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Louie DeVito lyrics
Genre: Electronica
NYC Underground Party (2000) 01. Baby Wants to Ride [Synth Ride] [add]
02. Afrika [add]
03. Deep Kemical [add]
04. The Real Thing [add]
05. Got the Groove [add]
06. Baby Wants to Ride [add]
07. Amadeus 2000 [add]
08. Drum Theory [add]
09. Unspeakable Joy [add]
10. Come on and Get Up [add]
11. Someone to Hold [add]
12. Take Your Shirts Off [add]
13. Ectstasy [add]
14. Moments [add]

NYC Underground Party, Vol. 2 (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. You Don't Know Me [Raw Mix] [add]
03. Show Me [KLM Dub] [add]
04. Soulshaka [Club 69 Underground Mix] [add]
05. Sssst... (Listen) [Original Mix] [add]
06. Sanctuary [Muzik Mix] [add]
07. I'm in Love [Johnny Vicious Club Mix] [add]
08. Give Me Tonight 2000 [Jonathan Peters Mix] [add]
09. 21st Century Boy [Mike Ski's Mental Breakdown Mix] [add]
10. Relentless: The Istrapella [add]
11. Just Come Back to Me [Original Mix] [add]
12. Relentless [Original Mix] [add]
13. Go [Mother#%ker Remix] [add]
14. The Chocolate Track 99 [add]
15. N.Y.C. Underground Party Medley [DJ Bad Boy Joe's Radio Edit] [add]

NYC Underground Party, Vol. 3 (2000) 01. I Turn to You [add]
02. Spente le Stelle [add]
03. Final Chapter [add]
04. Kernkraft 400 [add]
05. Kiss [add]
06. Someone [add]
07. Castles in the Sky [add]
08. Plan B [add]
09. Pitchin [add]
10. Outa Space [add]
11. Sandstorm [add]
12. Dive in the Pool [add]
13. Blackout [add]
14. Don't Want Another Man [add]
15. You See the Trouble With Me [add]
16. Take Your Time [add]
17. NYC Underground Party Vol. 3 Medley [add]

NYC Underground Party, Vol. 4 (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Derb [add]
03. Blow the Speakers [add]
04. Blood Is Pumpin' [add]
05. Feels So Good [add]
06. Without You [add]
07. Ladies & Gentlemen [add]
08. Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag [add]
09. U Turn Me [add]
10. Hide U [add]
11. Stand Still [add]
12. To Be Able to Love [add]
13. More Than Life [add]
14. Running [Remix] [add]
15. Who Am I [add]
16. The Revolution [add]
17. Star 69 [add]
18. N.Y.C. Underground Party Volume 4 Medley [add]

Louie DeVito's Dance Factory (2002) 01. Intro [add]
02. Will I [add]
03. Forever [Ian Van Dahl Remix] [add]
04. Heaven [add]
05. Resurrection [add]
06. Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) [add]
07. One Good Reason [add]
08. Let Me Love You Tonight [Let Me Love You Hex Hector/Dezrock Main Club] [add]
09. In My Dreams [add]
10. When I'm With You [add]
11. Touch Me [add]
12. Stand Still [add]
13. Trippin' [add]
14. Everyday [Hex Hector and Mac Quale Remix] [add]
15. Absolutely Not [Channel Club Mix] [add]
16. Yes [add]
17. Feelin' Me [Hex Hector/Mac Quale Club Mix] [add]
18. La La Land [add]
19. Lady (Hear Me Tonight) [add]
20. One More Time [add]
21. Dance Factory Super Megamix [add]

Louie Devito's Trance Sessions (2002) 01. Narcotix [add]
02. The Pressure [add]
03. Instant Moments [2002 Remix] [add]
04. Sioux [add]
05. Sonic Boom (Life's Too Short) [add]
06. Sushi [add]
07. The Trip [add]
08. Rock [add]
09. Derb in Africa [add]
10. Wild Pleasure [add]
11. Chemical Sangria [add]
12. Moonshine [add]
13. Things to Come [add]
14. Acid Kills Your Brain [add]
15. Computer Revolution [add]
16. Poison [add]
17. The Final Countdown [add]
18. Fear the Drill [add]

NYC Underground Party, Vol. 5 (2002) 01. In Your Eyes [add]
02. No One's Gonna Change You [add]
03. I Don't Want U [add]
04. Safe from Harm [add]
05. At the End [add]
06. The Sound of Goodbye [add]
07. Wonderland [add]
08. Alright Strobelight! [add]
09. Dark Beat [add]
10. The Crowd Song [add]
11. Aftermath [add]
12. GoinThru' It [add]
13. Psycho X Girlfriend [add]
14. L' Italiano [DJ Serge Remix] [add]
15. Alone [add]
16. Tremble [add]
17. Take Me Away (Into the Night) [add]
18. Walking in the Sky [add]
19. Like a Prayer [add]
20. Trippin [add]
21. Shiny Disco Balls [add]
22. Funk-A-Tron [add]
23. It Just Won't Do [add]
24. Addicted to Bass [add]
25. Anyway (Men Are from Mars) [add]
26. Willing and Able [add]
27. NYC Underground Party Vol. 5 Megamix [add]

Dance Divas (2003) 01. Mr. Lonely [add]
02. Wish I Didn't Miss You [add]
03. I Never Knew [add]
04. Ti Amo [add]
05. Making Love Out of Nothing at All [add]
06. Better Off Alone [add]
07. Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) [add]
08. Feel It [add]
09. Find Another Woman [add]
10. Skin [add]
11. Sexual (Li da Di) [add]
12. Never Had a Dream Come True [add]
13. Gotta Tell You [add]
14. Free [add]
15. How Do I Live [add]
16. Say a Little Prayer [add]
17. Unbreak My Heart [add]
18. Make the World Go Round [add]
19. Dance Divas Mega Mix [add]

Dance Factory Level, Vol. 2 (2003) 01. Look @ Me Now [add]
02. Boys of Summer [add]
03. I Engineer [add]
04. E [add]
05. Time to Rock [add]
06. Take on Me [add]
07. Rhythm Is a Dancer 2003 [CJ Stone 2003 Remix] [add]
08. The Sound of Violence [add]
09. Two Months Off [add]
10. Head [add]
11. Holiday [add]
12. Shout [add]
13. Loneliness [add]
14. Breathe [add]
15. Never (Past Tense) [Original Extended Mix] [add]
16. No Way No How [Al B. Rich Club Mix] [add]
17. If You Love Me [Tony & Mac's Semolinic Adventure Club Mix] [add]
18. I Do [Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Club Remix] [add]
19. Through the Rain [Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Club Mix] [add]
20. Dance Factory Level 2 Mega Mix [add]

NYC Underground Party, Vol. 6 (2003) 01. How Did You Know [77 Strings Mix] [add]
02. E-Samba [add]
03. Alert [add]
04. Serenity [add]
05. Despina Vandi [add]
06. I'd Say Yes [Lee-Cabrera Main Vocal Mix] [add]
07. My Time [add]
08. A Better Day [add]
09. Hollywood [add]
10. Let's Get Ill [Deep Dish Mix] [add]
11. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven [Valentin Club Mix] [add]
12. You're Free [add]
13. Because I Love You [Mario Lopez Remix] [add]
14. I Engineer [add]
15. Airport [add]
16. NYC Underground Party Volume 6 Megamix [Mega Mix] [add]
17. Intro [add]
18. Ecstasy [add]
19. Take Your Shirts Off [add]
20. Do It Again [add]
21. Get Up, Stand Up [add]
22. Hands Up (This Is the Police) [add]
23. Ride the Trip [add]
24. Meet Her at the Love Parade [add]
25. Why Don't You Dance With Me [add]
26. Fright Train [add]
27. Let's Go All the Way [add]
28. Fly Life Extra [add]
29. Sugar Is Sweeter [add]
30. Insomnia [add]
31. NYC Underground Anthems Megamix [Mega Mix] [add]

Dance Divas, Vol. 2 (2004) 01. Alone [add]
02. Sunlight [add]
03. I Wanna Let Go [add]
04. Burned With Desire [Rising Star Remix] [add]
05. As the Rush Comes [Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Remix] [add]
06. Never [Extended Mix] [add]
07. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven [Valentin Club Mix] [add]
08. Too Late [add]
09. Love Me Right (Oh Sheila) [New Extended Mix] [add]
10. Don't Leave Me Now [add]
11. Getaway [Mike Rizzo Club Vocal Mix] [add]
12. Girlfriend [add]
13. Appreciate Me [add]
14. The Hurting [add]
15. I Want You [add]
16. Never Leave You- Uh Ohh, Uh Oooh! [Anthony Acid & DJ Skribble Remix] [add]
17. I Begin to Wonder [add]
18. Just the Way You Are [add]
19. Dance Divas II Mega Mix [add]

Dance Factory Level, Vol. 3 (2004) 01. Pump It Up [Crowd Remix] [add]
02. Get It Off [That Kid Chris' Get Me Off Mix] [add]
03. Easy as Life (Theme) [From Aida] [add]
04. If I Close My Eyes [Jack D. Elliot Club Mix] [add]
05. Illusion [add]
06. You Promised Me [add]
07. Take Me to the Clouds (The Feeling) [Extended Mix] [add]
08. F#! k It (I Don't Want You Back) [mix] [add]
09. Summer Jam 2004 [DJ F.R.A.N.K.'s Summermix Extended Version] [add]
10. Calinda [Original Club Mix] [add]
11. Sanctuary [Harry Lemmon Remix] [add]
12. I Like It [Original Mix] [add]
13. Just a Little More Love [Wally Lopez Remix] [add]
14. Never Be Alone [Valentin Club Mix] [add]
15. Love Comes Again [add]

Trance Sessions, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Rain Down on Me [add]
02. One Solid Wave [add]
03. Aquarius [add]
04. Traffic [add]
05. C: \del*. Mp3 [add]
06. Producelast [add]
07. Razorblade [add]
08. That's Life [add]
09. Velvet Rain [add]
10. Cherish the Day [add]
11. Do You Know (I Go Crazy) [add]
12. Silence 2004 [add]
13. Sky [add]
14. Perfect Silence [add]
15. A Day in the Life of Louie Devito [DVD] [add]

Deeper & Harder, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. So Many Times [Original Mix] [add]
02. Music Power [Radio Mix] [add]
03. Everybody Wants Her [Club Mix] [add]
04. What a Feeling [Antoine Clamaran Remix] [add]
05. Time [Stonebridge Radio Edit] [add]
06. Dirty Filthy [Superchumbo Mix] [add]
07. Sound of the Drum [Anthony Acid & Peter Bailey Origianl Mix] [add]
08. Doesn't Really Matter [Original Mix] [add]
09. Bang [Original Mix] [add]
10. Shake It [Steve Angelo Mix] [add]
11. Till There Was You [Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix] [add]
12. Avalon [F*** Me I'm Famous Remix] [add]
13. Relentless 05 (Just a Game) [Club Mix] [add]
14. You Shine on Me [Mindset Club Mix] [add]

NYC Underground Party, Vol. 7 (2005) 01. In Your Eyes 2006 [Mindset Mix] [add]
02. Relentless '05 [Just a Game] [add]
03. Shine on Me [Mindset Mix] [add]
04. Alright [add]
05. No Strings [Peter Presta Big USA Room Mix] [add]
06. True [Ford Mix] [add]
07. One Word [add]
08. Come Rain or Shine [add]
09. Say Hello [add]
10. Love on My Mind [add]
11. I Want You [add]
12. Into Your Eyes [add]
13. Flashdance (What a Feeling) [Theme from Flashdance] [add]
14. Fascinated [add]
15. L.O.V.E. [add]
16. Woz Not Woz [add]

The Other Side (2006) 01. Crazy [add]
02. Cutie Huntin' [add]
03. You Got Me Under [add]
04. Into You [add]
05. So in Love [add]
06. Just Wanna Be Me [add]
07. Sorry [add]
08. In Your Eyes [add]
09. Born to Be a Star [add]
10. El Tren [add]
11. You Shine on Me [add]
12. Cutie Huntin' [Louie DeVito/Tony Coluccio Mindset Mix] [add]
13. Just Wanna Be Me [Tony Coluccio/John Paul Aceto Mindset Mix] [add]
14. Born to Be a Star [DJ Chris Costanzo Anthem Mix] [add]
15. Crazy [DJ Escape & Dom Capello Mix] [add]
16. You Got Me Under [Skribble vs Plasmic Honey Mix] [add]
17. Sorry [DJ Moody/John Kano Mix] [add]
18. In Your Eyes 2006 [Tony Coluccio Mindset Mix] [add]
19. You Shine on Me [Johnny Budz Electro House Mix] [add]
20. So in Love [Johnny Vicious Mix] [add]
21. Into You [Tony Coluccio/Michael Jaden Mindset Mix] [add]
22. You Shine on Me [*] [add]

Louie Devito's Dance Factory, Level 4 (2006) 01. 2 Take Me Away [M Levin Edit] [add]
02. I Watchyou [Vocal Club Mix] [add]
03. Fading [Club Mix] [add]
04. Elektro [add]
05. In My Arms [add]
06. Not So Dirty [Philippe B Remix] [add]
07. No One in This World [John Kano, Cheyne Christian & Phil Angelo Mix] [add]
08. Meet Her at the Love Parade [add]
09. Give Me Your Love [Valentino Kanzyani Extended Mix] [add]
10. Sorry [DJ Moody/John Kano Mix] [add]
11. Keep Moving On [add]
12. Fire [add]
13. Love Sensation [add]
14. Kiss the Sky [add]
15. So Special [Original Mix] [add]
16. Right Here Waiting [add]

Deeper & Harder, Vol. 3 (2006) 01. World Hold On [add]
02. Most Precious Love [Ian Carey Mix] [add]
03. Make a Move [add]
04. Take Me Higher [add]
05. Same Man [add]
06. Try Yazz [Chris Moody RMX] [add]
07. The Party 2006 [add]
08. Jazz in Your Face [add]
09. Patt (Party All the Time) [add]
10. The Rub [add]
11. Take Control [add]
12. Discoteka [add]
13. Exceeder [add]
14. Ole Ole Ole [add]

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