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Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Unreleased Project (1993) 01. This Anna [add]
02. Gunshot [Remix] [add]
03. Bounce to Bounce [add]
04. Feels So Good (Darryl James' Theme) [add]
05. Boomin' in Ya Jeep [add]
06. Funky Jeep Music [add]
07. Pick It Up [add]
08. Gunshot [Original Mix] [add]
09. Timb Beat [add]
10. Break Shake [add]
11. Yea [add]
12. Kenny Dope Man [add]
13. Boomin' in Ya Jeep [Remix] [add]
14. Break Down Beats [add]

Hip Hop Forever (1998) 01. Intro [add]
02. Ill Street Blues [Kenny's Mix] [add]
03. Come Clean [add]
04. Fortified Live [Dirty Original Mix] [add]
05. Tonight's da Night [add]
06. I Got to Have It [add]
07. She Fe MC's [add]
08. I Got It Made [add]
09. Who Got da Props [add]
10. DWYCK [add]
11. Make Room [add]
12. Off the Books [add]
13. Uptown Anthem [add]
14. You Gots to Chill [add]
15. Straight Out the Jungle [add]
16. Thinkin' of a Masterplan [add]
17. Flava of the Month [add]
18. Shining Star [add]
19. Bring the Pain [add]
20. You Gots to Chill [add]
21. Tonight's da Night [add]
22. Everybody [add]
23. She Fe MC's [add]
24. Off the Books [add]
25. Forsaken [add]
26. DWYCK [add]
27. Shining Star [add]
28. I Got It Made [add]
29. Straight Out the Jungle [add]
30. Resurrection '95 Extra P Mix [add]
31. Ill Street Blues [add]
32. Flava of the Month [add]
33. Thinkin' of a Masterplan [add]
34. Hard Rhymes [add]
35. Come Clean [add]
36. Los Angeles Times [add]
37. The Rhymthologist [add]
38. Hardcore Hip-Hop [add]
39. Fortified Live [Dirty Original Mix] [add]
40. Who Got da Props [add]
41. Uptown Anthem [add]
42. I Got To Have It [add]
43. Bring the Pain [add]
44. Make Room [add]

Disco Heat (2002) 01. Life on Mars [add]
02. Me & The Gang [add]
03. You Got Me Running [add]
04. I Need You [add]
05. Groovin' You [add]
06. Dance With Me [add]
07. Power Line [add]
08. Go Bang [add]
09. Jazz Carnival [add]
10. Keep on Dancin' [add]
11. In the Bush [add]
12. Double Cross [add]
13. Just as Long as I Got You [add]
14. Here I Go Again [add]
15. Soul on Your Side [add]
16. Pow Wow [add]
17. Got to Have Your Love [add]
18. Sweet Jazz Music [add]
19. New York Moving [add]
20. Jazz Carnival [add]
21. First Choice [add]
22. Just as Long as I Got You [add]
23. Got to Have Your Love [add]
24. Delirium [add]
25. Here I Go Again [add]
26. Life on Mars [add]
27. Keep on Dancin' [add]
28. Dance With Me [add]
29. Groovin' You [add]
30. Me & The Gang [add]
31. You Got Me Running [add]
32. Pow Pow [add]
33. Go Bang [add]
34. I Need You [add]
35. Soul on Your Side [add]
36. Powerline [add]
37. In the Bush [add]

Break Beats (2004) 01. Engine #9 [add]
02. Uphill Peace of Mind [add]
03. God Made Me Funky [add]
04. Hand Clapping Song [add]
05. Long Red [add]
06. Long Red [add]
07. Theme from the Planets [add]
08. Last Night Changed It All [add]
09. It's Great to Be Here [add]
10. T Plays Cool [add]
11. Space Dust [add]
12. 2001 [add]
13. Scorpio [add]
14. Scorpio [add]
15. It's Just Begin [add]
16. Melting Pot [add]
17. Be Black Baby [add]
18. Big Bad John [add]
19. Knock Em' out Sugar Ray [add]
20. Cuttin' It Up [add]
21. You Are the One [add]
22. Let's Get Small [add]
23. Weekend [add]
24. Sessomatto [add]
25. Disco Fly [add]
26. Can I Get a Soul Clap [add]
27. The Guardian Angel [add]
28. I Just Wanna Do My Thing [add]
29. The Micstro [add]
30. Can't Get Enough of Your Love [add]
31. Super Sporm [add]
32. Bustin' Loose [add]
33. Get Up [add]
34. Catch a Groove [add]
35. Sucker DJ - Pussy Footer [add]
36. Trans Europe Express - Suker MC's [add]
37. Computer Games [add]

Roller Boogie 80's (2004) 01. All Night Long [add]
02. Don't Look Any Further [add]
03. Heartbeat [add]
04. Funky Sensation [add]
05. I Want to Thank You [add]
06. Just a Touch of Love [add]
07. Watching You [add]
08. Inside Out [add]
09. Walking into Sunshine [add]
10. Mama Used to Say [add]
11. Over Like a Fat Rat [add]
12. Come Let Me Love You [add]
13. I Like What You Doing to Me [add]
14. Rock Your World [add]
15. Search to Find the One [add]
16. I'll Do Anything [add]
17. I Hear Music in the Streets [add]
18. A Little Bit of Jazz [add]

Choice: A Collection of Classics (2006) 01. Confusion [add]
02. Evil [add]
03. Groove on Down [add]
04. Ain't No Need [add]
05. Starchild [add]
06. What You Gotta Do [add]
07. Land of Hunger [add]
08. Sound of Music [add]
09. Till You Surrender [add]
10. Got to Get Out of Here [add]
11. Open Sesame [add]
12. Once I've Been There [add]
13. Come on Baby, Pt. 1 [add]
14. Advice from Father [add]
15. Love Supreme [add]
16. You Don't Know [add]
17. I Need You [add]
18. It Takes a Minute [add]
19. Together Forever [add]
20. Satisfied [add]
21. Twilight Zone [add]
22. Dancing in Outer Space [add]
23. Dazzle Me [add]
24. Mi Sabrina Tequana [add]
25. Southern Freeez [add]
26. Energy Level [add]
27. Sound Table [add]
28. Super Strut [add]
29. Nowhere [Danny Krivit Edit] [add]

Mixes P&P Records (2007) 01. Fly Guy Rap [add]
02. Death Rap [add]
03. Willie Rap [add]
04. African Rock [add]
05. Ain't It Time [add]
06. Dance Freak [add]
07. Feel the Spirit [add]
08. Feel the Spirit [Kenny Dope Scratch Breakdown] [add]
09. Get Down Baby [add]
10. Magic Carpet [add]
11. Gotta Get Your Love [Kenny Dope Edit] [add]
12. Gotta Get Your Love [add]
13. New York Is Moving [add]
14. It Ain't No Big Thing [add]
15. Game of Life [add]
16. Trick Tee Rap [add]
17. Family Rap [add]
18. Patty Duke [add]
19. Roller Rink Funk [add]
20. The Groove I'm In [add]
21. 25 Hours [add]
22. Disco Juice [add]
23. Out of Work [add]
24. Opportunity [add]
25. Atmosphere Strut [add]
26. Dust to Dust [add]

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