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Gail Davies lyrics
Genre: Country
Eclectic (0000) 01. Just Can't Satisfy You [add]
02. A Friend Like You [add]
03. Where Does Love Come From [add]
04. In the Worst Way [add]
05. Drifting [add]
06. Your Mamma Works So Hard [add]
07. Wedding Invitation [add]
08. Heat It Up [add]
09. Lean on You [add]
10. Reaching Out for Him [add]

Gail Davies (1978) 01. No Love Have I [add]
02. What Can I Say? [add]
03. Grandma's Song [add]
04. Poison Love [add]
05. Are You Teasing Me? [add]
06. Bucket to the South [add]
07. Soft Spoken Man [add]
08. Someone Is Looking for Someone Like You [add]
09. Need Your Lovin' [add]
10. It's No Wonder I Feel Blue [add]

I'll Be There (1980) 01. I'll Be There [add]
02. It's a Lovely Lovely World [add]
03. Mama's Gonna Give You Sweet Things [add]
04. Kentucky Honky Tonk Waltz [add]
05. Farewell Song [add]
06. Object of My Affection [add]
07. Get That Feelin' Inside [add]
08. I'm Hungry I'm Tired [add]
09. Grandma's Song [add]
10. No One to Welcome Me Home [add]

The Game (1980) 01. Blue Heartache [add]
02. Game [add]
03. Good Lovin' Man [add]
04. Love Is Living Around Us [add]
05. Sorry That You're Leavin' [add]
06. Never Seen a Man Like You [add]
07. Drown in the Glood [add]
08. Like Strangers [add]
09. When I Had You in My Arms [add]

Giving Herself Away (1982) 01. Round the Clock Lovin' [add]
02. Movin' [add]
03. Hold on [add]
04. It's Amazing What a Little Love Can Do [add]
05. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) [add]
06. Givin' Herself Away [add]
07. All the Fire Is Gone [add]
08. Singing the Blues [add]
09. You Turn Me on I'm a Radio [add]
10. Dawn [add]

What Can I Say (1983) 01. Boys Like You [add]
02. Following You Around [add]
03. On a Real Good Night [add]
04. Hallelujah [add]
05. I Love Him So [add]
06. What Can I Say [add]
07. You're a Hard Dog [add]
08. It's You Alone [add]
09. If You Can Lie a Little Bit [add]
10. The Boy in You Is Showing [add]
11. Setting Me Up [add]

Where is a Woman to Go (1984) 01. Lion in the Winter [add]
02. Diffferent Train of Thought [add]
03. Where Is a Woman to Go [add]
04. Jagged Edge of a Broken Heart [add]
05. Not a Day Goes By [add]
06. Trouble With Love [add]
07. Breakaway [add]
08. Nothing Can Hurt Me Now [add]
09. Lovin' Me Too [add]
10. Unwed Fathers [add]

Wild Choir (1986) 01. Runnin' Scared [add]
02. Girl on a String [add]
03. Safe in the Arms of Love [add]
04. Walls [add]
05. Never Cross That Line [add]
06. Heart to Heart [add]
07. I Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand [add]
08. Next Time [add]
09. Love Back [add]
10. Action [add]

Pretty Words (1989) 01. Waiting Here for You [add]
02. I Don't Know Why [add]
03. Hearts in the Wind [add]
04. I've Had Enough [add]
05. Somewhere Tonight [add]
06. Pretty Words [add]
07. It's Just a Matter of Time [add]
08. I'm Ready to Fall in Love Again [add]
09. Meet Me Halfway [add]
10. I Will Rise and Shine Again [add]

The Other Side of Love (1990) 01. I'm a Little Bit Lonely [add]
02. Happy Ever After [add]
03. Holdin' Out for You [add]
04. Someone Like Me [add]
05. Love That Could Last [add]
06. With a Boy Like You [add]
07. Remember How It Was [add]
08. I Need My Baby Back [add]
09. Other Side of Love [add]
10. One More Night With You [add]

Love Ain't Easy (1999) 01. Right by You [add]
02. Better Love Next Time [add]
03. Get out of My Way [add]
04. Love Ain't Easy [add]
05. Burning in Hell for You [add]
06. He Comes to Me for the Answers [add]
07. Forgive and Forget [add]
08. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You [add]
09. I Don't Know [add]
10. Big Road [add]

Live & Unplugged at the Station Inn (2001) 01. Introduction [add]
02. It Ain't Me Babe [add]
03. Get out of My Way [add]
04. Trouble With Love [add]
05. Are You Teasing Me [add]
06. Poison Love [add]
07. Ashes of Love [add]
08. I'm Hungry I'm Tired [add]
09. Blue Heartache [add]
10. Round the Clock Lovin' [add]
11. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [add]
12. Right by You [add]
13. The Fox Hunting Song [add]
14. Grandma's Song [add]
15. Bucket to the South [add]
16. Lovesick Blues [add]
17. Tomorrow Is a Long Time [add]
18. Reaching Out for Him [add]
19. Wedding Invitation [add]

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