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Coldcut lyrics
Genre: Electronica
What's That Noise? (1989) 01. People Hold On [Featuring Lisa Stansfield] [add]
02. Fat (Party and Bullshit) [add]
03. (I'm) In Deep [Featuring Mark E. Smith] [add]
04. My Telephone [add]
05. Theme from "Reportage" [add]
06. Which Doctor? [add]
07. Stop This Crazy Thing [Featuring Junior Reid] [add]
08. No Connection [add]
09. Smoke Dis One [Featuring Queen Latifah] [add]
10. Not Paid Enough [add]
11. What's That Noise? [add]
12. Beats and Pieces [Mo Bass Remix] [add]
13. Stop This Crazy Thing [Hedmaster Mix By Adrian Sherwood] [add]

Philosophy (1994) 01. Philosophy [add]
02. Chocolate Box lyrics
03. Pearls Before Swine [add]
04. What We're Living For [add]
05. Leaving Home [add]
06. Dreamer [Ecu Mix] [add]
07. Peace & Love [add]
08. Kinda Natural [add]
09. Angel Heart [add]
10. Autumn Leaves lyrics
11. Sign [add]
12. Fat Bloke [add]
13. Dreamer [Crazy Swing Mix] [add]
14. Bare Leaves [add]

Cold Krush Cuts (1996) 01. Groover [add]
02. Global Chaos [Archi Version] [add]
03. Sometimes [add]
04. The Breaks [add]
05. The Real Killer, Pt. 2 (Rooftop Prowler) [add]
06. Get Your Head Down [add]
07. Goodbye Cruel World [add]
08. Naked Leaves [add]
09. Spiral Dub [add]
10. Harmonic [add]
11. Mod You [add]
12. Readybrek [add]
13. Creatures [add]
14. Nightrous [add]
15. An Unmarked Grave in Memory of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid [add]
16. Teh Revolutionary Woman of the Windmill [Oestrogwen Mix] [add]
17. Mr. Chombee Has the Flaw [add]
18. The Breaks of Wrath [add]
19. Alice Effekt [add]
20. Glass [add]
21. Sunvibes [add]
22. Oddly Godly [add]
23. Going Down [add]

Journeys By DJ: 70 Minutes of Madness (1996) 01. Bola [add]
02. Street Beats, Vol. 2 [add]
03. One Blood [add]
04. Jam on Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song) [add]
05. Extreme Possibilities [Wagon Christ Remix] [add]
06. King Ashabanapal [Dillinja Mix] [add]
07. Noddy Holder [add]
08. Fuk [add]
09. Mo Beats [add]
10. Manganese in Deep Violet [add]
11. African Drug [add]
12. If There Was No Gravity [add]
13. Beats and Pieces [add]
14. Greedy Beat [add]
15. The Music Maker [add]
16. Find a Way [Acapella] [add]
17. King of the Beats [add]
18. Mag [add]
19. Blood Vibes [Kenny Dope Mix] [add]
20. Trumpet Riff [add]
21. Luke Slater's 7th Plain [add]
22. First Time I Ever Saw Your Face [add]
23. Balthus Bemused [add]
24. Into the 90's [add]
25. The Bridge Is Over [add]
26. Nu Blud [add]
27. Friendly Pressure [Acapella] [add]
28. Freshmess [Bandulu Mix] [add]
29. Message from Our Sponsor [add]
30. Unify [add]
31. Again Son [add]
32. Hot Flush [add]
33. Theme from Dr. Who [add]
34. Free [add]
35. The Dusk [add]

Stoned...Chilled...Groove (1997) 01. A Zed and 2L's [Coldcut Retouch] [add]
02. Right to Be [Original Rockers Epic Mix] [add]
03. Funk in the Fridge [add]
04. Maiden Voyage [add]
05. Latneiro [Woods Sunrise Dub] [add]
06. Freedom [Fila Brazilia Remix] [add]
07. Jericho [For the Consciousness of the Nation] [add]
08. Move Ya [Coldcut Remix] [add]
09. Freak Power Is Beautiful [add]
10. Run, Run, Run [add]

Let Us Play! (1997) 01. Return to Margin lyrics
02. Atomic Moog 2000 [Post Nuclear Afterlife Lounge Mix] [add]
03. More Beats & Pieces [Daddy Rips It Up Mix] [add]
04. Rubyaiyat [live] [add]
05. Panopticon [add]
06. Music 4 No Musicians lyrics
07. Noah's Toilet [add]
08. Space Journey [add]
09. Timber [add]
10. Every Home a Prison [add]
11. Cloned Again [add]
12. I'm Wild About That Thing [live] [add]

Let Us Replay! (1999) 01. Atomic Moog 2000 [Cornelius Remix] [add]
02. Every Home a Prison [Shut Up & Dance Remix] [add]
03. Border [Coldcut Vs. Silent Poets] [add]
04. More Beats & Pieces [DJ Lord Fader Turntable Mix] [add]
05. Panopticon [The Irresistible Force Remix] [add]
06. Return to Margin [J Swinscoe Mix] [add]
07. Last Night a Cliche Saved My Life [add]
08. Atomic Moog 2000 [Live at Sonar] [add]
09. Panopticon [Live in Tokyo] [add]
10. Rubyaiyat [Carl Craig Mix] [add]
11. The Tale of Miss Virginia Epitome [add]
12. Music 4 No Musicians [Dave Kristian Mix] [add]
13. Atomic Moog 2000 [CD-ROM] [add]
14. More Beats & Pieces [CD-ROM] [add]
15. Timber [CD-ROM] [add]
16. Timber [mix] [add]
17. The Message [CD-ROM] [add]

Sound Mirrors (2006) 01. Man in a Garage [add]
02. True Skool [add]
03. Just for the Kick [add]
04. Walk a Mile in My Shoes [add]
05. Mr Nichols [add]
06. A Whistle and a Prayer [add]
07. Everything Is Under Control [add]
08. Boogieman [add]
09. Aid Dealer [add]
10. Island Earth [add]
11. Colours the Soul [add]
12. Sound Mirrors [add]

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