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David Mallett lyrics
Genre: Folk
Dave Mallett (0000) 01. Fire [add]
02. Garden Song [add]
03. Arthur [add]
04. Arowisc [add]
05. Inches and Miles [add]
06. Dulcimer [add]
07. I Knew This Place [add]
08. Hard Light [live] [add]
09. Moon Upon the Left [add]
10. Pennsylvania Sunrise [add]
11. The Last Time I Saw Annie [add]
12. I Wish I Were a Horse [add]
13. Midnite on the Water [add]
14. Ballad of the St. Anne's Reel [add]
15. After All These Reels [live] [add]
16. Fast Gun Gettin' Slow [add]
17. Sweet Bird of Youth [live] [add]
18. The Haying Song [add]
19. The Candle and the Cape [add]
20. Phil Brown [add]

Open Doors & Windows (1983) 01. Closer Now Than Ever [add]
02. Open Doors & Windows [add]
03. Snowbound [add]
04. Thanks to Mother Mercy [add]
05. This Little Town [add]
06. I've Been Around [add]
07. Photographs and Memories [add]
08. The Longest Night [add]
09. Milly, There's a Dance in Town [add]
10. Northern Lights [add]

For a Lifetime (1988) 01. For a Lifetime [add]
02. Sweet Tennessee [add]
03. My Old Man [add]
04. Some Peace Will Come [add]
05. Night on the Town [add]
06. Hometown Girls [add]
07. This City Life [add]
08. Lost in a Memory of You [add]
09. Light at the End of a Tunnel lyrics
10. Summer of My Dreams [add]

This Town (1993) 01. This Town [add]
02. The Road Goes on Forever [add]
03. Main Street [add]
04. Somewhere in Time [add]
05. Rock & Roll Heart [add]
06. Autumn [add]
07. How Much More (Of This Do You Really Need?) [add]
08. Long Distance Lover [add]
09. Pray for Rain [add]
10. Take Time [add]
11. Old Soldiers [add]
12. Change of the Seasons [add]

In the Falling Dark (1995) 01. Hungry for Love [add]
02. Off the Ground [add]
03. Closer to Truth [add]
04. It Wasn't Supposed to Be Like This [add]
05. That Was the One [add]
06. Way Out West [add]
07. When the Sun Comes Up [add]
08. Here We Go [add]
09. Daddy's Oldsmobile [add]
10. Come Out of the Blue [add]
11. Hope for One and All lyrics

Parallel Lives (1997) 01. I Hate to See This Town Go Down [add]
02. Summer of My Dreams [add]
03. Closer to Truth [add]
04. I Picture You [add]
05. You Say the Battle Is Over [add]
06. Introduction to "Phil Brown" [add]
07. Phil Brown [add]
08. Snowbound [add]
09. Garden Song [add]
10. After the Fall [add]
11. Like This [add]
12. Daddy's Oldsmobile [add]
13. Fifty Years (Introduction to "My Old Man") [add]
14. My Old Man [add]
15. Nothin' But a Long Goodbye [add]
16. Parallel Lives [add]

Ambition (1999) 01. Here in This City You Live In [add]
02. Wild in the Sixties [add]
03. You Can't Go Home Again [add]
04. Greenin' Up [add]
05. Whiskey Talkin' [add]
06. Walkin' [add]
07. Ambition [add]
08. The Next Time I Leave Here [add]
09. Sportin' Days [add]
10. Lilacs [add]
11. Turn It over to Love [add]

Artist in Me (2003) 01. Didn't Nobody Teach You [add]
02. Angel Standin' By [add]
03. Like Me Without You [add]
04. Artist in Me [add]
05. Strange Life [add]
06. Slow Dance [add]
07. Old Blue Ox [add]
08. The Wind Is on the Water [add]
09. Red Red Rose [add]
10. Livin' on the Edge [add]
11. So Far, So Good [add]

Midnight on the Water [live] (2006) 01. Angel Standin' By [add]
02. Here We Go [add]
03. Greenin' Up [add]
04. Dulcimer [add]
05. Walkin' [add]
06. Somewhere in Time [add]
07. Midnight on the Water [add]
08. Artist in Me [add]
09. I Knew This Place [add]
10. Didn't Nobody Teach You [add]
11. Summer of My Dreams [add]
12. Strange Life [add]
13. Hometown Heroes [add]
14. Parallel Lives [add]
15. Fire [add]
16. A Long Goodbye [add]
17. Ballad of the St. Anne's Reel [add]

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