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Clive Gregson lyrics
Genre: Folk
Strange Persuasions (1985) 01. Summer Rain [add]
02. Jewel in Your Crown [Remix] lyrics
03. I Still See Her Face [add]
04. Home Is Where the Heart Is [add]
05. Play the Fool [add]
06. Poor Relation [add]
07. This Town [add]
08. The Safety Net [add]
09. Could This Be the One? [*] [add]
10. American Car [add]
11. I Fall Apart [add]

Home and Away [live] (1986) 01. It's All Just Talk [add]
02. Mama Tried [add]
03. Home Is Where the Heart Is [add]
04. All the Time in the World [add]
05. Unlucky in Love [add]
06. Matchbox [add]
07. When My Ship Comes In [add]
08. I Heard It Through the Grapevine [add]
09. Chase the Dragon [add]
10. As Lovers Do [add]
11. All Because of You [add]
12. Northern Soul [add]
13. Touch and Go [add]
14. Slow Down [add]
15. I'm Blowin' Away [add]

Mischief (1987) 01. I Wouldn't Treat a Dog [add]
02. Everybody Cheats on You [add]
03. That Same Mistake [add]
04. I Specialise [add]
05. We're Not Over Yet lyrics
06. Not a Day Passes [add]
07. Rain on Your Parade [add]
08. I Wonder What Went Wrong [add]
09. This Tender Trap [add]
10. I Will Be There [add]
11. Wash Me Away [add]
12. No Word of a Lie [add]

A Change in the Weather (1989) 01. This Is the Deal [add]
02. Blessing in Disguise [add]
03. (Don't Step in) My Blue Suede Shoes [add]
04. Tryin' to Get to You [add]
05. How Weak I Am [add]
06. Temporary Sincerity [add]
07. Blues on the Run [add]
08. Voodoo Doll [add]
09. Standing in Your Shadow [add]
10. Jumped up Madam [add]
11. Talent Will Out [add]

Love Is a Strange Hotel (1990) 01. The Things We Do for Love [add]
02. Move Away Jimmy Blue [add]
03. How Men Are [add]
04. Love Is a Strange Hotel [add]
05. Even a Fool Would Let Go [add]
06. One Step Up [add]
07. For a Dancer [add]
08. Lonesome Whistle [add]
09. Same Situation [add]
10. Always Better With You [add]
11. Today I Started Loving You Again [add]
12. The Most Beguiling Eyes [add]

Welcome to the Workhouse (1990) 01. Standing in Your Shadow [add]
02. No Idea [add]
03. First Time Behind the Wheel (Please Don't Stop) [add]
04. Time Does Not Heal [add]
05. Trouble With Love [add]
06. Human Heart [add]
07. I'll Be Your Man [add]
08. This Tender Trap [add]
09. You'd Better Go Home [add]
10. Give Me a Chance [add]
11. She'll Belong to Me [add]
12. She's Out of My Life [add]

The Last Word (1992) 01. I Know Something [add]
02. Here I Go Again [add]
03. This Broken Home [add]
04. Snow in Philadelphia [add]
05. I Could Be Happy [add]
06. I Shake [add]
07. I Don't Want to Lose You [add]
08. She's Meeting a Man [add]
09. Last Man Alive [add]
10. Close Down This Bar [add]
11. Could This Be the One? [add]

People & Places (1995) 01. Camden Town [add]
02. Feathers [add]
03. Mary's Divorce [add]
04. Gabriel [add]
05. My Eyes Gave the Game Away [add]
06. Medicine House [add]
07. Black Train Coming [add]
08. Box Number [add]
09. Blue Rose [add]
10. My Favourite Lies [add]
11. Restless [add]
12. Lily of the Valley [add]
13. When This War Is Over [add]

I Love This Town (1996) 01. I Love This Town [add]
02. Tattoo [add]
03. Love Casts a Long Shadow [add]
04. Jericho Junction [add]
05. Lonely Street [add]
06. Things I Didn't Do [add]
07. Geography [add]
08. Secondhand Car [add]
09. Rumour Factory [add]
10. The Cross I Bear [add]
11. Ramshackle Road [add]
12. My Brilliant Past [add]

Happy Hour (1999) 01. I Get What I Deserve [add]
02. Fred Astaire [add]
03. Nothing Ever Lasts [add]
04. Cause for Complaint [add]
05. Melody [add]
06. True Beauty [add]
07. Firefly [add]
08. Come Home Soon [add]
09. Salt [add]
10. I Would Have Walked Away [add]
11. How Could I Resist? [add]
12. Until We Meet Again [add]
13. There Comes a Time [add]

Comfort and Joy (2002) 01. Frances O'Connor [add]
02. Antidote [add]
03. Fingerless Gloves [add]
04. I'm There for You [add]
05. It's You I Want to Hold [add]
06. If I Was Your Lover [add]
07. Catholic Girl [add]
08. White Suit of Notes [add]
09. Riding on a Bus [add]
10. Pretty Peggy-O [add]
11. String of Pearls [add]
12. Comfort and Joy [add]

Long Story Short (2004) 01. Cornerstone [add]
02. Over the Garden Wall [add]
03. Ghosts [add]
04. Wintertime [add]
05. My Bitter Half [add]
06. Paper Dolls [add]
07. I Never Learned a Thing About You [add]
08. My Other Life [add]
09. All My Stories [add]
10. Jenny [add]
11. Your Love [add]
12. Joan of Arkansas [add]
13. I Remember You [add]
14. Goldfish Bowl [add]
15. Cool Cool Rain [add]

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