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Tony Furtado lyrics
Genre: Country
Swamped (1989) 01. John Henry [add]
02. Swamped [add]
03. Glory at the Meeting House [add]
04. Old Homestead Waltz [add]
05. Daddio [add]
06. Crossing the Severn [add]
07. Celtic Medley: The Road to Donegal/Collier's Jig/The Broken Pledge [add]
08. Golden Eagle Hornpipe [add]
09. Blues for Alice [add]
10. Salutations [add]

Within Reach (1992) 01. Ralph Trischka [add]
02. St. John's Fire [add]
03. I Will [add]
04. Waiting for Guiteau (President Garfield's Hornpipe) [add]
05. Queen Anne's Lace [add]
06. S?o Miguel [add]
07. Julia Delaney (Drunken Lady, The) [add]
08. Drake's Bay [add]
09. Magpie on the Gallows [add]
10. Duskus [add]

Full Circle (1994) 01. The Hoedown Polka [add]
02. Willow John [add]
03. Down Greasy Creek [add]
04. If I Had a Boat [add]
05. Jeff Sturgeon/Indian Squaw [add]
06. Full Circle [add]
07. Man of Constant Sorrow [add]
08. Jenny's Wedding/Rakish Paddy [add]
09. Esperanza [add]
10. Emigrant Gap [add]
11. Trouble in Mind [add]
12. Turned Around [add]

Roll My Blues Away (1997) 01. Waterslide [add]
02. The Ghost of Blind Willie Johnson [add]
03. The Stark Raven [add]
04. Can You Hear the Rain? [add]
05. Willow Tree [add]
06. The Knave's Bane [add]
07. Song for Early [add]
08. Boat's Up the River [add]
09. Bolinas [add]
10. Mudville [add]
11. Sundin [add]
12. Crow Canyon [add]

Tony Furtado & Dirk Powell (1999) 01. Angeline the Baker/John Henry [add]
02. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning [add]
03. The Sloes of Penybanc [add]
04. Roustabout/Jack Wilson [add]
05. Lonesome John [add]
06. La Pointe Two-Step [add]
07. Irina's Waltz [add]
08. Boneyard [add]
09. La Valse de Frank Roi/The Wandering Aces Special [add]
10. Bane's Grave [add]
11. Courtney's Promise [add]
12. Irish Medley: The Roscommon Reel/O'Rourkes'/The Famous Ballymote [add]

Tony Furtado Band (2000) 01. Waiting for Guiteau/President Garfield's Hornpipe [add]
02. False Hearted Lover [add]
03. Cypress Grove [add]
04. Hazel Comes Home [add]
05. Raleigh and Spencer [add]
06. Oaktown C?ili [add]
07. Fat Fry on the Hog Farm [add]
08. Molly and Tenbrooks [add]
09. O Amante [add]
10. Tyson's Dream [add]
11. Miles Alone [add]
12. I Ain't Got No Home [add]

American Gypsy (2002) 01. Oh Berta, Berta [add]
02. The Angry Monk [add]
03. Some of Shelly's Blues [add]
04. Hartford [add]
05. Rising Fog [add]
06. Staggerlee [add]
07. Bottle of Hope [add]
08. Tinker's Fancy [add]
09. Kentucky Stripmine [add]
10. Rove Riley Rove [add]
11. Promise of a Better Day [add]
12. Staggerlee Reprise [add]

Live Gypsy (2003) 01. False Hearted Lover's Blues [add]
02. The Ghost of Blind Willie Johnson [add]
03. Rueben's Train [add]
04. Hartford [add]
05. Some of Shelly's Blues [add]
06. Fatfry on the Hog Farm [add]
07. St Johns Fire [add]
08. Oh Berta, Berta [add]
09. Bottle of Hope [add]
10. The Angry Monk [add]
11. Stagerlee [add]
12. Waiting for Guiteau [add]

These Chains (2004) 01. These Chains [add]
02. More & More [add]
03. The Good Stuff [add]
04. Standing in the Rain [add]
05. Swayback Jim [add]
06. The Prisoner [add]
07. Doc's Bogg [add]
08. Oh Father Mine [add]
09. Bet on the Whitehouse [add]
10. Brand New Goodbye Song [add]
11. Need a Friend [add]
12. Take a Look [add]
13. One Too Many Mornings [add]

Bare Bones [live] (2005) 01. These Chains [add]
02. The Angry Monk/Raleigh and Spencer [add]
03. Standing in the Rain [add]
04. St. John's Fire/Bolinas [add]
05. Running Down a Dream [add]
06. Can You Hear the Rain [add]
07. False Hearted Lover's Blues [add]
08. Rove Riley Rove [add]
09. Oh Berta, Berta [add]
10. I Will/Hazel Comes Home/Willow John [add]
11. Cypress Grove Blues [add]

Thirteen (2007) 01. Used [add]
02. California Flood [add]
03. Won't Get Fooled Again [add]
04. Thirteen Below [add]
05. Hurtin' in My Right Side [add]
06. Sevens [add]
07. Another Man [add]
08. I Wait for This [add]
09. Fortunate Son [add]
10. The Alcohol [add]
11. Take Me to the Pilot [add]
12. Stay Awhile [add]
13. Long Journey Home [add]

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