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Peter Rauhofer lyrics
Genre: Electronica
This Is Star Sixty Nine (2001) 01. Give It to Me [add]
02. The Underground [add]
03. Who Am I? [add]
04. Aura Tribe [add]
05. Don't Want Another Man [add]
06. Shake It [add]
07. DJ, the Music and Me [add]
08. LSS [add]
09. Feel Free [add]
10. Satisfied (Native Love) [add]
11. Do It Properly [add]
12. Stand Up! [add]
13. Sound of Bamboo [add]

Essential Mix (2001) 01. Musica Electrica [Peter Rauhofer Remix] [add]
02. In the Music [Superchumbo Remix] [add]
03. Skin [Peter's Unreleased Dub] [add]
04. Waiting [John Creamer and Stephane K. Mix] [add]
05. You Are Sleeping [Pqm's Deep Head Pass Mix] [add]
06. Believe [Original Mix] [add]
07. Voices [Saeed and Palash Remix] [add]
08. Brainwashed [Toxic Mix] [add]
09. Talkin' [Paul Goodyear NY Club Edit] [add]
10. Days Go By [Hydrogen Rockers Vocal Mix] [add]
11. Overflow [F.C. Kahuna Remix] [add]
12. Hide U [Macaluso Club Mix] [add]
13. Lemon Squash [Original Mix] [add]
14. In Stereo [Superchumbo High Octane Mix] [add]
15. Clear [Original Mix] [add]
16. The DJ, the Music and Me [Peter's Unreleased Dub] [add]
17. Keep It Coming [Peter Rauhofer Remix] [add]
18. Afrika [Saeed and Palash Remix] [add]
19. Passenger [Friskyboy Remix] [add]
20. Break 4 Love [Richard Morel Club Mix] [add]

Live @ Roxy (2002) 01. Contemplation [King Britt Funk Mix] [add]
02. Breathe [Lexicon Avenue Vocal Mix] [add]
03. Dance 2 the Music [Peter Rauhofer's Tribal Dub] [add]
04. Workin [Peter Rauhofer Edit] [add]
05. Turn Me Over [Boris and Bech Dub] [add]
06. The Wall [Airmale Mix] [add]
07. Safe from Harm [Peter Rauhofer Remix] [add]
08. Must Be Love [Peter Bailey's Abstract Vocal Mix] [add]
09. Samba Nation [Original Mix] [add]
10. Kiss My Way [Kevin M. Remix] [add]
11. Who's Your Papi? [Original Mix] [add]
12. Rock to the Beat [Original Mix] [add]
13. I Am Ready [Peter Rauhofer's Rough Mix] [add]
14. Don't Leave Me This Way [E-N's Metroliner Mix] [add]
15. Rise Up [Peter Rauhofer Remix] [add]
16. Work It to the Bone [New Club Mix] [add]
17. Show Me [James andErsen Remix] [add]
18. Shake [Original Mix] [add]
19. House Muzik [Protribe Mix] [add]
20. Give Me Fierce Pt. 1 [add]
21. Lights Down [Macaluso] [add]
22. Away [Peter Rauhofer Remix] [add]
23. Sex Bomb [Peter Rauhofer Edit] [add]
24. Power [Angelo Kortez Tribal Mix] [add]

Live @ Roxy, Vol. 2 (2003) 01. Dance With Me [David Knapp's "Keep Movin'" Mix] [add]
02. If You Want Me [Airmale Remix] [add]
03. Sleepers [Original Mix] [add]
04. In This World [Atfc Southern Fried Vocal Mix] [add]
05. Bucci Bag [Richard Humpty Vission's Pro-Funk Mix] [add]
06. Execute Now! [Original Mix] [add]
07. Appreciate Me [Trip to Paradise Mix] [add]
08. The Light [Original Mix] [add]
09. Shined on Me [Peter Rauhofer Remix] [add]
10. Chemical Generation [the Upstate J60 Vocal Experience] [add]
11. Unique [Original Mix] [add]
12. My Empire [Peter Rauhofer Remix] [add]
13. No Way Back [Original Mix] [add]
14. Walking on Thin Ice [Peter Rauhofer Future Dub] [add]
15. Liberta [Original Mix] [add]
16. It's U (Only U) [Vocal Dub] [add]
17. Young Hearts Run Free [Robbie Rivera NYC Dub] [add]
18. Pounding Your Soul [Original Mix] [add]
19. Elefants [Unreleased Dub] [add]
20. I Try [Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction] [add]
21. Ethno Pole [Original Mix] [add]
22. This Is My House [Peter Rauhofer Back in the Days Mix] [add]

Live @ Roxy, Vol. 3 (2004) 01. The Enlightenment [Colombian Tribe Mix] [add]
02. Rainy Days [Boris & Beck Dub] [add]
03. Percussive Sensation [Third Floor Mix] [add]
04. Nobody Knows Me [Peter's Private Life Mix, Pt. 1] [add]
05. Let's Do It [Original Mix] [add]
06. Women Beat Their Men [Lenny M. Mix] [add]
07. One Thing [Original Mix] [add]
08. Jungle Out There [James Andersen Mix] [add]
09. Hold On 2 Love [Original Mix] [add]
10. Soundz [Original Mix] [add]
11. Over [Original Mix] [add]
12. C\del*. Mp3 [Peter's Reconstruction Mix] [add]
13. Midnight [Original Mix] [add]
14. Love Me [Toxic Mix] [add]
15. Meu Coracao [Original Mix] [add]
16. Scandalous [Kortez Roxy Anthem] [add]
17. Mind Games [Umana Groovy Dub] [add]
18. Good Time [DJ Choco Tribal Mix] [add]
19. Heartattack [Peter's Particular Remix] [add]
20. Tribal Scream [Original Mix] [add]
21. Nothing Fails [Peter's Lost in Space Mix] [add]
22. I Miss You [Original Mix] [add]
23. Music [Alma Matris Rectro-Luv Mix] [add]
24. Time [Peter's Timeless Club Mix] [add]

Live @ Roxy, Vol. 4 (2004) 01. Move Your Body [Original Mix] [add]
02. Sound of the Drum [Airmale vs Rauhofer Remix] [add]
03. Psykofuk [DJ Dozia's Red Alert Mix] [add]
04. I Like It! [Whatsa Matta With That Mix] [add]
05. Do I Look Like a Slut? [Peter's Rirty Ho Mix] [add]
06. Falldown [Mark Knight & Martijnten Velden Dub] [add]
07. Want My Body [Mike Cruz Remix] [add]
08. Tribal Madness [Tibal Tarante Remix] [add]
09. Mighty Wind [Original Mix] [add]
10. Bang 04 [Johnny Vicious Remix] [add]
11. Mysteriosa [Original Mix] [add]
12. The Music [Peter's Muzikism Mix] [add]
13. Mother and Father [Peter's Re-Invention Remix] [add]
14. Re Used [Original Mix] [add]
15. Sexercise [Original Club Mix] [add]
16. Master of Drums [Robbie's Tools 04 Mix] [add]
17. How Would U Feel [Peter's Re-Construction Mix] [add]
18. Kinda New [Tiefschwarz Dub] [add]
19. That's the Way I Like It [Peter's Re-Construction Mix] [add]
20. Killer [Peter Rauhofer Remix, Pt. 1] [add]
21. Waiting in Darkness [Peter's Star 69 Mix] [add]
22. Insanity [Original Mix] [add]

I Love New York (2006) 01. Is Killing Me [Unreleased Mix] [add]
02. Hoes in This House [George Morel & Armand Pena Groove Mix] [add]
03. New Love [Original Mix] [add]
04. Sixteen Years [Plaza Crew Mix] [add]
05. I Like Old School [Synkronized Emotions Remix] [add]
06. 8 Letters [Martijn Ten Velden & Mark Knights Mix] [add]
07. I Remember [Solar Groovy Mix] [add]
08. Reconstruction, Pt. 2 [Original Mix] [add]
09. Love Is a Drug [Lance Jordan Beat Mix] [add]
10. Tanque Beats [Original Mix] [add]
11. Free Your Body [Original Mix] [add]
12. This Is the Sound [Original Mix] [add]
13. I Look Good [Hector Fonseca Remix] [add]
14. People [Original Mix] [add]
15. Sex Secret [Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix] [add]
16. I Cant Explain [Steve Lawlers Summer of Love Mix] [add]
17. Sunday Trip [Original Mix] [add]
18. First Time [Hector Fonseca Remix] [add]
19. Easy Ride [Original Dub] [add]
20. Beta Boy [Original Mix] [add]
21. Love You Some More [Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix] [add]
22. Voyager [Original Mix] [add]
23. Tooting Warrior [Original Mix] [add]
24. Believe in Me [Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix] [add]

I Love Miami (2006) 01. This Is the Night [Rob Mirage Remix] [add]
02. Freak [Peter Is a Freak Mix] [add]
03. Elektro [The Cube Guys Delano Remix] [add]
04. Sexy [Peter Is Sexy Remix] [add]
05. Scream [Kobbe & Austin Leeds Remix] [add]
06. Something About Music [Vintage Original Remix] [add]
07. Re-Drop [Re-Bass Mix] [add]
08. Noir [Original Mix] [add]
09. Bodyshaker [Cajjmere Wary Peak Hour Remix] [add]
10. Destroy This Track [Peter Rauhofer NYC Edit] [add]
11. Searching [Original Version] [add]
12. We Play House [David Vendetta Remix] [add]
13. Discoteka [Peter Rauhofer Remix] [add]
14. Free Your Mind [Oscar G Space Remix] [add]
15. Perfect Love [Peter Is in Love Mix] [add]
16. What Else Is There? [Trentmoeller Mix] [add]
17. Ooh La La [Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Remix] [add]
18. Girls on Top [Original Mix] [add]
19. On This Dancefloor [Dirty German Original Mix] [add]
20. Suffer Well [Dirty Monkey Mix] [add]
21. Du What U Du [Trentmoeller Mix] [add]
22. Rej [Original Mix] [add]

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