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Beaver & Krause lyrics
Genre: Electronica
In a Wild Sanctuary (1970) 01. Another Part of Time [add]
02. And There Was Morning [add]
03. Spaced [add]
04. So Long as the Waters Flow [add]
05. Aurora Hominis [add]
06. Salute to the Vanishing Bald Eagle [add]
07. People's Park [add]
08. Walking Green Algae Blues [add]
09. Sanctuary [add]

Gandharva (1971) 01. Soft/White [add]
02. Saga of the Blue Beaver [add]
03. Nine Moons in Alaska [add]
04. Walkin' [add]
05. Walkin' by the River [add]
06. Gandharva [add]
07. By Your Grace [add]
08. Good Places [add]
09. Short Film for David [add]
10. Bright Shadows [add]

All Good Men (1972) 01. A Real Slow Drag [add]
02. Legend Days Are Over [add]
03. Loves of Col. Evol [add]
04. Sweet William [add]
05. Bluebird Canyon Stomp [add]
06. Looking Back Now [add]
07. Prelude [add]
08. Child of the Morning Sun [add]
09. Between the Sun and the Rain [add]
10. All Good Men [add]
11. Waltz Me Around Again Willie/Real Slow Drag [add]

The Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music [Collector's Choice] (1975) 01. Peace Three [add]
02. Signal Generators: Sine Waveform: Slow-Motion Audible Example [add]
03. Sine Waveform: Composition [add]
04. Sine Waveform: Harmonic Synthesis [add]
05. Sine Waveform: Non-Harmonic Synthesis [add]
06. Sawtooth Waveform: Slow-Motion (Neg and Pos-Going) [add]
07. Sawtooth Waveform: Composition [add]
08. Rectangular Waveforms: Slow-Motion Audible Example (1/8-1/2) [add]
09. Rectangular Waveforms: Composition (Using 1/8, 1/7, 1/3, 1/2) [add]
10. Triangular Waveform: Slow-Motion Audible Example [add]
11. Triangular Waveform: Composition [add]
12. White Sound Composition [add]
13. Control Generators: Transient Generator, Amplitude, Frequency and ... [add]
14. Sequential Voltage Sources, Composition [add]
15. Frequency Modulation: Keyboard Control: 12 Tone [add]
16. Quarter-Tone (One Real Octave = 2 Keyboard Octaves) [add]
17. Ditone (Four Real Octaves Played in Keyboard Range of One Octave) [add]
18. Portamento: Ribbon Control [add]
19. Periodic: Vibrato (S) (Speed Increases as Pitch Rises) [add]
20. Periodic: Sine-Higher Frequency [add]
21. Periodic: Sawtooth-Swept [add]
22. Periodic: Rectangular 1/2 - Swept (L2) [add]
23. Periodic: Triangular - Swept [add]
24. Periodic Combined: 3 Square Waves at Different Frequencies [add]
25. Periodic Combined: 3 Triangular Waves at Different Frequencies [add]
26. Periodic Combined: 4 Different Waveforms (2L), (2N), (2V), (2S) At ... [add]
27. White Sound [add]
28. Transient: Up an Octave, Back to Pitch [add]
29. Transient: Up a 3rd, Back to Pitch [add]
30. Transient: Down an Octave, Back to Pitch [add]
31. Transient: Down a 3rd, Back to Pitch [add]
32. Amplitude Modulation: Keyboard [add]
33. Ribbon Controller [add]
34. Periodic: Tremolo [add]
35. Periodic: Sine - Higher Frequencies (S Sweeping S) [add]
36. Periodic: Sawtooth (Neg-Pos - Going Swept) [add]
37. Periodic: Rectangular (L2) Swept [add]
38. Periodic: Triangular - Swept [add]
39. Periodics Combined: 4 Square [add]
40. Periodics Combined: 3 Triangular [add]
41. Periodics Combined: 4 Different (S), (N), (L2), (V) [add]
42. White Sound [add]
43. Transient: Slow [add]
44. Transient: With Rising Pitch [add]
45. Transient: (Graphic Jagged Lines) [add]
46. Ring Modulation: Sine Waves: Series of Sub-Audible Constants [add]
47. Sine Waves: Tune in Parallel [add]
48. Sine Waves: Tuned in Opposite Direction [add]
49. Sine Waves: Sawtooth [add]
50. Sine Waves: Rectangular (L2) [add]

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