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The Lost & Found lyrics
Genre: Country
Hymn Time (1988) 01. Mount Up With Wings [add]
02. When Was the Last Time [add]
03. I'm Going to Make Heaven My Home [add]
04. Boat of Love [add]
05. Lay It on Jesus [add]
06. Sing an Old Fashioned Song [add]
07. Baptism of Jesse Taylor [add]
08. When the Saints Go Marching In [add]
09. Come on Down [add]
10. Raging Storm [add]
11. Shall We Gather at the River? [add]
12. You're Drifting Away [add]
13. Peace in the Valley [add]
14. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
15. Don't Wait Too Late [add]
16. Give Me the Flowers While I'm Living [add]
17. Better Get Right With Jesus [add]

New Day (1989) 01. Baby's Gone [add]
02. One Teardrop and One Step Away [add]
03. I'll Take a Chance on Loving You [add]
04. God Gave You to Me [add]
05. If You Were My Tomorrow [add]
06. Until the Day I Die [add]
07. You Just Keep Me Hanging On [add]
08. Farther Down the Road [add]
09. What Ever Happened to Our Thing [add]
10. Hello Trouble [add]
11. Wishful Thinking [add]
12. Country Side of Living [add]
13. Sweet Marie [add]

The Lost & Found (1991) 01. It Calls My Name [add]
02. Everyday [add]
03. I Wanna Believe [add]
04. Look Me in the Eye [add]
05. Brave Yesterday [add]
06. Flashes [add]
07. Out of Touch [add]
08. Why Am I Here? [add]
09. Home Away from Home [add]
10. In a Dream [add]
11. Empty Feeling [add]

January Rain (1992) 01. Love Bug [add]
02. Sweethearts in Heaven [add]
03. Sawmill Road [add]
04. You Can't Make a Heel Tow the Mark [add]
05. The Farmer's Daughter [add]
06. Happy Tracks [add]
07. Your Heart Turned Left [add]
08. Hey Porter [add]
09. A Slow Burning Fire [add]
10. I Always Get Lonesome When It Rains [add]
11. In Too Deep [add]
12. January Rain [add]
13. Where Does the Good Times Go [add]

Ride Through the Country (1995) 01. Lovin' on Back Streets [add]
02. Least of All [add]
03. Sweet Thang and Cisco [add]
04. Borrowed Angel [add]
05. Fraulein [add]
06. Her Name Is... [add]
07. I Met a Friend of Yours Today [add]
08. Swinging Doors [add]
09. It's Another World [add]
10. I Wouldn't Change You If I Could [add]
11. Hello Love [add]
12. Medley: The Wild Side of Life/Take These Chains from My ... [add]

Across the Blue Ridge Mountains (1996) 01. Man Who Wrote 'Home Sweet Home' Never Was a Married Man [add]
02. Nobody Loves Me [add]
03. Rodeo Cowboy [add]
04. My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains [add]
05. Rabbit Song [add]
06. Leavin' You and Mobile (Too) [add]
07. Drifting With the Tide [add]
08. Sun's Gonna Shine in My Back Door Someday [add]
09. Colder and Colder [add]
10. Your Love Is Dying [add]
11. Rain [add]
12. Dream Softly My Love [add]
13. Southern Train [add]
14. Southbound [add]
15. Why Do You Weep, Dear Willow? [add]
16. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down [add]

Just Pickin' (1996) 01. Endicott Run [add]
02. Buckaroo [add]
03. Making Tracks [add]
04. Cricket on the Hearth [add]
05. Struttin' to Ferrum [add]
06. Arrowhead [add]
07. Home Sweet Home [add]
08. Ragtime Annie [add]
09. Banjo Riff [add]
10. Goofus [add]
11. When You and I Were Young, Maggie [add]
12. Chicken Reel [add]
13. The Old Rugged Cross [add]
14. Oh Dem Golden Slippers [add]
15. Red Wing [add]

It's About Time (2002) 01. Fourteen Carat Mind [add]
02. Log Cabin in the Lane [add]
03. Johnston's Grocery Store [add]
04. Country Pride [add]
05. Down the Road [add]
06. Teardrops in My Eyes [add]
07. The Hurt's All Gone [add]
08. Wreck of the Old '97 [add]
09. Just About Then [add]
10. Window Up Above [add]
11. Cold, Icy Fingers [add]
12. Tragelin' Down a Gravel Road [add]

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