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Giorgio Moroder lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Knights in White Satin (1976) 01. Knights in White Satin [add]
02. In the Middle of the Knight [add]
03. Knights in White Satin [add]
04. Oh l'Amour [add]
05. Sooner or Later [add]
06. I Wanna Funk With You Tonight [add]

From Here to Eternity (1977) 01. From Here to Eternity [add]
02. Faster Than the Speed of Love [add]
03. Lost Angeles [add]
04. Utopia - Me Giorgio [add]
05. From Here to Eternity (Reprise) [add]
06. First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love [add]
07. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone [add]
08. Too Hot to Handle [add]

Midnight Express (1978) 01. Chase [add]
02. Love's Theme [add]
03. Theme from Midnight Express [instrumental] [add]
04. Istanbul Blues [add]
05. The Wheel [add]
06. Istanbul Opening [add]
07. Cacaphoney [add]
08. Theme from Midnight Express [add]

E=MC2 (1980) 01. Baby Blue [add]
02. What a Night [add]
03. If You Weren't Afraid lyrics
04. I Wanna Rock You lyrics
05. In My Wildest Dreams [add]
06. E=MC2 [add]
07. Love's in You, Love's in Me [*] [add]
08. Evolution [*] [add]

Cat People (1982) 01. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) [add]
02. The Autopsy [add]
03. Irena's Theme [add]
04. Night Rabbit [add]
05. Leopard Tree Dream [add]
06. Paul's Theme (Jogging Chase) [add]
07. The Myth [add]
08. To the Bridge [add]
09. Transformation Seduction [add]
10. Bring the Prod [add]

Solitary Men (1983) 01. Solitary Man [add]
02. Show Me the Night [add]
03. My Girl [add]
04. Too Hot to Touch [add]
05. Diamond Lizzy [add]
06. Washed in the Neon Light [add]
07. A Love Affair [add]
08. Nights in White Satin [add]
09. Lady, Lady [add]
10. White Hotel [add]
11. To Turn the Stone [add]
12. Face to Face [*] [add]
13. Chase [*] [add]
14. Valley of the Dolls [*/instrumental] [add]

To Be Number One (1990) 01. To Be Number One [Summer 1990] [add]
02. That's Enough [add]
03. Take Me Home [add]
04. The Rhythm of Love [add]
05. 'Til the End of Time [add]
06. Feel the Thunder [add]
07. Love Will Find a Way [add]
08. Bad Boy [add]
09. Beautiful Day [add]
10. Break the Rules [add]
11. To Be Number One [live] [add]
12. Un' Estate Italiana [add]

Forever Dancing (1992) 01. Carry On [add]
02. That's the Way (I Like It) [add]
03. I Can See You Dancing [add]
04. In the Name of Love [add]
05. Don't Leave Me This Way [add]
06. So Long [add]
07. Shame on You [add]
08. Born to Be Alive [add]
09. My Secret Wish [add]
10. Forever Dancing [add]
11. Shake Your Booty [add]
12. Say [add]
13. Boogie Oogie Oogie [add]
14. It's a Crime [add]
15. Let's Take the Night [add]
16. Samba Si, Trabajo No [add]
17. I Feel Love [add]
18. It's in the Book [add]
19. The Party Goes On [add]

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