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The Waco Brothers lyrics
Genre: Country
To the Last Dead Cowboy (1995) 01. Too Sweet to Die [add]
02. Bad Times (Are Comin' Round Again) [add]
03. If You Don't Change Your Mind [add]
04. Whisperin' in My Ear [add]
05. Harm's Way [add]
06. Red Door [add]
07. Lake of the Vinegar [add]
08. K.T. Tennessee [add]
09. Sometimes I Wonder [add]
10. To the Last Dead Cowboy [add]
11. Bill the Cowboy [add]
12. Plenty Tuff Union Made [add]
13. Bully [add]

Cowboy in Flames (1997) 01. See Willy Fly By [add]
02. Waco Express [add]
03. Take Me to the Fires [add]
04. Out There Aways [add]
05. Dollar Dress [add]
06. Out in the Light [add]
07. Cowboy in Flames [add]
08. Fast Train Down [add]
09. Wreck on the Highway [add]
10. Dry Land [add]
11. Do What I Say [add]
12. White Lightning [add]
13. Big River [add]
14. The Death of Country Music [add]

Do You Think About Me? (1997) 01. Do You Think About Me [add]
02. Revolution Blues [add]
03. Wickedest City [add]
04. Arizona Rose [add]
05. You Know Who [add]
06. Got to Be Someone [add]
07. Hard Times [add]
08. Napa Valley [add]
09. South Bend [add]
10. Frightened [add]

Wacoworld (1999) 01. Pigsville [add]
02. Hello to Everybody [add]
03. Fire Down Below [add]
04. Red Brick Wall [add]
05. The Hand That Throws the Bottle the Bottle Down [add]
06. Regrets [add]
07. Train Back in Time [add]
08. Day of the Dead [add]
09. Broken Down Road [add]
10. Good for Me [add]
11. Corrupted [add]
12. Northwoods [add]
13. Famous Last Words [add]

Electric Waco Chair (2000) 01. It's Not Enough [add]
02. Make Things Happen [add]
03. Where the Mighty Fall [add]
04. Jamaican Radio Obituary [add]
05. Walking on Hell's Roof Looking at the Flowers [add]
06. Cornered [add]
07. Where in the World [add]
08. When I Get My Rewards [add]
09. Circle Tour [add]
10. Nothing to Say [add]
11. Fox River [add]
12. Dragging My Own Tombstone [add]
13. Never Real [add]

New Deal (2002) 01. Poison [add]
02. No Heart [add]
03. In the Honkey Tonk Shadows [add]
04. Johnson to Jones [add]
05. Blink of an Eye [add]
06. New Moon [add]
07. Better Everyday [add]
08. Just No Way [add]
09. AFC Song [add]
10. New Deal Blues [add]
11. I'm a Ghost [add]
12. The Lie [add]

Nine Slices of My Midlife Crisis (2004) 01. Where Does Love Go? [add]
02. Future Mrs. Dave [add]
03. West Side Wind [add]
04. I Love You, Baby (And I Hate Myself) [add]
05. Only Star [add]
06. Long Day's Journey [add]
07. Table for One [add]
08. Face of the Earth [add]
09. F.M.D. R.I.P. [add]

Freedom and Weep (2005) 01. Nothing at All [add]
02. Chosen One [add]
03. Come a Long Long Way [add]
04. Secrets [add]
05. How Fast the Time [add]
06. Lincoln Town Car [add]
07. It's Amazing [add]
08. On the Sky [add]
09. Drinkin' & Cheatin' & Death [add]
10. Fantasy [add]
11. Missing Link [add]
12. Rest of the World [add]
13. Join the Club [add]

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