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Jimmie Driftwood lyrics
Genre: Folk
The Westward Movement (1959) 01. The Land Where the Blue Grass Grows [add]
02. The Widders of Bowling Green [add]
03. Mooshatanio [add]
04. Sweet Betsy from Pike [add]
05. The Wilderness Road [add]
06. Song of the Pioneer [add]
07. Shoot the Buffalo [add]
08. Get Along Boys [add]
09. Jordan Am a Hard Road to Travel [add]
10. The Marshal of Silver City [add]
11. The Pony Express [add]
12. I'm Leavin' on the Wagon Train [add]

Wilderness Road (1959) 01. Tennessee Stud [add]
02. Razorback Steak [add]
03. First Covered Wagon [add]
04. The Maid of Argenta [add]
05. Bunker Hill [add]
06. Song of the Cowboys [add]
07. Peter Francisco [add]
08. Four Little Girls in Boston [add]
09. Slack Your Rope [add]
10. Run Johnny Run lyrics
11. Arkansas Traveler [add]
12. Damyankee Lad [add]

Tall Tales in Song (1960) 01. Big John Davy [add]
02. Fi Di Diddle Um A-Dazey [add]
03. On Top of Pikes Peak [add]
04. Big Hoss [add]
05. Tucumcari [add]
06. The Song of Creation [add]
07. Big River Man [add]
08. Banjer Pickin' Man lyrics
09. The Shanty in the Holler [add]
10. The Battle of San Juan Hill [add]
11. St. Brendon's Isle [add]
12. He Had a Long Chain On [add]

Songs of Billy Yank and Johnny Reb (1961) 01. Won't You Come Along and Go [add]
02. Billy Yank and Johnny Reb [add]
03. How Do You Like the Army? [add]
04. On Top of Shiloh's Hill [add]
05. I'm a Pore Rebel Soldier lyrics
06. The Giant on the Thunderhead [add]
07. Rock of Chickamauga [add]
08. My Blackbird Has Gone [add]
09. Oh Florie [add]
10. When I Swim the Golden River [add]
11. Git Along Little Yearlings [add]
12. Goodbye Reb, You'all Come [add]

Driftwood at Sea (1962) 01. Driftwood at Sea [add]
02. In a Cotton Shirt and a Pair of Dungarees [add]
03. Davy Jones: Song of a Dead Sailor [add]
04. The Diver Boy [add]
05. The Ship That Never Returned [add]
06. Sailing Away on the Ocean [add]
07. Shanghied [add]
08. Santy Anny-O [add]
09. Row Bullies Row [add]
10. The Land of the Amazon [add]
11. What Could It Be [add]

Voice of the People (1963) 01. What Is the Color of the Soul of a Man? [add]
02. The Voice of the People [add]
03. The Lonesome Ape [add]
04. Standing on the Left Hand Side of God [add]
05. Battle Hymn of Peace [add]
06. My Church [add]
07. Mixed-Up Family [add]
08. I Remember Her Still [add]
09. Straighten out My Laig [add]
10. (My Mammy's Miss America) My Daddy's Uncle Sam [add]
11. Equality [add]
12. My Get Up and Go Just Got Up and Went [add]
13. Down in the Arkansas [add]
14. Timbercutter's Song [add]
15. Courtin' Song [add]
16. Ozark Bill [add]
17. On the Banks of the Buffalo [add]
18. Beautiful White River Valley [add]
19. In the Ouchita Mountains [add]
20. The Horsetrader's Song [add]
21. Bows and Arrows: Arrows and Bows [add]
22. That's the Way They Do in Arkansas [add]
23. In a Mountain Village [add]
24. The Battle of New Orleans [add]
25. Unfortunate Man [add]
26. Long Chain [add]
27. Tennessee Stud [add]
28. Wilderness Road [add]

Down in the Arkansas (1965) 01. Down in the Arkansas [add]
02. Timbercutter's Song [add]
03. Courtin' Song [add]
04. Ozark Bill [add]
05. On the Banks of the Buffalo [add]
06. Beautiful White River Valley [add]
07. In the Ouchita Mountains [add]
08. The Horsetrader's Song [add]
09. Bows and Arrows: Arrows and Bows [add]
10. The Ballad of Jim Berry [add]
11. That's the Way They Do in Arkansas [add]
12. In a Moutain Village [add]

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