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Terry Noland lyrics
Genre: Country
Original 1956 Demos (0000) 01. The Fabulous Love Story [add]
02. Puppy Love [add]
03. Oh, Baby Look at Me [add]
04. Let Me Be Your Hero [add]
05. Oh Judy [add]
06. Forever Loving You [add]
07. Teenage Teardrops [add]
08. Crazy Dream [add]
09. The Fabulous Love Story [add]
10. Puppy Love [add]
11. Oh, Baby Look at Me [add]
12. Let Me Be Your Hero [add]
13. Oh Judy [add]
14. Forever Loving You [add]
15. Teenage Teardrops [add]
16. Crazy Dream [add]
17. The Fabulous Love Story [add]
18. Puppy Love [add]
19. Oh, Baby Look at Me [add]
20. Let Me Be Your Hero [add]
21. Oh Judy [add]
22. Forever Loving You [add]
23. Teenage Teardrops [add]
24. Crazy Dream [add]
25. The Fabulous Love Story [add]
26. Puppy Love [add]
27. Oh, Baby Look at Me [add]
28. Let Me Be Your Hero [add]
29. Oh Judy [add]
30. Forever Loving You [add]
31. Teenage Teardrops [add]
32. Crazy Dream [add]

Hypnotized (1990) 01. Hypnotized [Master] [add]
02. Ten Little Women [add]
03. Come Marry Me [add]
04. Oh, Baby Look at Me [add]
05. Don't Do Me This Way lyrics
06. Oh Judy [add]
07. Sugar Drop [add]
08. Guess I'm Gonna Fall [add]
09. There Was a Fungus Among Us [add]
10. Everyone But One [add]
11. One Sweet Kiss [add]
12. Crazy Dream [add]
13. Let Me Be Your Hero [add]
14. Puppy Love [add]
15. Patty Baby lyrics
16. Teenage Teardrops [add]
17. Forever Loving You [add]
18. You and I [add]
19. Leave Me Alone [add]
20. My Teenage Heart [add]
21. She's Gone [Master] [add]
22. Ten Little Women [Take 1] [add]
23. Hypnotized [Take 1] [add]
24. The World's a Rockin' [add]
25. Heartless Woman [add]
26. She's Gone [Take 1] [add]
27. That Ain't Right [add]
28. Hound Dog [add]

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