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The San Sebastian Strings lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Summer (0000) 01. The Spanish Hills [add]
02. Watch for the Wind and Wait [add]
03. 4th of July in Sioux Falls [add]
04. Summer [add]
05. June Flight [add]
06. Echoes (Of Things to Come and Things Gone By) [add]
07. Belcher Landing (One Certain Summer) [add]
08. The Saturday Night People [add]
09. Summer Evening [add]
10. August Rainbows [add]
11. Keeper of Dreams [add]
12. August 27, 1971 [add]

The Sea (1967) 01. My Friend the Sea [add]
02. While Drifiting [add]
03. Gifts from the Sea [add]
04. The Time of Noon [add]
05. Afternoon Shadows [add]
06. Do You Like the Rain? [add]
07. The Days of the Dancing [add]
08. Pushing the Clouds Away [add]
09. You Even Taste Like the Sun [add]
10. The Storm [add]
11. The Ever Constant Sea [add]
12. The Gypsy Camp [add]
13. Beyond the Bend Ahead [add]
14. The Sea [add]

For Lovers (1969) 01. I'll Carry Home and Orchard [add]
02. Looking Up Through Wednesday's Silence [add]
03. Dancing in the Kitchen [add]
04. The Haunted Mansion on the Hill [add]
05. Love Hasn't Any Windows [add]
06. Love Me Slowly [add]
07. Make a Bigger Circle, With a Softer Touch [add]
08. Why I Follow the Tigers [add]
09. Lovers Too Have Lullabies [add]
10. You Wonder Why I Love You [add]
11. Foreign Movies [add]
12. No Loving Without Losing [add]
13. Growing Old Together [add]
14. For Lovers [add]

Home to the Sea (1969) 01. Passage Home [add]
02. There Are No Beaches in Magic City, Texas [add]
03. Dragonflies [add]
04. Sailing Through the Sun [add]
05. Another Evening with the Gypsies [add]
06. Night Watch [add]
07. Bathtub Surfing [add]
08. Part of Every Ocean [add]
09. Moonlight Swim [add]
10. November Resolution [add]
11. Floating Past the Fields [add]
12. Running Out of Strangers [add]
13. One in the Same [add]
14. Home to the Sea [add]

The Soft Sea (1970) 01. Overture to the Soft Sea [add]
02. Wake Up [add]
03. The Monotony of Games [add]
04. What About Tomorrow? [add]
05. Saving Sea Shells [add]
06. Oh Yes, The Wind [add]
07. Body Surfing with the Jet Set [add]
08. Naked in the Sunlight [add]
09. Come on in, The Water's Fine [add]
10. We Two Are Drifting [add]
11. No Islands Left [add]
12. So Much for the Pipers [add]
13. The Ever Constant Sea [add]

With Love (1975) 01. Declarations/Atlas [add]
02. With Love [add]
03. Tearing Down Walls [add]
04. Close/Tells Me How the Wind Blows [add]
05. The Prize [add]
06. Boxing Lessons [add]
07. The Runner [add]
08. Cycles; School/The Distance to Monterey [add]
09. School/The Distance to Monterey [add]
10. Towards Security/The Meaning of Gifts [add]
11. The Initiation [add]
12. Furrows/Do It with Love [add]
13. Late October/Did You Know? [add]

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