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The Handsome Family lyrics
Genre: Rock
Odessa (1995) 01. Here's Hopin' [add]
02. Arlene [add]
03. Pony [add]
04. One Way Up [add]
05. Water into Wine [add]
06. Giant Ant [add]
07. Everything That Rises Must Converge [add]
08. Gorilla [add]
09. The Last [add]
10. Claire Said [add]
11. Moving Furniture Around [add]
12. Big Bad Wolf [add]
13. She Awoke With a Jerk [add]
14. Happy Harvest [add]

Milk and Scissors (1996) 01. Lake Geneva [add]
02. Winnebago Skeletons [add]
03. Drunk by Noon [add]
04. The House Carpenter [add]
05. The Dutch Boy [add]
06. The King Who Wouldn't Smile [add]
07. Emily Shore 1819-1839 [add]
08. 3-Legged Dog [add]
09. #1 Country Song [add]
10. Amelia Earhart vs. The Dancing Bear [add]
11. Tin Foil [add]
12. Puddin' Fingers [add]

Through the Trees (1998) 01. Weightless Again [add]
02. My Sister's Tiny Hands [add]
03. Stalled [add]
04. Where the Birch Trees Lean [add]
05. Cathedrals [add]
06. Down in the Ground [add]
07. The Giant of Illinois [add]
08. Down in the Valley of Hollow Logs [add]
09. I Fell [add]
10. The Woman Downstairs [add]
11. Last Night I Went Out Walking [add]
12. Bury Me Here [add]
13. My Ghost [add]

In the Air (2000) 01. Don't Be Scared [add]
02. The Sad Milkman [add]
03. In the Air [add]
04. A Beautiful Thing [add]
05. So Much Wine [add]
06. Up Falling Rock Hill [add]
07. Poor, Poor Lenore [add]
08. When That Helicopter Comes [add]
09. Grandmother Waits for You [add]
10. Lie Down [add]
11. My Beautiful Bride [add]

Twilight (2001) 01. The Snow White Diner [add]
02. Passenger Pigeons [add]
03. A Dark Eye [add]
04. There Is a Sound [add]
05. All the TVs in Town [add]
06. Gravity [add]
07. Cold, Cold, Cold [add]
08. No One Fell Asleep Alone [add]
09. I Know You Are There [add]
10. Birds You Cannot See [add]
11. The White Dog [add]
12. So Long [add]
13. Peace in the Valley Once Again [add]

Live at Schuba's Tavern (2002) 01. Amelia Earhart Vs. the Dancing Bear [add]
02. The Good Toothpicks [add]
03. So Much Wine [add]
04. The Czar Bar [add]
05. Tin Foil [add]
06. A Beautiful Thing [add]
07. Vienna Sausage Hotline [add]
08. The Giant of Illinois [add]
09. My Sister's Tiny Hands [add]
10. Names for All His Shirts [add]
11. Cathedrals [add]
12. Weightless Again [add]
13. Bony Bread [add]
14. Winnebago Skeletons [add]
15. Drunk By Noon [add]
16. Magic Balls (Introduction) [add]
17. The Sad Milkman [add]
18. Magic Balls (Conclusion) [add]
19. I Know You Are There [add]
20. Down in the Ground [add]
21. Arlene [add]
22. Moving Furniture Around [add]
23. Freebird [add]
24. My Ghost [add]
25. The Woman Downstairs [add]

Singing Bones (2003) 01. The Forgotten Lake [add]
02. Gail With the Golden Hair [add]
03. 24-Hour Store [add]
04. The Bottomless Hole [add]
05. Far from Any Road [add]
06. If the World Should End in Fire [add]
07. A Shadow Underneath [add]
08. Dry Bones [add]
09. Fallen Peaches [add]
10. Whitehaven [add]
11. Sleepy [add]
12. The Song of a Hundred Toads [add]
13. If the World Should End in Ice [add]

Last Days of Wonder (2006) 01. Your Great Journey [add]
02. Tesla's Hotel Room [add]
03. These Golden Jewels [add]
04. After We Shot the Grizzly [add]
05. Flapping Your Broken Wings [add]
06. Beautiful William [add]
07. All the Time in Airports [add]
08. White Lights [add]
09. Bowling Alley Bar [add]
10. Hunter Green [add]
11. Our Blue Sky [add]
12. Somewhere Else to Be [add]

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