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Genre: Folk
Songs from the Levee (1995) 01. Mississippi and Me [add]
02. Lanterns on the Levee [add]
03. Wild Iris [add]
04. Like a Buffalo [add]
05. Locust Years [add]
06. A Cotton Field Away [add]
07. Jerusalem Inn [add]
08. Trains Don't Run from Nashville [add]
09. South of Everything [add]
10. Bury Me in Bluegrass [add]

Moonpie Dreams (1997) 01. When Panthers Roamed in Arkansas [add]
02. Moonpie Dreams [add]
03. See Rock City [add]
04. Bud's Sea-Mint Boat [add]
05. Bascom's Blues [add]
06. Tupelo's Too Far [add]
07. Older Angel [add]
08. Delmus Jackson [add]
09. Signs Following [add]
10. Galaxie 500 [add]
11. Waiting for the Weather to Break [add]
12. Wrought Iron Fences [add]

Visions of Plenty (1998) 01. Visions of Plenty [add]
02. Bowl-A-Rama [add]
03. Jesus and Tomatoes [add]
04. Crazy in Alabama [add]
05. This Side of Heaven [add]
06. Suit Yourself [add]
07. Bus 109 [add]
08. Deep Tang [add]
09. Funeral Food [add]
10. A Perfect World [add]
11. Sing Me Out [add]

Rosaryville (1999) 01. Rosaryville [add]
02. Porcelain Blue [add]
03. Rosa's Coronas [add]
04. In My Mother's House [add]
05. Heart of Hearts [add]
06. Fade to Blue [add]
07. Who Will Pray for Junior [add]
08. Rosemary [add]
09. Look Away [add]
10. Ave Maria Grotto [add]

Wandering Strange (2001) 01. The House You Live In [add]
02. Come Thou Fount [add]
03. There Is a Fountain [add]
04. 10, 000 Lures [add]
05. The Prodigal [add]
06. Now Is the Day of Salvation [add]
07. Bear It Away [add]
08. Jordan's Stormy Banks [add]
09. The King's Business [add]
10. Dear Little Stranger [add]
11. The Last Song [add]

Monuments (2003) 01. Yellow Guitar [add]
02. Corn in a Box [add]
03. Strongness of the Day [add]
04. Joe Louis' Furniture [add]
05. New South [add]
06. Petrified House [add]
07. How Much Can One Heart Hold [add]
08. The Way Home [add]
09. William's Vision [add]
10. Walk Among Stones [add]

Twang on a Wire (2003) 01. Rose Garden [add]
02. Mississippi Woman, Louisiana Man [add]
03. Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone) [add]
04. Down from Dover [add]
05. Funny Face [add]
06. 'Til I Can Make It on My Own [add]
07. Honey on His Hands [add]
08. Boulder to Birmingham [add]
09. Harper Valley Pta [add]
10. Satin Sheets [add]
11. Help Me Make It Through the Night [add]
12. Touch Your Woman [add]
13. Twang on a Wire [add]

Sing Me Out (2004) 01. Heart of Hearts [add]
02. Jesus and Tomatoes [add]
03. Older Angel [add]
04. Who Will Pray for Junior [add]
05. Waiting for the Weather to Break [add]
06. This Side of Heaven [add]
07. Ave Maria Grotto [add]
08. In My Mother's House [add]
09. Would You Be a Parson [add]
10. Signs Following [add]
11. Delmus Jackson [add]
12. Sing Me Out [add]
13. Funeral Food [add]

Blues and Lamentations (2005) 01. Miles of Blues [add]
02. Pans of Biscuits [add]
03. Genesis Blues [add]
04. Freedom Train [add]
05. New Blues [add]
06. Free World [add]
07. Wheels Within Wheels [add]
08. Shallow Grave [add]
09. Mining Camp Blues [add]
10. Fade to Blue [add]
11. Lay Back the Darkness [add]
12. Lord, Help the Poor and Needy [add]
13. Peace Comes Stealing Slow [add]

For the Living of These Days (2006) 01. Jesus Christ [add]
02. If I Ever Get to Heaven [add]
03. Without Him [add]
04. Be Thou My Vision [add]
05. Prayer of Thomas Merton [add]
06. God of Grace and God of Glory [add]
07. Dark Night of the Soul [add]
08. When I Let Jesus Take My Hand [add]
09. Terrible Mercy [add]
10. Would They Love Him Down in Shreveport [add]
11. There's a Wideness in God's Mercy [add]
12. They Killed Him [add]
13. Faces in the Water [add]
14. There Is a Balm in Gilead [add]

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