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Richard Greene lyrics
Genre: Country
Duets (1978) 01. Alabama Jubilee [add]
02. Methodist Preacher [add]
03. Danny Boy [add]
04. The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn [add]
05. Twinkle Little Star [add]
06. Fish Scale [add]
07. Little Rabbit [add]
08. The Tennessee Waltz [add]
09. Nick's Noodle [add]
10. Colored Aristocracy [add]
11. Anouman [add]

Ramblin' (1979) 01. Ramblin' [add]
02. New Orleans [add]
03. Caravan [add]
04. Bach Violin Concerto in E Major [add]
05. Limehouse Blues [add]
06. Steven Foster Medley [add]
07. You Are My Sunshine [add]
08. Uncle Pen [add]
09. In the Pines [add]
10. The Walls of Time [add]

Molly on the Shore (1988) 01. Puttin' on the Ritz [add]
02. Sally in Our Alley [add]
03. Movement IV (Allegro con Brio) -String Quartet No. 2 [add]
04. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [add]
05. Molly on the Shore/Temple Hill [add]
06. Dance Music for Four Saxophones #4 [add]
07. Doin' Things [add]
08. Kneedeep in the Greenegrass [add]
09. Big Alice [add]
10. Doors Trilogy: Love Me Two Times/You're Lost Little Girl/Hello I Love [add]

The String Machine (1991) 01. Welcome to the Jungle [add]
02. Desert Rose [add]
03. The String Machine: I. Cruise Control [add]
04. The String Machine: II. Skydrive [add]
05. The String Machine: III. Strutmobile [add]
06. Blues: "De Profundis" [add]
07. Hoedown Medley [add]
08. Harlem Nocturne [add]
09. From the Diary of a Fly [add]
10. Sir Roger de Coverly [add]
11. Bleu Tres Fou [add]
12. Four Studies: I. Dramatic, Quasi Cadenza [add]
13. Four Studies: II. Fast; Driving But Cool/III. Moderately Slow, ... [add]
14. Four Studies: IV. Fast, Driving [add]

Bluegreene: The Greene String Quartet (1995) 01. West Side Story: Symphonic Dances - "Cool" Fugue [add]
02. Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) [add]
03. Children's Songs (No. 6) [add]
04. I'm Blue [add]
05. Caprice en Groove [add]
06. Blue Deco [add]
07. Blue Set: Mumbo Jumbo [add]
08. Blue Set: Twelve Bars [add]
09. Blue Set: Tucumcari [add]
10. Blue Set: Over and Out [add]

The Grass Is Greener (1995) 01. The Methodist Preacher [add]
02. Home Sweet Home [add]
03. The Virgin's Lament [add]
04. Northern White Clouds [add]
05. Whiskey Before Breakfast [live] [add]
06. Stoney Lonesome [add]
07. Cannon Ball Blues [add]
08. Panhandle Country [add]
09. Faded Love [add]
10. The Kentucky Mandolin [add]
11. Brown County Breakdown [add]
12. The Beaumont Rag [add]

Greene Fiddler (1995) 01. Ghost Train [add]
02. N.P.D. [add]
03. 2 Much 2 Soon [add]
04. Pagan Annie [add]
05. Blue Rondo a la Turk [add]
06. An Old Irish Air [add]
07. Bach! [add]
08. Ramblin' [add]
09. Private Driver [add]
10. Enjoy, Enjoy [add]
11. Grey Eagle [add]
12. Soldier's Joy [add]
13. Fiddle Rock [add]
14. Little Rabbit [add]
15. Rain and Snow [add]
16. Orange Blossom Medley [add]

Wolves A' Howlin' (1996) 01. Wolves A' Howlin' [add]
02. The Indiana Waltz [add]
03. On the Move [add]
04. Shaking off the Acorns [add]
05. Evening Prayer Blues [add]
06. The Pipehorn Hornpipe [add]
07. Charleston [add]
08. Sometime Next Summer [add]
09. Horseshoe Bend [add]
10. Nervous Breakdown [add]
11. Peaches and Cream [add]
12. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star [add]
13. Get up John [add]

Sales Tax Toddle (1997) 01. The Drunken Man's Dream [add]
02. Along About Daybreak [add]
03. Sales Tax Toddle [add]
04. With Body and Soul [add]
05. Done Gone Waltz [add]
06. My Little Georgia Rose [add]
07. I'll Be Sixteen Next Sunday [add]
08. Close By [add]
09. 16 Days in Georgia [add]
10. Last Ride [add]
11. No One But My Darlin' [add]
12. Little Rabbit [add]

Hands Across The Pond (2001) 01. Te Bhan, Te Bhan/Hori Horo/Highland Boat Song [add]
02. Hunt the Squirrel/Jack's Maggot [add]
03. Niel Gow's Lamentation for His Brother [add]
04. Shepherd's Hey/Cuckoo's Next [add]
05. Chorus Jig [add]
06. She's Like the Swallow [add]
07. Dick's Maggot [add]
08. Locheal's Awa' Tae France [add]
09. Lady Walpole's Reel/Fred Roden's Reel [add]
10. Mayday Morning/Wedding Reel [add]
11. McFadden's Handsome Daughter [add]
12. Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance [add]

Low? Bottom? Me (2003) 01. Too Cool to Care [add]
02. Nobody's Perfect [add]
03. Searching for Poetry [add]
04. Let's Go Wild [add]
05. Growing Roses [add]
06. Helter Skelter [add]
07. The Waters of March [add]
08. Tricotism [add]
09. Everything Happens for a Reason [add]
10. Doin' the New Low Down [add]

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