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The Geezinslaws lyrics
Genre: Country
The Geezinslaws (1989) 01. The King Is Gone (So Are You) [add]
02. Is That Your Girlfriend [add]
03. Cheatin' [add]
04. Ever-Changin' Woman [add]
05. Daddy Don't Live in Heaven lyrics
06. Over the Rainbow [add]
07. Swervin' in My Lane [add]
08. Dinosaur [add]
09. Fryin' Pan (Never Leave My Wife at Home) [add]
10. Warning on the Label [add]
11. Hank Williams Led a Happy Life [add]

World Tour (1990) 01. I Kissed the Bus [add]
02. Unchained Melody [add]
03. Afraid You'd Come Back [add]
04. Victim of Life's Circumstances [add]
05. Mental Revenge [add]
06. Life Can Have Meaning [add]
07. Night and Day [add]
08. My Pocket's Got a Hole in It [add]
09. Weeds Out Live the Roses [add]
10. If You Don't Believe I Love You [add]
11. Lonely Hart [add]

Feelin' Good, Gittin' Up, Gittin' Down (1992) 01. Help, I'm White and I Can't Get Down/Son's Love [add]
02. Copenhagen [add]
03. You Belong to Me/Little Baptist Humor [add]
04. Let's Think About Living/Moonlight & Condiments [add]
05. The Diet Song [add]
06. I Kissed the Bus/Does This Make Sense? [add]
07. Someone Sweet to Love/Was It Something I Thought? [add]
08. Peel Me a 'Nanner/Psychic Ventriloquism [add]
09. Bluebird/46%=1/3 [add]

I Wish I Had a Job to Shove (1994) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Because of Country Music (I've Gone Crazy) [add]
03. No Place Like Austin [add]
04. I Wish I Had a Job to Shove [add]
05. Tastes Like Chicken [add]
06. I Love You Period [add]
07. Acknowledgements & Intro. [add]
08. Play It Backwards [add]
09. Running a Little Late [add]
10. Paint Me on Velvet [add]
11. Son's High Finance [add]
12. Monkey Man [add]
13. The Lone Ranger & Tonto [add]
14. I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight [add]
15. What Is a Wanna Sack Store? [add]
16. A Self-Made Man [add]
17. Son's B-B Gun [add]
18. You Wouldn't Put the Shuck on Me [add]

Blah...Blah...Blah (1997) 01. Five Dollar Fine for Whining [add]
02. Old Blevins [add]
03. Bad Rock & Roll [add]
04. I Still Write Your Name in the Snow [add]
05. Red Letter Day for the Blues [add]
06. People Who Read People (God Bless John Wayne) [add]
07. Take It to the Limit [add]
08. Wedding Bells [add]
09. Things Have Gone to Pieces [add]
10. Over the Rainbow [add]

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