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The Lewis Family lyrics
Genre: Gospel
High Cotton (0000) 01. Everyday Will Be Sunday By and By [add]
02. Everfaithful Friend [add]
03. Jesus Is the Light [add]
04. If I Could See the World Through the Eyes of a Child [add]
05. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands [add]
06. Enjoyed Not Endured [add]
07. What Your World's Coming to [add]
08. High Cotton [add]
09. Captain Reached Down for My Soul [add]
10. Just Over in the Gloryland [add]
11. Looking Through the Windows of Heaven lyrics

I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (0000) 01. I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I'm Gonna Be a Diamond Someday) [add]
02. What on Earth (Will You Do for Heaven's Sake) [add]
03. Traveling on [add]
04. Time Has Made a Change (In Me) [add]
05. Great Reward [add]
06. I'm Gonna Try to Be That Way [add]
07. Down by the Riverside [add]
08. Wait for the Light to Shine [add]
09. Don't You Want to Go to Heaven [add]
10. Gone Away [add]

Singin' Time Down South (1960) 01. Carry on [add]
02. You Can't Do Wrong and Get by [add]
03. Help Me Understand [add]
04. Jesus Is My King [add]
05. I Do Believe [add]
06. Beautiful City [add]
07. Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus [add]
08. At the End of My Journey [add]
09. Just One Rose Will Do [add]
10. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands [add]
11. Hide You in the Blood [add]
12. I'm Not Alone [add]
13. I Shall Not Be Moved [add]
14. I See Jesus [add]
15. My Closest Kin [add]
16. To Get My Reward [add]

Gospel Special (1962) 01. Jesus in the Rock [add]
02. No One But Thee [add]
03. When God's Chariot Comes [add]
04. Ain't No Room in the Church for Liars [add]
05. Dreaming of a Little Cabin [add]
06. Mother's Only Sleeping [add]
07. Honey in the Rock [add]
08. When I Walk Along the Streets of Gold [add]
09. Empty Cross [add]
10. I've Started Out to Find a Better Home [add]
11. From the Manger to the Cross [add]
12. Take This Whole World [add]
13. My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race [add]
14. God's Great Stratosphere [add]

Sing Me a Gospel Song (1962) 01. There's a Higher Power [add]
02. Gloryland March [add]
03. My Lord Will Lead Me Home [add]
04. As You Travel Alone [add]
05. There Is a Happy Land [add]
06. Family Bible [add]
07. Little Moses [add]
08. No Dark Shadows [add]
09. Dust on the Bible [add]
10. Standing and Wondering [add]
11. Jordan [add]
12. Faithful Friend [add]
13. We've Got to Keep Walking [add]
14. One Way Ticket to the Sky [add]

All Night Singing Convention (1963) 01. Heavenly Chimes [add]
02. Lamb's Book of Life [add]
03. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho [add]
04. There's Somebody Wrong About the Bible [add]
05. Only Way Home [add]
06. Keep on the Firing Line [add]
07. Old and in the Way [add]
08. My Homeward Flight [add]
09. There's Joy Ahead [add]
10. You Go to Your Church (And I'll Go to Mine) [add]
11. Swing Down Chariot [add]
12. He Made a Way [add]
13. Seeking a Far Off Home [add]
14. He's Sweeter [add]

Singing in My Soul (1964) 01. Singing in My Soul [add]
02. Gonna Keep My Love Light Burning [add]
03. Look Away [add]
04. Moving Onward [add]
05. Go Out and Tell the News [add]
06. Oh Why Not Tonight [add]
07. Over the Rolling Sea [add]
08. Shine Shine Shine [add]
09. Born Again [add]
10. Climbing Jacob's Ladder [add]
11. Ship of Glory [add]
12. God's Heaven [add]

First Family of Gospel Music (1965) 01. Crying Holy Unto the Lord [add]
02. Jesus Is Coming [add]
03. His Blood Now Covers My Sin [add]
04. No Trouble in Heaven [add]
05. Where Did You Get Your Religion [add]
06. I've Got a Home [add]
07. I've Found a Hiding Place [add]
08. Where the Shades of Love Lie Deep [add]
09. When I Reach That City [add]
10. Precious Moments [add]
11. Purple Robe [add]
12. I Like the Old Time Way [add]

Shall We Gather at the River (1966) 01. Shall We Gather at the River [add]
02. In the Garden [add]
03. When the Morning Comes [add]
04. Never Alone [add]
05. On Jordan's Stormy Banks [add]
06. Haven of Rest [add]
07. Brighten the Corner Where You Are [add]
08. Down by the River Side [add]
09. In the Sweet Bye and Bye [add]
10. Bringing in the Sheaves [add]
11. Unclouded Day [add]
12. Old Rugged Cross [add]

Time is Moving On (1967) 01. Time Is Moving on [add]
02. Each Ring of the Hammer [add]
03. Don't Be Ashamed of Jesus [add]
04. We Will Have No Fear [add]
05. I Want to Sing [add]
06. Heaven Is Calling Me Home [add]
07. I'll Soon Be Leaving [add]
08. I Ask Not [add]
09. Across the River from Here [add]
10. I Know It Can't Be Far [add]
11. Sitting Here Thinking [add]
12. Hiding in the Rock [add]

All Day Singing & Dinner on the Ground (1968) 01. Rank Strangers [add]
02. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
03. This Little Light of Mine [add]
04. That Is Where I Want to Go [add]
05. I'll Be No Stranger [add]
06. Old Brush Harbors [add]
07. Tramp on the Street [add]
08. Calvary [add]
09. Nearer Home [add]
10. I'm Marching Toward Gloryland [add]
11. Just for Me [add]
12. I Can Feel the Spirit Moving [add]

Golden Gospel Banjo (1968) 01. Home Sweet Home [add]
02. Where the Soul of Man Never Dies [add]
03. Gospel Train [add]
04. Happy Rhythm [add]
05. Dry Bones [add]
06. When They Ring Those Golden Bells [add]
07. Lead Me [add]
08. Battle Hymn of the Republic [add]
09. There Is Power in the Blood [add]
10. Church in the Wildwood [add]
11. Walking on the Water [add]
12. Rainbow of Love [add]

Gospel Singing Sensations from Dixie (1971) 01. Carry on [add]
02. Over in Gloryland [add]
03. He Knew Just What to Do [add]
04. Everlasting Arms [add]
05. Got to Cross Jordan [add]
06. Grand Homecoming [add]
07. Spread Sunshine [add]
08. Where There's a Will There's a Way [add]
09. What a Friend [add]
10. Voice from Heaven [add]

Live in Georgia (1993) 01. Satisfied [add]
02. Matthew Twenty-Four [add]
03. Good Time Get Together [add]
04. Jesus the Way-Maker [add]
05. Joyful Banjo [add]
06. Just a Rose Will Do [add]
07. Sailing, Sailing [add]
08. What a Saviour, What a Friend [add]
09. Living up on the Mountain [add]
10. Child of the King [add]
11. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]

Sweet Dixie Home (1994) 01. Sweet Dixie Home [add]
02. Flowers in the Wildwood [add]
03. I Believe It [add]
04. What a Saviour What a Friend [add]
05. I'm Gonna Shout [add]
06. Gold Records in Heaven [add]
07. Talk About Jesus [add]
08. On a High High Mountain [add]
09. Filled With the Spirit of God [add]
10. I Have But One Goal [add]

Bluegrass Country Club (1995) 01. Running in the Yard [add]
02. A Rose in a Bible [add]
03. Hallelujah Homecoming Day [add]
04. I Wouldn't Miss It for the World [add]
05. I Stand Alone at God's Door [add]
06. I've Found a Hiding Place [add]
07. I'd Still Have Nothing [add]
08. If We Ever Needed the Lord Before (We Sho Do Need Him Now) [add]
09. Family Affair [add]
10. Gloryland Way [add]

20 Country Bluegrass Hymns (1996) 01. He Keeps Me Singing [add]
02. Old Rugged Cross [add]
03. Jesus Saviour Pilot Me [add]
04. When We All Get to Heaven [add]
05. Whispering Hope [add]
06. Over Yonder by the Sea [add]
07. Homecoming Week [add]
08. I Shall Not Be Moved [add]
09. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be [add]
10. Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown [add]
11. Amazing Grace [add]
12. Church in the Wildwood [add]
13. Pearly White City [add]
14. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms [add]
15. Lord I'm Coming Home [add]
16. Love Lifted Me [add]
17. Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb [add]
18. Heavenly Sunlight [add]
19. We Are Going Down the Valley [add]
20. How Great Thou Art [add]

Time (1997) 01. Follow the Light [add]
02. More Than Enough [add]
03. You Can't Stop Time [add]
04. When Our Lord Shall Come Again [add]
05. All My Blessings [add]
06. Dig a Little Deeper in the Well [add]
07. He Carried the Cross for Me [add]
08. He Built a Bridge [add]
09. I Dreamed I Searched Heaven for You [add]
10. Oh, My Lord, What a Time [add]

Angels Gathering Flowers (2004) 01. When We Get to the Other Side [add]
02. Mama Prayed, Daddy Sang [add]
03. A Crown That Lasts Forever [add]
04. Traveling Shoes [add]
05. Angels Gathering Floewrs [add]
06. The Purple Robe [add]
07. I Will Go Where He Leads Me [add]
08. Mama's Flower Bed [add]
09. I'm Bound for the Land of Canaan [add]
10. How God Has Taken Care of Me [add]
11. Light of Love [add]

One Rose (2005) 01. One Rose [add]
02. Stepping Stone [add]
03. I Believe in the Lord [add]
04. Get on Board This Old Train [add]
05. When We Talk to the Father [add]
06. Alright, Alright, Alright [add]
07. When I Got Down on My Knees [add]
08. The Lord Is Busy Man [add]
09. Silver Lining [add]
10. If Jesus Comes Back on a Sunday [add]

Born of the Spirit (2005) 01. Carry On [add]
02. Over in Gloryland [add]
03. He Knew Just What to Do [add]
04. Got to Cross Jordan [add]
05. Just One Rose Will Do [add]
06. You've Got a Chance [add]
07. Did You Do What the Lord Said to Do [add]
08. Wait a Little Longer [add]
09. Lights in the Valley [add]
10. He's the Only One [add]
11. You Can't Do Wrong [add]
12. Where There's a Will [add]
13. A Voice from Heaven [add]
14. The Old Gospel Ship [add]
15. Born of the Spirit [add]
16. I'm Not Alone [add]
17. I Do Believe [add]
18. I Shall Not Be Moved [add]
19. To Get My Reward [add]
20. Sunshine Land [add]
21. At the End of My Journey [add]
22. Over Yonder by the Sea [add]
23. My Closest Kin [add]
24. Hide You in the Blood [add]
25. Jesus Is My King [add]
26. Help Me Understand [add]
27. Just One Rose Will Do [add]
28. I See Jesus [add]
29. He's a Shelter [add]
30. I Know God (Will Take Care of Me) [add]
31. Grand Homecoming [add]
32. Spread Sunshine [add]
33. Out in the Country [add]
34. Talking With Death [add]
35. Stay on Top With Jesus [add]
36. Are You Ready for Heaven [add]
37. Somebody Loves Me [add]
38. Dwelling in Beulah Land [add]
39. The Heavenly Plan [add]
40. World's Greatest Story [add]
41. Are You Ashamed [add]
42. Some Sweet Happy Day [add]
43. Child of the King [add]
44. Matthew 24 [add]
45. Wings of a Dove [add]
46. In Heaven [add]

Flyin High (2006) 01. Flyin' High [add]
02. What Greater Prize [add]
03. My Cross [add]
04. A Step Away [add]
05. Anywhere You Go [add]
06. Mama's Prayers [add]
07. The Key to Heaven [add]
08. Fight the Good Fight [add]
09. Look Beyond This Veil of Tears [add]
10. Those Good Old Country Sundays [add]

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