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Blue Highway lyrics
Genre: Country
It's a Long, Long Road (1995) 01. It's a Long, Long Road [add]
02. Lonesome Pine [add]
03. Canadian Bacon [add]
04. Before the Cold Wind Blows [add]
05. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl [add]
06. Farmer's Blues [add]
07. The One I Left Behind [add]
08. In the Gravel Yard [add]
09. England's Motorway [add]
10. Flannery's Dream [add]
11. Lord, Won't You Help Me [add]
12. (Say) Won't You Be Mine [add]

Wind to the West (1996) 01. Wind to the West [add]
02. Howling Wind [add]
03. I Can Stand the Truth [add]
04. Good Time Blues [add]
05. Two Coats [add]
06. The Rounder [add]
07. I Let a Good Woman Go [add]
08. Clear Cut lyrics
09. God Moves in a Windstorm [add]
10. Horseshoe Bend [add]
11. West Virginia's Last Hand Loader [add]
12. Huntsville [add]
13. Between the Rows [add]

Midnight Storm (1998) 01. I'd Rather Be a Lonesome Pine [add]
02. Pikeville Flood [add]
03. Some Day lyrics
04. Midnight Storm [add]
05. Kenn Mountain Prison [add]
06. Getting over You [add]
07. Last Dollor Blues [add]
08. He Walked All the Way Home [add]
09. Cold Frosty Morn [add]
10. Find Me Out on a Mountain Top [add]
11. Whither Thou Go [add]
12. May Your Life Be Sweet and Simple [add]

Blue Highway (1999) 01. Born With a Hammer in My Hand [add]
02. Troubles Up and Down the Road [add]
03. Lonesome Hearted Blues [add]
04. Clay and Ottie [add]
05. Man of Constant Sorrow [add]
06. I Am Near the Gate [add]
07. I Hung My Head [add]
08. Don't Come Out of the Hole [add]
09. Lonely Old Town [add]
10. It Wasn't You [add]
11. That Could Be You [add]
12. Father I Know Why [add]

Still Climbing Mountains (2001) 01. Still Climbing Mountains [add]
02. Monrobro [add]
03. Mountain of the Lord [add]
04. Boulder City Dam [add]
05. Riding the Danville Pike [add]
06. Life Without You [add]
07. Union Man [add]
08. Only a Thought Away [add]
09. Buck Hill [add]
10. This Ain't the First Time I've Walked in These Shoes [add]
11. Uncle Fred [add]
12. The Seventh Angel (Introduction) [add]
13. The Seventh Angel [add]
14. Goodbye for a While [add]

Wondrous Love (2003) 01. Wondrous Love [add]
02. Traveling Preacher [add]
03. Wicked Path of Sin [add]
04. I'm Asking You [add]
05. Live on Down the Line [add]
06. Chasing After the Wind [add]
07. Seven Sundays in a Row [add]
08. This World Is Not My Home [add]
09. Ahead of the Storm [add]
10. Old Brush Arbors [add]
11. The Ground Is Level at the Foot of the Cross [add]
12. It Won't Be Long [add]
13. The Old Rugged Cross [add]

Marbletown (2005) 01. Marbletown [add]
02. Lazarus [add]
03. Nothing But a Whippoorwill [add]
04. Tears Fell on Missouri [add]
05. I Used to Love Parades [add]
06. Three-Finger Jack [add]
07. Message from the Wind [add]
08. Quarter Moon [add]
09. Wild Urge to Ramble [add]
10. No Home to Go Home To [add]
11. Wild Bill [add]
12. Endless Train [add]

Lonesome Pine (2006) 01. In the Gravel Yard [add]
02. Lonesome Pine [add]
03. He Walked All the Way Home [add]
04. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl [add]
05. Some Day lyrics
06. Cold Frosty Morn [add]
07. Before the Cold Wind Blows [add]
08. The Rounder [add]
09. Between the Rows [add]
10. Flannery's Dream [add]
11. Last Dollar Blues [add]
12. Two Coats [add]
13. It's a Long, Long Road [add]

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