chainsaw [the Crow Remix] [add]
04. Back to Earth [Hardcore Club Remix] [add]
05. Whiplash [Bad Habit Boys Mix] [add]
06. The Freight Train [add]
07. The Chopper [add]
08. What Time Is It? [add]
09. O (Overdrive) [Original Mix] [add]
10. Exploration of Space [add]
11. Infected [Original Mix] [add]
12. Temple of Dreams [Dirt Devil Remix] [add]
13. Wobble [add]
14. Dark Shape [add]
15. Blue Mystique [add]
16. Street Light Special [add]
17. Special [add]
18. Shake It Up [add]
19. Shea Niek [M. Shea Niek Remix] [add]
20. Everybody [add]
21. Disco Shift [add]
22. Waste My Time [add]
23. Cookie Dough Dynamo /Cookie Dough Dynamo ... [Spank the Pussy Remix/Cookie Dough Dynamo] [add]
24. Blazzin' [add]
25. I Believe [add]
26. Longtime [add]
27. In the Beginning [Ferry Corsten Remix] [add]
28. Urban Train [Cosmic Gate Remix] [add]
29. Resurrection [Space Club Mix] [add]

Fearless (2003) 01. Seduction [add]
02. Annihilating Rhythm, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Krawl [add]
04. 48 Hours [add]
05. Requiem [add]
06. Acceleration [add]
07. Summer Is Calling [add]
08. Caligula [add]
09. Play With the Pain [add]
10. Tainted Love [add]
11. Cool World [add]
12. Hide U [add]
13. Invading Privately [add]
14. DJ Irene Blue'z [add]
15. Funk 4 Fun [add]
16. The Beat Goes On [R. Sanchez Remix] [add]
17. Release [add]
18. Gula-Matari [add]
19. Careless Whisper [South East Players Remix] [add]
20. Ultra [add]
21. Rock U [add]
22. Some Lovin' [Dino Lenny & Doria RMX] [add]
23. The Prophet [Sabata Remix] [add]
24. Bullet in the Gun [03 Hixxy Mix] [add]
25. Consequence [Benicio Remix] [add]
26. Somethings [add]
27. Ligaya [add]
28. Punk [add]

Rockstar (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. Let's Rock 'N' Roll [add]
03. Sex on Wheels [add]
04. Rock Machine [add]
05. On My Way [DJ Irene & George C. Remix] [add]
06. Quadra [add]
07. Da Chase [add]
08. Grand Theft Audio [add]
09. Size Doesn't Matter [add]
10. Under One [add]
11. The Anthem 2004 [add]
12. Crowd Rocker [add]
13. Vice [add]
14. Loud & Proud [add]
15. Sound Advice [add]
16. Rasta Rumble [add]
17. Riding on the Edge/You Got Me Up [Accappella] [add]
18. Wickidness [Bryan Cox Mix] [add]
19. Crime Pays [add]
20. Sense [Bryan Cox Rmx/Darren R. Rockstar Edit] [add]
21. Sense [add]
22. Haunted [add]
23. Found Lover [add]
24. I Am [add]
25. Love Comes Again [add]
26. Sosei [add]
27. Air Traffic [add]
28. Flashdance [add]

DJ Irene Live (2005) 01. Intro with Christopher Wight [add]
02. Rock Out with Your @#*% Out [add]
03. Rude Awakening [add]
04. Fine Day [Steve Hill vs. D10 Mix] [add]
05. Dominator [add]
06. Watchin' You [add]
07. Seizure [BK Mix] [add]
08. Sanctuary [add]
09. Shivers [add]
10. Humanity [add]
11. Serenity [add]
12. The Silence 2005 [add]
13. Sunrise [Cygnific Remix] [add]
14. Liberation 2005 [Darey Deep Mix] [add]
15. Iceflowers [add]
16. Breath Sunshine [PVD Remix] [add]
17. Attention [add]
18. Second Day [Martin Roth Mix] [add]
19. Lyteo [add]
20. Total Blackout [add]
21. Weatha Beatin Hoochie Bitch [add]
22. Electric [add]
23. Day in the Life 2005 [add]
24. Goodbye [add]
25. Blurred [Juice's Blurry Mix] [add]

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