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Eric Andersen lyrics
Genre: Folk
Today Is the Highway (1965) 01. Today Is the Highway [add]
02. Dusty Box Car Wall [add]
03. Time for My Returning [add]
04. Plains of Nebrasky-O [add]
05. Looking Glass [add]
06. Never Coming Home [add]
07. Come to My Bedside [add]
08. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
09. Everthing Ain't Been Said [add]
10. Bay of Mexico [add]
11. Song to J.C.B. [add]
12. Bumblebee [add]

'Bout Changes & Things (1966) 01. Violets of Dawn [add]
02. The Girl I Love [add]
03. That's All Right Mama [add]
04. Thirsty Boots [add]
05. The Hustler [add]
06. Cross Your Mind [add]
07. I Shall Go Unbounded [add]
08. Champion at Keeping Them Rolling [add]
09. Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin' [add]
10. Blind Fiddler [add]
11. Close the Door Lightly When You Go [add]
12. My Land Is a Good Land [add]

'Bout Changes & Things, Take 2 (1967) 01. Close the Door Lightly When You Go [add]
02. That's Alright Mama [add]
03. Blind Fiddler [add]
04. The Hustler [add]
05. Thirsty Boots [add]
06. My Land Is a Good Land [add]
07. Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin' [add]
08. Cross Your Mind [add]
09. Champion at Keeping Them Rolling [add]
10. I Shall Go Unbounded [add]
11. Violets of Dawn [add]
12. The Girl I Love [add]

More Hits From Tin Can Alley (1968) 01. Tin Can Alley, Pt. 1 [add]
02. 16 Year Grudge [add]
03. Miss Lonely Are You Blue [add]
04. Mary Sunshine [add]
05. Honey [add]
06. Just a Little Something [add]
07. Rollin' Home (It's a Far Cry From Heaven and a Short Cry From Home) [add]
08. On the Edge of You [add]
09. Broken Hearted Mama [add]
10. Hello Sun [add]
11. A Woman Is a Prism [add]
12. Tin Can Alley, Pt. 2 [add]

A Country Dream (1969) 01. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay [add]
02. All I Remember Is You [add]
03. Deborah, I Love You [add]
04. Devon, You Look Like Heaven [add]
05. Eyes Gently Rolling [add]
06. Just a Country Dream [add]
07. Lovesick Blues [add]
08. Smashville Jam [add]
09. Waves of Freedom [add]

Avalanche (1969) 01. It's Comin' & It Wont Be Long [add]
02. An Old Song [add]
03. Louise [add]
04. Think About It [add]
05. So Hard to Fall [add]
06. Good to With You [add]
07. We Were Foolish Like Flowers [add]
08. Avalanche [add]
09. For What Was Gained [add]

Eric Andersen (1969) 01. Don't Leave Me Here for Dead [add]
02. It Wasn't a Lie lyrics
03. Sign of a Desperate Man [add]
04. I Will Wait [add]
05. What Is It Like to Be Free [add]
06. She Touched Me [add]
07. Lie With Me [add]
08. I Was the Rebel (She Was the Cause) [add]
09. Secrets [add]
10. Go Now, Deborah [add]

Blue River (1972) 01. Is It Really Love at All [add]
02. Pearl's Goodtime Blues [add]
03. Wind and Sand [add]
04. Faithful [add]
05. Blue River [add]
06. Florentine [add]
07. Sheila [add]
08. More Often Than Not [add]
09. Round the Bend [add]

Be True to You (1975) 01. Moonchild River Song [add]
02. Be True to You [add]
03. Wild Crow Blues [add]
04. Ol' 55 [add]
05. Time Run Like a Freight Train [add]
06. Liza, Light the Candle [add]
07. Woman, She Was Gentle [add]
08. Can't Get You Out of My Life [add]
09. Blues Keep Fallin' Like the Rain [add]
10. Love Is Just a Game [add]

Sweet Surprise (1976) 01. Lost in a Song [add]
02. How It Goes [add]
03. Dreams of Mexico [add]
04. San Diego Serenade [add]
05. Sweet Surprize [add]
06. Down at the Cantina [add]
07. Crazy River [add]
08. Love Will Meet Again [add]

Midnight Son (1980) 01. It Must Be Love [add]
02. Rock 'n Roll Woman [add]
03. Midnight Son [add]
04. Walked Out the Door [add]
05. Picture of my Heart [add]
06. Norway [add]
07. Who's Gonna Keep my Love [add]
08. Come Runnin' Like a Friend [add]
09. Don't Cry Now [add]
10. Thurman [add]
11. Messiah [add]

Tight in the Night (1984) 01. Walkin in My Sleep [add]
02. Lovin' You, Lovin' Me [add]
03. Jonah [add]
04. Girls of Denmark [add]
05. Someone in My Life [add]
06. What Will You Do With My Heart [add]
07. She Can Dance [add]
08. Straight Life [add]
09. Count on You [add]
10. Tight in the Night [add]

Ghosts Upon the Road (1989) 01. Belgian Bar [add]
02. Spanish Steps [add]
03. It Starts With a Lie [add]
04. Trouble in Paris [add]
05. Listen to the Rain [add]
06. Ghosts upon the Road [add]
07. Too Many Times (I Will Try) [add]
08. Carry Me Away [add]
09. Six Senses of Darkness [add]
10. Irish Lace [add]

Stages: The Lost Album (1991) 01. Baby, I'm Lonesome [add]
02. Moonchild River Song [add]
03. Can't Get You Out of My Life [add]
04. Woman, She Was Gentle [add]
05. Time Run Like a Freight Train [add]
06. It's Been a Long Time [add]
07. Wild Crow Blues [add]
08. Be True to You [add]
09. I Love to Sing My Ballad, Mama (But They Only Wanna Hear Me Rock And) [add]
10. Dream to Rimbaud [add]
11. Make It Last (Angel in the Wind) [add]
12. Lie With Me [add]
13. Soul of My Song [add]

Memory of the Future (1998) 01. Sudden Love [add]
02. Foghorn [add]
03. Rain Falls Down in Amsterdam [add]
04. Blue Heart [add]
05. Goin' Gone [add]
06. Memory of the Future [add]
07. Sex with You [add]
08. Chinatown [add]
09. No Man's Land [add]
10. When I'm Gone [add]
11. Hills of Tuscany [add]

You Can't Relive the Past (2000) 01. Eyes of the Immigrant [add]
02. You Can't Relive the Past [add]
03. Gonna Go Crazy [add]
04. Meadowlark [add]
05. Every Once in a Pale Blue Moon [add]
06. Stand Me up Easy [add]
07. Dear Mama [add]
08. The Road [add]
09. Cold Country [add]
10. Night Train [add]
11. Magdalena [add]
12. The Blue March (The Iris) [add]
13. Possum Reprise [add]

Beat Avenue (2003) 01. Ain't No Time to Bleed [add]
02. Before Everything Changed [add]
03. Salt on Your Skin [add]
04. Song of You and Me [add]
05. Shape of a Broken Heart [add]
06. Great Pyramid [add]
07. Under the Shadows [add]
08. Rains Are Gonna Come [add]
09. Runaway [add]
10. Stupid Love [add]
11. Still Looking for You [add]
12. Feel Like Comin' Home [add]
13. Beat Avenue [add]
14. Blue Rockin' Chair [add]

The Street Was Always There (2004) 01. Little Bit of Rain [add]
02. These 23 Days in September [add]
03. Universal Soldier [add]
04. Johnny Half-Breed [add]
05. Waves of Freedom [add]
06. I Ain't Marching Anymore [add]
07. Louise [add]
08. Misty Roses [add]
09. White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land [add]
10. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall [add]
11. Many a Mile [add]
12. The Other Side of This Life [add]
13. The Street Was Always There [add]
14. Phil Ochs Speaks [add]

Waves (2005) 01. Once I Was [add]
02. Ramblin' Boy [add]
03. I've Got a Secret [add]
04. Pale Blue Eyes [add]
05. Golden Bird [add]
06. John Brown [add]
07. Changes [add]
08. Today Is the Highway [add]
09. On the Road Again [add]
10. Coconut Grove [add]
11. Bold Marauder [add]
12. Hymn of Waves [add]
13. Thirsty Boots [add]

Blue Rain [live] (2007) 01. The Other Side of This Life [add]
02. The Blues Keep Fallin' Like the Rain [add]
03. Trouble in Paris [add]
04. Runaway [add]
05. Don't It Make You Wanna Sing the Blues [add]
06. Sheila [add]
07. Goin' Gone [add]
08. Losing Hand [add]
09. Shame, Shame, Shame [add]
10. Blue River [add]
11. You Can't Relive the Past [add]

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