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The Jayhawks lyrics
Genre: Rock
Blue Earth (1989) 01. Two Angels [add]
02. She's Not Alone Anymore [add]
03. Will I Be Married [add]
04. Dead End Angel [add]
05. Commonplace Streets [add]
06. Ain't No End [add]
07. Five Cups of Coffee [add]
08. The Baltimore Sun [add]
09. Red Firecracker [add]
10. Sioux City [add]
11. I'm Still Dreaming, Now I'm Yours [add]
12. Martin's Song [add]

Hollywood Town Hall (1992) 01. Waiting for the Sun [add]
02. Crowded in the Wings [add]
03. Clouds [add]
04. Two Angels [add]
05. Take Me With You (When You Go) [add]
06. Sister Cry [add]
07. Settled Down Like Rain [add]
08. Wichita [add]
09. Nevada, California [add]
10. Martin's Song [add]

Tomorrow the Green Grass (1995) 01. Blue [add]
02. I'd Run Away [add]
03. Miss Williams' Guitar [add]
04. Two Hearts [add]
05. Real Light [add]
06. Over My Shoulder [add]
07. Bad Time [add]
08. See Him on the Street [add]
09. Nothing Left to Borrow [add]
10. Ann Jane [add]
11. Pray for Me [add]
12. Red's Song [add]
13. Ten Little Kids [add]

Sound of Lies (1997) 01. The Man Who Loved Life [add]
02. Think About It [add]
03. Trouble [add]
04. It's up to You [add]
05. Stick in the Mud [add]
06. Big Star [add]
07. Poor Little Fish [add]
08. Sixteen Down [add]
09. Haywire [add]
10. Dying on the Vine [add]
11. Bottomless Cup [add]
12. Sound of Lies [add]

Smile (2000) 01. Smile [add]
02. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me [add]
03. What Led Me to This Town [add]
04. Somewhere in Ohio [add]
05. A Break in the Clouds [add]
06. Queen of the World [add]
07. Life Floats By [add]
08. Broken Harpoon [add]
09. Pretty Thing [add]
10. Mr. Wilson [add]
11. (In My) Wildest Dreams [add]
12. Better Days [add]
13. Baby, Baby, Baby [add]

Rainy Day Music (2003) 01. Stumbling Through the Dark [add]
02. Tailspin [add]
03. All the Right Reasons [add]
04. Save It for a Rainy Day [add]
05. Eyes of Sarah Jane [add]
06. One Man's Problem [add]
07. Don't Let the World Get in Your Way [add]
08. Come to the River [add]
09. Angelyne [add]
10. Madman [add]
11. You Look So Young [add]
12. Tampa to Tulsa [add]
13. Will I See You in Heaven [add]
14. Stumbling Through the Dark (Reprise) [add]

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