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Joe Claussell lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Mix the Vibe (1999) 01. Ca Chauffe [Cosmic Dub] [add]
02. Moments in My Life [Abstract Jazz Remix] [add]
03. Village Dance [USG Village Dance] [add]
04. Straight Magic [Wamdue Experience Mix] [add]
05. What Do I Gotta Do [Eric Kupper Club Mix] [add]
06. Hiroshi's Dub [Bonus Groove & Real Life Version] [add]
07. Esoteric Chakra [Idjut Boy's Head Arse Fusion Band Mix] [add]
08. That Afro Drums [Unreleased Beats] [add]
09. Skin [Original Abstract Mix] [add]
10. Sex [Sextrumental Mix] [add]
11. The Way I Feel [Kerri's Beats] [add]
12. Brighter Days [Original Mix] [add]
13. The Real Thing [Ricanstruction Mix] [add]
14. The More You Want [Joe's Dance Tracks Mix] [add]
15. Kot? Moun Yo [Francois K Edit] [add]
16. Philadelphia [Original Demo] [add]
17. Season of Love [add]
18. Souffles H [King Street Club Mix] [add]
19. Eclipse [Sunset Excursion] [add]
20. Cascades of Color [Wamdue Black Mix] [add]
21. Hiroshi' Dub [Bonus Groove] [add]
22. Getaway [Legendary Club Mix] [add]
23. Sunshower [Original Instrumental] [add]
24. This Luv Is Real [Original Mix] [add]
25. Nafara [The Scenic Route Mix] [add]
26. Ko?t Moun Yo [Unrealeased Chanten Dub & Joe's Unrealeased Rough] [add]
27. Halleluja [6:23 Beats] [add]
28. Love's Been Right Here [Big Moses Original Mix] [add]
29. When Can Our Love Begin [The Shelter Beat, The Shelter Dub, Timmy Regi] [add]

Language (1999) 01. Spiritual Insurrection [add]
02. Git Wa [add]
03. Marco Polo [add]
04. Kryptic Elements [add]
05. Gbedu 1-Gbedu Ressurrection [add]
06. Mateens Theme [add]
07. Je Ka Jo [Vocal Version] [add]
08. Suspicious Dub [add]

Music Is...A Reason to Celebrate (2002) 01. Spanish Gypsy [add]
02. Sweet Talk [add]
03. Let's Get Together [add]
04. Sunny [add]
05. Celebration [add]
06. Gay Cavalier [add]
07. Fantasy [add]
08. The Essence [Bonita Mix] [add]
09. Sypnopsis Two: Mother's Day [add]
10. Changes [Larry Levan Mix] [add]
11. New Math [add]
12. 17.1 [add]
13. The Creator Has a Master Plan (Peace) [add]
14. Message to the People [add]
15. Optimistic [add]
16. To Know You Is to Love You [add]
17. Mysteries of Life [add]
18. Trying to Find a Way [add]
19. Oba la Vern Ela [add]
20. El Cantante [add]
21. A.I.E.A Mwana [add]
22. The Message [add]
23. Fanga Alafia [Joe's Edit] [add]
24. Pagliacci [add]

Translate (2006) 01. The Beginning [add]
02. Human Tracking Device [add]
03. Through the Celestial Forest [add]
04. Umri (Pacifica) [add]
05. Sandstorm [add]
06. The Clouds Are Gone [Henrik Schwarz Mix] [add]
07. In a Vision [add]
08. Without a Warning [add]
09. Eno (Demo) [add]
10. Rej [add]
11. The Question: Interviewing Those of Desgom [add]
12. First Answer [add]
13. Second Answer [add]
14. Third Answer [add]
15. Now Is the Time [add]
16. Nu Vibrations [add]
17. Interplanetary Summit [add]
18. No Where Else to Go But Forward [add]
19. Flower (Scuba Underwater Garden) [add]
20. Zephyrus (The Porthole) [add]
21. Opening the Door to Knowledge [add]
22. The Sermon [add]
23. Mystical Rhythms [add]
24. Mystical Rhythms [add]
25. The Silent Questions Begin [add]
26. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
27. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
28. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
29. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
30. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
31. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
32. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
33. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
34. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
35. The Silent Questions (Continued) [add]
36. The Silent Questions End [add]
37. Without a Warning [add]
38. Arrival of the Resistance [add]
39. Saturn [add]
40. Surveillance [add]
41. The Swarm [add]
42. Voices of the Eiko Forest [add]
43. Rural Community [add]
44. Space as Plant [add]
45. Forbidden Contact [add]
46. Struggle with the Enemy [add]
47. Illegal Entrance [add]
48. The Sirens of Hell [add]
49. Twilite [add]

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