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Bonnie "Prince" Billy lyrics
Genre: Rock
I See a Darkness (1999) 01. A Minor Place [add]
02. Nomadic Revery (All Around) [add]
03. I See a Darkness [add]
04. Another Day Full of Dread [add]
05. Death to Everyone [add]
06. Knockturne [add]
07. Madeleine-Mary [add]
08. Song for the New Breed [add]
09. Today I Was an Evil One [add]
10. Black [add]
11. Raining in Darling [add]

Get on Jolly (2000) 01. 2/15 [add]
02. 25 [add]
03. 81 [add]
04. 86 [add]
05. 64 [add]
06. 66 [add]

Ease Down the Road (2001) 01. May It Always Be [add]
02. Careless Love [add]
03. A King at Night [add]
04. Just to See My Holly Home [add]
05. At the Break of Day [add]
06. After I Made Love to You [add]
07. Ease Down the Road [add]
08. The Lion Lair [add]
09. Mrs. William [add]
10. Sheep [add]
11. Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness [add]
12. Rich Wife Full of Happiness [add]

Master and Everyone (2003) 01. The Way [add]
02. Ain't You Wealthy, Ain't You Wise? [add]
03. Master and Everyone [add]
04. Wolf Among Wolves [add]
05. Joy and Jubilee [add]
06. Maundering [add]
07. Lesson's from What's Poor [add]
08. Even If Love [add]
09. Three Questions [add]
10. Hard Life [add]

Sings Greatest Palace Music (2004) 01. New Partner [add]
02. Ohio River Boat Song [add]
03. Gulf Shores [add]
04. You Will Miss Me When I Burn [add]
05. The Brute Choir [add]
06. I Send My Love to You [add]
07. More Brother Rides [add]
08. Agnes, Queen of Sorrow [add]
09. Viva Ultra [add]
10. Pushkin [add]
11. Horses [add]
12. Riding [add]
13. West Palm Beach [add]
14. No More Workhorse Blues [add]
15. I Am a Cinematographer [add]

Superwolf (2005) 01. My Home Is the Sea [add]
02. Beast for Thee [add]
03. What Are You? [add]
04. Goat and Ram [add]
05. Lift Us Up [add]
06. Rudy Foolish [add]
07. Bed Is for Sleeping [add]
08. Only Someone Running [add]
09. Death in the Sea [add]
10. Blood Embrace [add]
11. I Gave You [add]

Summer in the Southeast [live] (2005) 01. Master and Everyone [add]
02. Pushkin [add]
03. Blokbuster [add]
04. Wolf Among Wolves [add]
05. May It Always Be [add]
06. Break of Day [add]
07. A Sucker's Evening [add]
08. Nomadic Revery (All Around) [add]
09. I See a Darkness [add]
10. O Let It Be [add]
11. Beast for Thee [add]
12. Death to Everyone [add]
13. Even if Love [add]
14. I Send My Love to You [add]
15. Take However Long You Want [add]
16. Madeleine-Mary [add]
17. Ease Down the Road [add]

The Letting Go (2006) 01. Love Comes to Me [add]
02. Strange Form of Life [add]
03. Wai [add]
04. Cursed Sleep [add]
05. No Bad News [add]
06. Cold & Wet [add]
07. Big Friday [add]
08. Lay and Love [add]
09. The Seedling [add]
10. Then the Letting Go [add]
11. God's Small Song [add]
12. I Called You Back [add]

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