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Jim Lauderdale lyrics
Genre: Country
Planet of Love (1991) 01. Heaven's Flame [add]
02. Maybe [add]
03. Wake Up Screaming [add]
04. I Wasn't Fooling Around [add]
05. Bless Her Heart [add]
06. Where the Sidewalk Ends [add]
07. Planet of Love [add]
08. The King of Broken Hearts [add]
09. What You Don't Know [add]
10. My Last Request [add]

Pretty Close to the Truth (1994) 01. This Is the Big Time [add]
02. I'm on Your Side [add]
03. Why Do I Love You? [add]
04. Divide and Conquer [add]
05. Grace's Song [add]
06. Run Like You [add]
07. Can't Find Mary [add]
08. Don't Trust Me [add]
09. Three Way Conversation [add]
10. Pretty Close to the Truth [add]
11. When the Devil Starts Crying [add]

Every Second Counts (1995) 01. It's Time When It's Time [add]
02. That's Not the Way It Works [add]
03. Don't Build Your World Around It [add]
04. Always on the Outside [add]
05. Charmed [add]
06. Fireball [add]
07. Every Second Counts [add]
08. Echo [add]
09. Ready to Ramble [add]
10. I'm Still Learning How to Crawl [add]
11. If You Look Real Close [add]
12. Bluebell [add]

Persimmons (1996) 01. Life by Numbers [add]
02. Do You Like It [add]
03. And That's a Lot [add]
04. Am I Only Dreaming This [add]
05. Don't Leave Your Light Low [add]
06. Seems Like You're Gonna Take Me Back [add]
07. I Thought We Had a Deal [add]
08. Tears So Strong [add]
09. Please Pardon Me [add]
10. Some Things Are Too Good to Last [add]
11. Nobody's Perfect [add]
12. Had a Little Time [add]
13. That's Not Right Babe [add]
14. Optimistic Messenger [add]
15. Jupiter's Rising [add]

Whisper (1998) 01. Goodbye Song [add]
02. Whisper [add]
03. Sometimes [add]
04. Take Me Down a Path (My Heart Won't Know) [add]
05. She Used to Say That to Me [add]
06. In Harm's Way [add]
07. Without You Here It's Not the Same [add]
08. It's Hard to Keep a Secret Anymore [add]
09. We're Gone [add]
10. What Do You Say to That [add]
11. You're Tempting Me [add]
12. Hole in My Head [add]
13. I'll Lead You Home [add]

Onward Through It All (1999) 01. You Just Know [add]
02. I Already Loved You [add]
03. Calico [add]
04. Lost Sunset [add]
05. Trust [Guiding Star] [add]
06. Onward Through It All [add]
07. It's Just Like You [add]
08. Almost Next to Nothing [add]
09. Please Be San Antone [add]
10. Lonely Chill [add]
11. We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This [add]
12. What I Want You to Say [add]
13. The One That Didn't Get Away [add]
14. Understanding Everything [add]
15. As If We Would Never Love Again [add]
16. Still Not Out of the Woods [add]

I Feel Like Singing Today (1999) 01. I Feel Like Singing Today [add]
02. You'll Find Her Name Written There [add]
03. Maple on the Hill [add]
04. Fly, Lovebird Fly [add]
05. Joy, Joy, Joy [add]
06. Like Him [add]
07. I Wish Today Could Be Tomorrow [add]
08. Another Sinner's Prayer [add]
09. Highway Through My Home [add]
10. What About You? [add]
11. This World Is Not My Home [add]
12. Harbor of Love [add]
13. I Will Wait for You [add]
14. Who Will Sing for Me? [add]
15. Who Thought the Railroad Wouldn't Last [add]

The Other Sessions (2000) 01. If I Were You [add]
02. Just to Get to You [add]
03. I'd Follow You Anywhere [add]
04. What's on My Mind [add]
05. Merle World [add]
06. You'll Know When It's Right [add]
07. Honky Tonk Haze [add]
08. First Things First [add]
09. Oh My Goodness [add]
10. Diesel, Diesel, Diesel [add]
11. Born Believers [add]
12. It's Not Too Late [add]

Point of No Return: The Unreleased 1989 Album (2001) 01. Stay Out of My Arms [add]
02. Point of No Return [add]
03. Hold on My Love [add]
04. Big Town, Small World Blues [add]
05. Try Not to Be So Lonely [add]
06. Lucky 13 [add]
07. Might Seem Like a Loser [add]
08. It's Better This Way [add]
09. Highway Through My Home [add]
10. No One to Talk to (But the Blues) [add]

Lost in the Lonesome Pines (2002) 01. Deep Well of Sadness [add]
02. The Apples Are Just Turning Ripe [add]
03. Lost in the Lonesome Pines [add]
04. Zacchaeus [add]
05. Quit That [add]
06. I Think Somebody Better Come Back Home [add]
07. Redbird [add]
08. Forever Ain't No Trouble Now [add]
09. She Would Not Tell Her More [add]
10. I Should Have Listened to Good Advice [add]
11. Oh Soul [add]
12. She's Looking at Me [add]
13. Boat of Love [add]
14. Listen to the Shepherd [add]

The Hummingbirds (2002) 01. Midnight Will Become Day [add]
02. There and Back Again [add]
03. I'm Happiest When I'm Moving [add]
04. It's a Trap [add]
05. Eternal [add]
06. Morning [add]
07. Hummingbird [add]
08. Let's Not Say It's Over [add]
09. I Know Better Now [add]
10. It's Worth Looking Up [add]
11. Jacob's Ladder [add]
12. Rollin' the Dice [add]
13. New Cascade [add]

Wait Til Spring (2003) 01. Wait Till Spring [add]
02. Different Kind of Lightning [add]
03. Some Other Bayou [add]
04. Slow Motion Trouble [add]
05. Ginger Peach [add]
06. That's Not the Way It Works [add]
07. Sapphire [add]
08. This World Is Getting Mean [add]
09. Awake Now [add]
10. Holding Back [add]
11. Wowowo [add]

Headed for the Hills (2004) 01. High Timberline [add]
02. Looking Elsewhere [add]
03. Sandy Ford ((Barbara Lee) [add]
04. Headed for the Hills [add]
05. Trashcan Tomcat [add]
06. Paint and Glass [add]
07. Tales from the Sad Hotel [add]
08. Crazy Peg and Darby Doyle [add]
09. Leaving Mobile [add]
10. Joanne [add]
11. I'll Sing Again [add]
12. Head for the Sun [add]
13. Upside Down [add]

Bluegrass (2006) 01. Mighty Lonesome [add]
02. Time's a Looking Glass [add]
03. I'm Still Living for You [add]
04. I Shouldn't Want You So Bad [add]
05. Who's Leaving Who [add]
06. Forever Ends Today [add]
07. Love in the Ruins [add]
08. There Goes Bessie Brown [add]
09. It Wan't That I Had To [add]
10. It's So Different [add]
11. My Treasure [add]
12. Don't Blame the Wrong Guy [add]
13. Where They Turn Around [add]

Country Super Hits, Vol. 1 (2006) 01. Honky Tonk Mood Again [add]
02. Playing on My Heart Strings [add]
03. Two More Wishes [add]
04. Cautious [add]
05. If You've Never Seen Her Smile [add]
06. Right Where You Want Me [add]
07. Are You Okay [add]
08. Single Standard Time [add]
09. I Met Jesus in a Bar [add]
10. That's Why We're Here [add]
11. Change [add]
12. You Can't Stop Her [add]
13. She's Got Magic Going On [add]

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