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Becky Hobbs lyrics
Genre: Country
Becky Hobbs (1974) 01. I'll Be Your Audience [add]
02. I Don't Know Why (I Love That Guy) [add]
03. Love Shortage [add]
04. Paradise Is in Your Mind [add]
05. Just What I Need [add]
06. Sorry to Bring Your New World Down [add]
07. In the South [add]
08. My Heart Is Like Snow [add]
09. Can't Stop Being Your Fool [add]
10. Woman's Place [add]
11. Chinatown [add]
12. What'cha Gonna Do About It? [add]

From the Heartland (1975) 01. I'm in Love Again [add]
02. You Wanna Be Loved [add]
03. Maybe I'm a Fool [add]
04. Sisters & Brothers [add]
05. No Friends Like Old Friends [add]
06. Lonely Man, Lovely Man [add]
07. You Complicated My Life [add]
08. You Can Never Go Home [add]
09. One More Time [add]
10. Long Distance Love [add]

Everyday (1977) 01. Everyday [add]
02. Safe With Me [add]
03. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
04. Let's Make Love [add]
05. Gettin' to Me Again [add]
06. That "I Love You, You Love Me Too" Love Song [add]
07. Love Enough [add]
08. I Don't Know Why (I Love That Guy) [add]
09. Best Thing I Can Do [add]
10. All That I Am [add]

Roots I Came to Town In (1994) 01. I Can't Fight This Feeling [add]
02. Yesterday Tonight [add]
03. Gonna Rock You Baby [add]
04. That's the Way I Feel About You [add]
05. Mama's Green Eyes (And Daddy's Wild Hair) [add]
06. Do It Right Now [add]
07. Don't Call Me [add]
08. The Boots I Came to Town In [add]
09. Angels Among Us [add]
10. I Don't Dance With Strangers [add]
11. Joanna [add]
12. Pale Moon [add]

From Oklahoma with Love (1998) 01. From Oaklahoma With Love [add]
02. Dance All Our Troubles Away [add]
03. Trust the Night [add]
04. Country Girls [add]
05. Yellow Pages Under Blue [add]
06. Don't Cry for Me [add]
07. Honky Tonk Saturday Night [add]
08. God's Gift to This Woman [add]
09. Rockin' and Rollin' and Raisin' Hell [add]
10. Runnin' on Dreams [add]
11. Don't Know When I'll Love Again Like This [add]
12. What Did I Do (To Deserve All This) [add]

Songs from the Road of Life (2004) 01. Woman Gettin' Older [add]
02. Another Man in Black [add]
03. Time Stands Still [add]
04. No More War [add]
05. Vienna [add]
06. What Are You Doin' in My Dreams [add]
07. Girls Night In [add]
08. Let There Be Peace [add]
09. Live Until You Die [add]
10. Mama Saw Paris [add]
11. Heart [add]
12. Kiss My Ashes [add]

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