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Larry the Cable Guy lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Lord, I Apologize (2001) 01. I Made the Bigg Times Now [add]
02. Looking Good at the Flea Market [add]
03. Couldn't Keep the Pizza Lit [add]
04. No Hair, Just a Red Head [add]
05. Keep the Chips Fresh [add]
06. Jump Up in the Air and Get Stuck [add]
07. Let Me Eat Your Shorts [add]
08. Can't Understand My Accent [add]
09. The Worst Dentist I've Been To [add]
10. Martians Got a Thing for Redneck Fellers [add]
11. Going in Circles for Two Hours [add]
12. People Like My Analogies [add]
13. Toddler Mail [add]
14. Lord, I Apologize [add]

A Very Larry Christmas (2004) 01. Christmas Commentary [add]
02. The Christmas Story [add]
03. Santy for a Day [add]
04. Oh Holy Crap [add]
05. Fat Holiday Relatives [add]
06. Singing Christmas Tree [add]
07. A Letter to Shania Twain [add]
08. O Little Girl from Birmingham [add]
09. Waiter Commentary [add]
10. Donny the Retard [add]
11. Pissed-Off Christmas Poem [add]
12. The Most Wonderful Ass [add]
13. Titty Bar Christmas [add]
14. Easy-To-Assemble [add]
15. The First Queer Santy Claus [add]
16. Fruitcake Commentary [add]
17. Santy Claus, Santy Claus [add]
18. I Pissed My Pants [add]
19. Christmas Weight Gain [add]
20. Grandpa's Thanksgiving Story [add]
21. On the First Day of Christmas [add]
22. Redneck Santa Claus [add]
23. Hark, The Hairlip Angel [add]
24. A Letter to Santa Claus [add]
25. Sticks and Horse Turds [add]
26. Call a Doctor [add]
27. Gift-Giving [add]
28. I Wish My Mother-In-Law'd Get Hit by a Car [add]

The Right to Bare Arms (2005) 01. Git-R-Done! [add]
02. Midgets and Gay Bars [add]
03. WWJD [add]
04. Las Vegas [add]
05. Hank Williams Jr. High School [add]
06. Hooters and Hooters Airlines [add]
07. Dodge Truck, Retards and Stinkbait [add]
08. NASCAR [add]
09. The Right to Bare Arms! [add]
10. Family in Sanford [add]
11. Faith Healers and Weight Problems [add]
12. Romance and Imported Rubbers (I Seen This on TV...No Lie) [add]
13. Throwed Outta Penney's [add]
14. Shavin', Waxin', Primpin' and Shootin' Quail! (This Is Funny. I ...) [add]
15. News Items [add]
16. Song for a Frend (And Other Things I Think About When I'm Hammered ...) [add]
17. Toddler Mail [add]

Morning Constitutions (2007) 01. Bowling Shoes [add]
02. Just Hitched [add]
03. I Like Steak [add]
04. Pie of the Month [add]
05. Terrorist or Toddler [add]
06. Gay Mafia [add]
07. Stool Troubles [add]
08. Shopping at Wal-Mart [add]
09. Bed, Beer & a Blonde [add]
10. Squeal or No Squeal [add]
11. A Sue Named Boy [add]
12. Poop Lasagna [add]

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