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Buddy Miller lyrics
Genre: Country
Your Love and Other Lies (1995) 01. You Wrecked up My Heart [add]
02. Don't Listen to the Wind [add]
03. That's How I Got to Memphis [add]
04. I'm Pretending [add]
05. Through the Eyes of a Broken Heart [add]
06. I Don't Mean Maybe [add]
07. Hold on My Love [add]
08. Hole in My Head [add]
09. Watching Amy Dance [add]
10. I Can't Slow Down [add]
11. My Love Will Follow You [add]
12. You're Running Wild [add]
13. A Girl Like You [add]

Poison Love (1997) 01. Nothing Can Stop Me [add]
02. 100 Million Little Bombs [add]
03. Don't Tell Me [add]
04. Poison Love [add]
05. Baby Don't Let Me Down [add]
06. Love Grows Wild [add]
07. Love in the Ruins [add]
08. Draggin' the River [add]
09. Help Wanted [add]
10. That's How Strong My Love Is [add]
11. Lonesome for You [add]
12. I Can't Help It [add]
13. Love Snuck Up [add]

Cruel Moon (1999) 01. Does My Ring Burn Your Finger [add]
02. Love Match [add]
03. I'm Gonna Be Strong [add]
04. Looking for a Hearthache Like You [add]
05. Cruel Moon [add]
06. Somewhere Trouble Don't Go [add]
07. In Memory of My Heart [add]
08. Sometimes I Cry [add]
09. I'm Too Used to Loving You [add]
10. I'm Not Getting Any Better at Goobye [add]
11. It's Been a Change [add]

Buddy & Julie Miller (2001) 01. Keep Your Distance [add]
02. The River's Gonna Run [add]
03. You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast [add]
04. Forever Has Come to an End [add]
05. Little Darlin [add]
06. Rock Salt and Nails [add]
07. Dirty Water [add]
08. Wallflower [add]
09. That's Just How She Cries [add]
10. Rachel [add]
11. Holding Up the Sky [add]

Midnight and Lonesome (2002) 01. The Price of Love [add]
02. Wild Card [add]
03. I Can't Get Over You [add]
04. Midnight and Lonesome [add]
05. When It Comes to You [add]
06. Water When the Well Is Dry [add]
07. A Showman's Life [add]
08. Little Bitty Kiss [add]
09. Please Send Me Someone to Love [add]
10. Oh Fait Piti? d'Amour (Love Have Mercy on Me) [add]
11. Quecreek [add]

Love Snuck Up (2004) 01. You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast [#] [add]
02. Wallflower [add]
03. Little Darlin' [add]
04. You're Running Wild [add]
05. Dirty Water [add]
06. Draggin' the River [add]
07. Keep Your Distance [add]
08. In Memory of My Heart [add]
09. Love Snuck Up [add]
10. Out in the Rain [add]
11. Forever Has Come to an End [add]
12. Quecreek [add]
13. Take Me Back [add]
14. It's Been a Change [add]

Universal United House of Prayer (2004) 01. Worry Too Much [add]
02. There's a Higher Power [add]
03. Shelter Me [add]
04. With God on Your Side [add]
05. Wide River to Cross [add]
06. Fire and Water [add]
07. Don't Wait [add]
08. This Old World [add]
09. Is That You [add]
10. Returning [add]
11. Fall on the Rock [add]

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