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Jean-Jacques Perrey lyrics
Genre: Electronica
The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey (1968) 01. Mary France [add]
02. The Little Ships [add]
03. Island in Space [add]
04. The Mexican Cactus [add]
05. Porcupine Rock [add]
06. The Little Girl from Mars [add]
07. Mister James Bond [add]
08. Fr?re Jean Jacques [add]
09. Brazilian Flower [add]
10. In the Heart of a Rose [add]
11. The Minuet of the Robots [add]
12. Four, Three, Two, One [add]
13. Gypsy in Rio [add]

Moog Indigo (1970) 01. Soul City [add]
02. E.V.A. [add]
03. The Rose and the Cross [add]
04. Cat in the Night [add]
05. The Flight of the Bumblebee [add]
06. Moog Indigo [add]
07. Gossipo Perpetuo [add]
08. Country Rock Polka [add]
09. The Elephant Never Forgets [add]
10. 18th Century Puppet [add]
11. Hello, Dolly! [add]
12. Passport to the Future [add]

Eclektronics (1998) 01. What's Up Duck? [add]
02. Analog Dialog [add]
03. Loop 1 [add]
04. My Blue Morlok [add]
05. An Elephant on the Roof [add]
06. Clones War [add]
07. Loop 2 [add]
08. Doc Tequil and Mister H. [add]
09. Japanese Connection [add]
10. Loop 3 [add]
11. Cyberbugs Time-Machine [add]
12. 28th Paradigm [add]
13. Loop 4 [add]
14. Neutronia [add]
15. Bilbo K. [instrumental] [add]
16. Chronophonie 99 [add]
17. Loop 5 [add]

Moog Sensations (2001) 01. The Percolator [add]
02. Moog Sensations [add]
03. A?rolithe Alpha [add]
04. Ballet Intersid?ral [add]
05. Borborygmus [add]
06. One Z?ro Z?ro [add]
07. Chronophonie [add]
08. C?r Synth?tique [add]
09. Berceuse Pour un B?b? Robot [add]
10. Indicatif Spatial [add]
11. Pizzicato Pour V?nus [add]
12. One Two Two [add]
13. Music [add]
14. La Panth?re Cosmique [add]
15. Soir?e Chez Jean-S?bastien [add]
16. Quand le Temps Sera Venu [add]
17. Colonie C?leste [add]
18. La Tour Pointue [add]
19. Relaxation [add]
20. Moogie Boogy [add]

The Happy Electropop Music Machine (2006) 01. Atomic Twist [add]
02. Pizzicato Samba [add]
03. Cosmic Cowboys and Indian [add]
04. Edith von Aachenburg [add]
05. Mame [add]
06. The Whistling Cosmonauts [add]
07. The Typewriter [add]
08. Harry's Rag [add]
09. Hernando's Hideway/Tico Tico [add]
10. The Good Old Days [add]
11. Chicken on the Rocks [add]
12. Forever Moog [add]
13. The Stars and Stripes Forever [add]
14. Troll's Story: Morning Theme [add]
15. Troll's Story: The Gate of Thule [add]
16. Troll's Story: The Arrival of the Queen [add]
17. Troll's Story: Triumphant Return of the Adventurers [add]
18. Troll's Story: The Queen's Minuet [add]
19. Troll's Story: Furioso Disco [add]
20. Furioso Disco [Bran Flakes Mix] [add]

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