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Keith Sykes lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Way That I Feel (1977) 01. Sooner or Later [add]
02. Just as Long as You Love Me [add]
03. All I Wanted [add]
04. They Take It [add]
05. The Coast of Marseilles [add]
06. I Feel So Good [add]
07. Sounds Like a Hit [add]
08. What's Different About Her [add]
09. Call It Love [add]
10. The Last Line [add]

I'm Not Strange, I'm Just Like You (1980) 01. B.I.G.T.I.M.E. [add]
02. Love to Ride [add]
03. Smack Dab in the Middle [add]
04. Ain't That Some Lovin' [add]
05. 928 [add]
06. I'm on a Roll [add]
07. Maybe I'm a Mockingbird [add]
08. Makin' It Before They Got Married [add]
09. When My Work Is Done [add]
10. I'm Not Strange (I'm Just Like You) lyrics

It's About Time (1993) 01. Train to Dixie [add]
02. I Was Right About You [add]
03. Me Casa Su Casa [add]
04. Back in the 60's [add]
05. Letting Go [add]
06. I Wanna Go to the Islands [add]
07. Goodbye for Real [add]
08. Buzzin' Fly [add]
09. Your Love [add]
10. I Love Football [add]

Advanced Medication for the Blues (1998) 01. Advanced Medication for the Blues [add]
02. I Know an Angel [add]
03. Flyin' Low [add]
04. Whole 9 Yards [add]
05. One World [add]
06. Give Me All Your Love [add]
07. Baby Please (All the Shrimp in New Orleans) [add]
08. Hard Enough [add]
09. One Up, One Down [add]
10. Those Were the Days [add]
11. Better Than a Husband [add]
12. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You [add]
13. The Fireplace [add]

Don't Count Us Out (2001) 01. Country Morning Music [add]
02. Sally Got Jack [add]
03. Everybody Wants to Feel Like You [add]
04. Lavender Blue lyrics
05. Broken Homes [add]
06. Talking to a Stranger [add]
07. Chain [add]
08. Broken Down Engine [add]
09. It's Just You lyrics
10. She Loves To Ride Horses [add]
11. She Will [add]
12. Why Do You Treat Her Like That [add]
13. Sweet Emily [add]
14. Don't Count Us Out [add]

All I Know (2004) 01. Sailor's Prayer [add]
02. Baby Took a Limo to Memphis [add]
03. It Don't Matter [add]
04. Monkey River Town Girl [add]
05. All I Know [add]
06. A Night Out in Paris [add]
07. A Long Monday [add]
08. Hard Luck and Old Dogs [add]
09. That Ol' Songwriter [add]
10. The Devil Is in the Courtyard [add]
11. Take Me, Take Me [add]
12. Explanation of Keith Sykes Is Sorry [add]
13. Keith Sykes Is Sorry [add]
14. Once Around Stevensport [add]
15. A Night Out in Paris [multimedia track] [add]

Let It Roll (2006) 01. Midnight in Tupelo [add]
02. Let It Roll [add]
03. Old Rock N Roller [add]
04. Wake Up Sleepy Head [add]
05. Peggy Sue [add]
06. That's the Way You Do It [add]
07. Tearing the House Down [add]
08. What Are We Waiting For [add]
09. Pictures [add]
10. It Just Don't Get No Better Than This [add]
11. You Can't Lie About Love [add]
12. You Better Be Ready to Dance [add]

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