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Vanessa Daou lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Zipless (1995) 01. The Long Tunnel of Wanting You [add]
02. Dear Anne Sexton [add]
03. Alcestis on the Poetry Circuit [add]
04. Sunday Afternoons [add]
05. Autumn Perspective [add]
06. Near the Black Forest [add]
07. My Love Is Too Much [add]
08. Becoming a Nun [add]
09. Smoke [add]
10. Autumn Reprise [add]

Slow to Burn (1996) 01. How Do You Feel [add]
02. Evening [add]
03. Taste the Wine [add]
04. If I Could (What I Would Do) [add]
05. Waiting for the Sun to Rise [add]
06. Fugue States [add]
07. Don't Explain [add]
08. Two to Tango [add]
09. This Blue Hour [add]
10. For Anything [add]
11. Cross That Bridge [add]

Plutonium Glow [Oxygen] (1997) 01. Alive [add]
02. Make Believe [add]
03. Peculiar [add]
04. Back to the World [add]
05. Life on a Distant Star [add]
06. Zero G [add]
07. Mouth to Mouth [add]
08. Truth Remains [add]
09. Lightening [add]
10. Plutonium Glow [add]
11. Flower of My Fears [add]
12. Cherries in the Snow [add]
13. How Far [add]
14. Red Dawn [add]

Plutonium Glow [Daou Music] (1998) 01. Life on a Distant Star [add]
02. Plutonium Glow [add]
03. Peculiar [add]
04. Make Believe [add]
05. Lightening [add]
06. Zero G [add]
07. Mouth to Mouth [add]
08. Red Dawn [add]
09. Cherries in the Snow [add]
10. Flower of My Fears [add]
11. How Far [add]
12. Visions of You [add]
13. Truth Remains [add]
14. Back to the World [add]

Dear John Coltrane (1999) 01. Passed [add]
02. I Cry for You [add]
03. Deviate [add]
04. Inner Space [add]
05. A Thousand Licks [add]
06. The Word [add]
07. Snake Charmer [add]
08. Liquid Fire [add]
09. Unbecoming [add]
10. Trane Tripping [add]

Make You Love (2001) 01. You [add]
02. Little Bit of Pain [add]
03. Mess Around [add]
04. Make You Love [add]
05. Show Me [add]
06. Lovechild [add]
07. Aphrodite [add]
08. I Would for You [add]
09. A Little Bit of Pain [add]
10. Juliette [add]
11. Honey in a Jar [add]
12. Bittersweet [add]

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