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Bruce Carroll lyrics
Genre: Gospel
Richest Man in Town (0000) 01. Cross My Heart [add]
02. Above and Beyond [add]
03. When He Reigns He Pours [add]
04. Fight to Be Weak [add]
05. The Richest Man in Town [add]
06. Only You [add]
07. Song for You [add]
08. It Is Finished [add]
09. He's Always There [add]
10. Forget It [add]
11. Something Good Is Bound to Happen [add]
12. Let Go Let God [add]
13. Driving Nails lyrics

The Great Exchange (1990) 01. Living in the Pages [add]
02. Lay It on Down [add]
03. Elm Street [add]
04. Who Will Be Jesus lyrics
05. Average Joe [add]
06. The Great Exchange [add]
07. Wake the Dead [add]
08. I Can't Love Without You [add]
09. Moment of Truth [add]
10. You Never Know [add]

Sometimes Miracles Hide (1991) 01. Highway of Life [add]
02. If We Only Had the Heart [add]
03. Level Head [add]
04. I Know Where I Stand [add]
05. Sometimes Miracles Hide lyrics
06. Pray for My Enemies [add]
07. I'm Still Here [add]
08. Breaking the Law of Love [add]
09. Love Will Be Enough [add]
10. I'd Rather See a Sermon [add]

Walk On (1993) 01. Walk On [add]
02. Good Life [add]
03. Road Back Home [add]
04. It Took You [add]
05. Answer to Prayer [add]
06. The Middle Ages [add]
07. There Is Prayer [add]
08. Sometimes When We Love [add]
09. What We Were Fighting For [add]
10. Right at Home [add]

One Summer Evening...Live (1995) 01. If We Only Had the Heart [add]
02. Walk On [add]
03. Shadow and Light [add]
04. Medley: The Great Exchange/Driving Nails/Who Will Be Jesus [add]
05. I'm Still Here [add]
06. Sometimes Miracles Hide lyrics
07. Living in the Pages [add]
08. Simon Peter [add]
09. Above and Beyond [add]
10. Highway of Life [add]
11. I Know Where I Stand [add]

Boomerang (1997) 01. Boomerang [add]
02. Pray Hard [add]
03. The Room [add]
04. Audience of One [add]
05. To Forgive [add]
06. Memory of the Chains lyrics
07. Feed My Soul [add]
08. The Veil [add]
09. The Unexplained [add]
10. Wgod [add]

For the Record (1997) 01. Bought and Paid For [#] [add]
02. Driving Nails lyrics
03. Fight to Be Weak [add]
04. Above and Beyond [add]
05. The Great Exchange [add]
06. Who Will Be Jesus lyrics
07. Living in the Pages [add]
08. Breaking the Law of Love [add]
09. Sometimes Miracles Hide lyrics
10. I'm Still Here [add]
11. I Know Where I Stand [add]
12. Good Life [add]
13. Walk On [add]
14. Shadow and Light [add]

Big World (2005) 01. Big World [add]
02. Everything I Need [add]
03. Ship Out of Water [add]
04. I Don't Care What They Say [add]
05. The Story [add]
06. Jealously [add]
07. Letters I Left Behind [add]
08. When We Fail Love [add]
09. Halfway House [add]
10. Shelter Me [add]

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