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Genre: Rock
Love Is Murder (1992) 01. Demolition Moon [add]
02. Baby, You Scare Me [add]
03. Let's Take Some Drugs and Drive Around [add]
04. Love Is Murder [add]
05. Put Down That Pig [add]
06. Beeville by Morning [add]
07. River of Love [add]
08. What Did They Do With the President's Brain? [add]
09. Trampled Under Foot [add]
10. Bleeding to Death [add]
11. When September Comes [add]
12. I Wish I Were Home With You lyrics

Adequate Desire (1994) 01. Every Little Thing [add]
02. I Just Do [add]
03. Out of This World [add]
04. Tremblin' [add]
05. My Last Letter Home [add]
06. Under the Rainbow With You [add]
07. Where Is My Girl? [add]
08. A New Favorite Place [add]
09. It's Hard to Wake up in the Morning [add]
10. I Can't Stand It [add]
11. Merry Christmas from Mars [add]
12. Hello, Mr. Death [add]

Frank Slade's 29th Dream (1995) 01. Every Little Thing [add]
02. Under the Rainbow With You [add]
03. Frank Slade's 29th Dream [add]

Dead by Dinner (2000) 01. I Can't Believe You Touched Him [add]
02. In the Crypt With Eleanora [add]
03. If You're Gonna Find Her, You Would've Found Her by Now [add]
04. Worthless [add]
05. Angel [add]
06. Truly [add]
07. If You Knew How Much I Wanted You [add]
08. How to Be Strong [add]
09. No One Can Tell You When It's Time to Leave [add]
10. Heaven, Too Far Away [add]
11. The Train Will Surely Come [add]
12. River Road [add]
13. I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground [add]

Lucky Too (2002) 01. Lucky Too [add]
02. Wild and True [add]
03. Sometimes I Wish I'd Never Heard the Rolling Stones [add]
04. Four in the Morning [add]
05. A Heart Needs a Home [add]
06. Sunday Night [add]
07. My Girl Bill [add]
08. For the Last Time [add]
09. Testify [add]
10. Rub Me, Honey [add]
11. Autopsy Blues [add]
12. Constant [add]

The Song He Was Listening to When He Died (2006) 01. Out Where the Highways Roll [add]
02. Summer [add]
03. I Had a Girl in Dien Bien Phu [add]
04. Beautiful [add]
05. The Song He Was Listening to When He Died [add]
06. The Wedding [add]
07. If You See Me [add]
08. Captain, Captain [add]
09. Amelia [add]
10. America [add]
11. My World, You're Welcome to It [add]
12. I Will Follow You [add]

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