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Wayne Raney lyrics
Genre: Rock
More Hot Boogie (0000) 01. Gone With the Wind This Morning [add]
02. I Ain't Notin' But a Tom Cat Kitten [add]
03. Powerful Love [add]
04. Falling [add]
05. I Want a Home in Dixie [add]
06. I've Done Sold My Soul [add]
07. Lonesome Wind Blues [add]
08. Roosters Are Crowing [add]
09. Pardon My Whiskers [add]
10. I'd Feel Like a Millionaire [add]
11. Gonna Row My Boat [add]
12. I'm Really Needin' You [add]
13. When They Let the Hammer Down [add]
14. Old Fashioned Matrimony in Mind [add]
15. No One's Crying But Me [add]
16. Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me (One More Time) [add]

Real Hot Boogie (0000) 01. Jack and Jill Boogie [add]
02. Lost John Boogie [add]
03. Real Hot Boogie [add]
04. Catfish Baby [add]
05. Bootleg Boogie [add]
06. I Was There [add]
07. You Better Treat Your Man Right [add]
08. Adam [add]
09. I Had My Fingers Crossed [add]
10. If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time) [add]
11. Heads or Tails I Win [add]
12. Blues at My Door [add]
13. I'm on My Way [add]
14. Undertaking Daddy [add]
15. Real Good Feeling [add]
16. Beating Around the Bush [add]

Songs of the Hills (1958) 01. Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me [add]
02. Lost John Boogie [add]
03. Lonesome Wind Blues [add]
04. Pardon My Whiskers [add]
05. Mama Don't You Remember When You Were Young [add]
06. The Roosters Are Crowing [add]
07. I Was There [add]
08. We Love to Live [add]
09. I Love My Little Yo Yo [add]
10. My Annabelle Lee [add]
11. Jack and Jill Boogie [add]
12. Adam [add]
13. I've Gone and Sold My Soul [add]
14. Gone With the Wind This Morning [add]
15. Burning Your Love Letters [add]
16. Catfish Baby [add]

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